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Avatier: The Future of Identity Management has Arrived

There are very few lessons that can be applied across every industry and virtually every aspect of life. One of these timeless adages is that it is easier to reach the top than to stay there. Only the very best companies, those with clear, driven focus and an unwavering commitment to excellence, achieve that feat.
In 1997, an identity management software company was founded in Pleasanton, CA and quickly established itself as one of the foremost players in the arena. Today, it operates offices in 10 major international cities and partners with top-tier clients. For over twenty years, it has been the leader in its field.
Meet Avatier.
Redefining Identity Security 
Avatier is one of the world’s leading providers of identity management software. Its products help organizations comply with government and industry regulations, improve efficiency, and strengthen security, all while reducing costs.
The U.S. federal government, regional governments, the military, and governmental institutions from around the world employ Avatier’s software. The company counts among its clients several of the world’s most prestigious hotel chains, premier medical and higher education institutions, and leading brands from a range of industries.
The key prongs of Avatier’s solution include single sign-on, help service password reset, automated user provisioning, and access request management. Its dynamic patented workflow with multi-factor authentication is a unified system that facilitates seamless reporting across every nexus.
Insights Success spoke with Nelson Cicchitto, the Chairman, CEO, and President of Avatier Corporation. Nelson is a veteran of the IT industry and has been with Avatier since the very beginning.
After a Bachelor of Science honors degree from the University of North Texas, he joined the Chevron Information Technology Company, where he designed their first common operating environment and X.500 directory. Nelson then helped Pacific Bell implement the Standard Desktop initiative for 20,000 employees.
Over the past two decades, his contributions and leadership have propelled Avatier to worldwide acclaim and cemented his reputation as one of the industry’s top visionaries.
We asked Nelson to share with us his vision for Avatier. The answer was very specific.
“To simplify.” 
Those two words are the driving force behind a company that delivers sophisticated solutions that can be employed without in-depth expertise.
“Avatier ease the process of the identity, identity management, and access governance space,” he elaborates, “We make it easier for customers, employees, and contractors to request and receive access when they need it. Avatars and user identities are things of the past.” 
This easy-to-use identity management technology does not compromise on security at any level.
“Data security is paramount, and we emphasize compliance with industry regulations, too. All of this revolves around customer satisfaction, which is our primary focus.” 
Nelson touched on why Avatier has managed to draw so many clients so quickly.
“No other product can be deployed and operated as easily as ours. Because it is based on Docker containers, Avatier software can run on a client’s premises, on our cloud, or on any cloud they choose. It delivers seamless flexibility and freedom at any point on the globe.” 
“It is also the most affordable in terms of maintenance,” he explains. “We have even built an ROI calculator into our technology so clients have complete control over how their investments amplify their success.” 
Focused Innovation 
More people are connecting to the web and to each other every day. This widespread use of digital devices is generating an increasingly heterogeneous range of platforms. Avatier’s products are compatible with every major platform and device and can be scaled up or down as a client’s needs expand and evolve.
An unfortunate by-product of the rise of digital identity and access is a corresponding increase in the number and the sophistication of cybersecurity threats. Avatier is at the forefront of the battle against these risks through the development of its innovative solutions.
One of the key drivers of Avatier’s success is its unrelenting focus on the future of identity management. This philosophy is the foundation of their proactive threat defense mechanisms. It keeps clients at arm’s length from the risk of data compromise through dynamic change.
This constant innovation and evolution places Avatier’s customers in the ’too hard’ category of targets for most attackers. This commitment to impregnable security has earned Avatier approval for deployment by the U.S. military, arguably the most prestigious feather in any company’s cap.
For end users, Avatier’s focus on the future also manifests as seamless interaction across all their devices in real time. It gives them unprecedented access to their own data as well as shared data, regardless of location.
The company’s business-driven identity management foregoes coding in favor of configuration. Avatier has developed an intuitive interface that is designed for ease of use without the need for complicated training.
Turning Challenges into Springboards 
Avatier is successful in large part because it has been able to overcome challenges quickly and effectively. Nelson reveals that while unique problems do arise on occasion, two specific concerns generate the bulk of the hurdles.
“Avatier can overcome any software obstacle easily; it is in customer education that we are confronted with our two biggest challenges,” he says.
“One is the customer who has never deployed an identity management solution and does not appreciate the breadth of possible complications. The other is the customer who is upgrading to Avatier and needs to be shown exactly how, where, and why our solution is superior.” 
“In the first scenario, we educate them on what we do and help them set the right expectations. In the second, we have to demonstrate how Avatier’s speed, functionality, and ease outclasses anything they might have used before.” 
Nelson enjoys being confronted by problems of this nature. They give him the opportunity to elaborate on the agile, streamlined software that he has helped create. This interaction with clients from diverse industries has been a learning process for him as well.
“In this industry, you have to work very closely with your clients’ CIOs and CSOs. You also have to strive to involve decision makers and stakeholders from as wide a range of departments as possible.” 
He explains, “If just a part of the organization wants the solution, it is difficult to keep the entire organization happy and invested in its use. By educating all their departments, we can demonstrate what each has to gain and why Avatier is the clear choice.”
“When all of them see the benefits in the proposition, they will see the value in the implemented solution.” 
Culture of Change 
There is no doubt that Nelson is passionate about IT, especially identity management. However, he also places great emphasis on nurturing budding entrepreneurs and software specialists. We asked him what he considers to be the most important philosophy to inculcate in his protégés.
“Embrace change,” he replies, almost instantly. “Irrespective of the specific field of the industry to which you belong, innovation is the single most important factor for success Individuals and companies with the ability to consistently reinvent themselves for the benefit of the customer will always be in demand.” “Avatier is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible because the culture of change is firmly entrenched here. We are constantly patenting new technology but change goes beyond that; we are also quick to adopt the latest sales, marketing, and development strategies.”
Nelson reiterates that it is not change for change’s sake, but a clear plan to innovate on the factors that matter to their customers.
“They see value in what we bring to the table and that is the reason they continue to buy from us.” 
Perhaps the greatest indicator that Avatier delivers on what it promises is the company’s incredible customer renewal rate.
When given the option, an overwhelming 97% of clients make an active choice to keep using Avatier products. This vote of confidence reinforces the company’s resolve to deliver solutions that cover all bases beyond expectations.
Writing the Future 
Avatier software has already established itself as a feasible alternative to similar software produced by manufacturers that are far older and much bigger. Nelson is confident that his company has both the vision and the strategy to surpass them.
“Our technology will be adopted more widely. There is a watershed change approaching in terms of the adoption of enterprise cloud solutions. Currently, just under half of businesses have moved their resources to the cloud. When they realize that the cloud is the future, they will embrace it swiftly to gain an edge.” 
Nelson’s confidence is based on Avatier’s ability to provide its solution both in the cloud and on a client’s premises.
“Avatier software can establish the greatest market share because of its flexibility. I see people using our range of products as their sole method of logging on to any application, anywhere in the world.”
Given Avatier’s driven leadership, commitment to innovation, and brilliant product range, we would be hard-pressed to disagree.