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AvaLAN Wireless: Providing Secure Wireless Solutions

The burgeoning growth of companies, in every vertical, as well as widespread geographical operations and continual addition of complex new technologies has escalated the importance of network efficiency and availability. AvaLAN Wireless, an industry leading developer and manufacturer of secure industrial networking devices, understands this prevalent need among organizations. AvaLAN doesn’t merely connect cell phones or laptops, rather it connects everything else.
Originating from the heart of the world’s leading start-up hub, Silicon Valley in 2004, AvaLAN’s innovative technology roots stemmed right from its early functioning days. Its approach to any customer has always been to listen and understand what device networking challenges its customers are facing and respond with innovative networking solutions that addresses – Security, Reliability, and Complexity. It is the unmatched ability of AvaLAN to listen, respond, execute and provide a secure industrial networking solution that has propelled them to the top of this industry.
Delivering Continued Innovation
AvaLAN possesses a creative and energetic team that works together in a quick and efficient manner to take optimal care of their customers.  AvaLAN considers ‘listening to its customers’ to be one of its core competencies. Thanks in part to AvaLAN’s continued innovation in network security, creative network segmentation, data encryption, and proprietary protocols, AvaLAN can successfully respond to its customers, and the industry. The competent team at AvaLAN gets needed energy by solving its customer’s various problems related to networking. As per the company, the proof of a successful industrial device network is when the user never loses the connectivity and never faces any data integrity issues. With ground-breaking products and solutions, AvaLAN works round-the-clock to make its clients’ products successful by not letting them down and by making sure that their devices never face any issue with network connectivity or network security.
A CEO Serving the High Technology Industry
Matt Nelson, CEO, and President of AvaLAN Wireless has been serving in this highly-demanding technology industry since its heydays. He started programming at a very young age and began attending technology tradeshows during his teen years. Since then, he always wanted to form a company, one which can later go ahead and lead the industry. During his early days, he got all the necessary exposure, by helping and supporting customers, which resulted in brilliant customer focus that has never left him till date. Throughout his entire career, Matt oscillated back and forth between engineering, product management, marketing, sales, finance, and operations. Matt leads through servant leadership which means that one can never take anyone for granted, and as a leader one should always put his own people first and cannot say ‘thank you’ enough. Additionally, after taking more and more responsibilities throughout his career, Matt has found his greatest joy in life by serving others. For Matt, the team of AvaLAN is the best group of people he has ever worked with, and the team never ceases to amaze him with their accomplishments. He believes he cannot thank the team enough for making AvaLAN, such an amazing and great organization.
Entering an Intriguing Area of Interest
Data networking has been a key area of interest for Matt since the late 80’s. Communicating with others through a computer, PDA, or a mobile phone has always been like magic to him, and he has working in both the wireless and wired technology industry for more than twenty-five years yet it never gets old thanks to the ever-growing need of going faster and further. According to AvaLAN, the new frontier of data networking is slowly improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a multitude of devices, the non-computing industrial device connectivity market is vast and exciting new world. AvaLAN’s products have connected digital signs, gas pumps, smart grid sensors, surveillance cameras, POS systems, and HVAC systems to name a few areas where the organization has delivered secure and reliable wireless networking technology.
Providing Efficient and Responsive Networking Solutions
Till date, AvaLAN has shipped more than 100,000 industrial wireless network devices; many of the consumers of the devices are repeat purchasers of the products and technology due to the reliability and performance of the products. Most of the clients either embed AvaLAN’s technology into their devices or use AvaLAN’s fully assembled products in order to make better products or solutions and to extract better productivity. Over the years, the organization has built a reputation for reliable and secure connectivity. Starting from AvaLAN’s hardware clear through to the interface it creates, all the products are easy to install and use. The organization takes all the worries and complexities out of the industrial wireless networking and provides software and hardware that just plain works.
Solving Difficult Networking Needs and Future Planning
AvaLAN believes the industrial wired and wireless data networking market has numerous growth opportunities. Typically, the company solves difficult networking needs or adds additional value through custom engineering solutions. The ability to provide fully customized solutions typically gives the AvaLAN an advantage over the other networking equipment manufacturers.
Recently, the company has combined two areas of expertise to solve a major industry need in the retail fueling industry. Combining AvaLAN’s success with the secure point of sale connectivity and fuel pump connectivity, AvaLAN is actively deploying various products in retail fueling market. This new generation of products from AvaLAN has the much-needed capability to be monitored and managed remotely through a custom developed cloud based system. The organization is excited about continuing to build out its cloud software in addition to AvaLAN’s new wired and wireless networking products. AvaLAN has a completely unique technology that has the capabilities to segment and track data traffic, ensuring secure PCI compliance. Securing credit card information through encryption, proprietary protocols, and secure data segmentation is changing the way credit card data is being handled and AvaLAN is leading the change in the market.  Moreover, AvaLAN is looking forward to innovating on hardware, software, and cloud based technology while continuing to solve industry device networking challenges.
Making the Networking Industry a Better Place
According to AvaLAN, no one should have to worry about their credit card information being stolen. Currently wired and wireless networking solutions from AvaLAN are changing the way gas pumps are connected.  EMV upgrades on gas pumps are needed to support the new secure chips in everyone’s credit cards and AvaLAN is working with a multitude of vendors to keep data safe and making electronic transaction more secure and reliable. From digital signs to delivering electricity to homes to protecting user’s credit cards, AvaLAN is the connectivity behind the scenes making it all work.
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