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A+V Audiovisual Systems

A+V Audiovisual Systems: At the Forefront, Presenting Professionalism in a New Light

As backed by experts, professionalism is one of the essential factors that contribute to an individual’s or an organization’s success. The trait of professionalism affects every aspect of your job. It is not a mere exaggeration when it is said that “your level of professionalism can either make or break your career.”

Organizations that demonstrate professionalism in each aspect of their job successfully win the trust and loyalty of their clients. The reason why this characteristic is so important is that it is a direct and outward projection of your attitude towards your clients. Professionalism is the way to show your clients that you really care about addressing their queries and providing them solutions that fit their needs.

Displaying this very crucial trait in the way it functions is the firm A+V Audiovisual Systems. The company strives to provide its clients with the best audiovisual solutions that they desire. The experienced team at A+V Audiovisual Solutions exudes precision and delivers the most demanding projects through the combination of unique competencies in their team.

Demonstrating Supreme Precision

With a keen eye for professionalism and precision, A+V has been at the forefront of the European audiovisual industry in designing and integrating multimedia systems with an experienced team of acoustics, IT experts, and automation engineers. Focused on unified communications in a digital workspace, A+V specializes in modernizing offices and existing spaces, as well as new fit-out design and equipment maintenance.

The company has been in the market for eight years and is renowned for creating and updating audiovisual standards and unified collaboration solutions for large global corporations with international locations. A+V operates not only in the corporate market but also in the education, hospitality, and public sector, offering its expertise to develop tailored services for medium and small business entities.

A+V can demonstrate creative and exciting audiovisual designs for the museums, propose solutions for hybrid learning in schools and universities, and share the knowledge and results from one industry to another, which results in new ideas and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking.

Standing out in the audiovisual market for standardization, A+V has created a catalogue of office audiovisual standards for corporations, which includes a selection of A+V Rooms packages explaining each product’s functionality and technological data to improve the effectiveness of the teams and help managers in strategic decision making.

Why A+V?

A+V’s clients appreciate the company for the following unique features:

  • High responsiveness
  • Experience and skills of the team
  • Efficient and clear communication
  • Flexibility and creativity

With a wide perspective that stretches beyond the borders of audiovisual concepts, A+V takes into consideration the IT and behavioral elements inside a client’s company, while offering them tailor-made packages. Guided by this perspective, A+V helps clients create, strengthen, and develop their strategies.

Focusing on helping clients build stronger audiovisual strategies, A+V organizes educational workshops and educates them on the various new technologies and equipment solutions. The company first analyzes the existing offices and audiovisual systems of its clients before proposing modernization and maintenance plans.

A+V’s team members hold esteemed certifications such as CTS, Cisco, Crestron, Extron, AMX, Biamp, and QSC. Also, the company is a certified Zoom Integrator and Microsoft Silver Partner. Its project managers are certified in various methodologies for project management and are experienced in applying them to the specific needs of the end-user.

A+V is the only integrator in Poland offering maintenance and support SLA with various tiers for response and recovery deadlines. With a strong international presence, A+V operates in multiple locations across Europe and has delivered AV projects in numerous countries, such as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK, Italy, Czech Republic, and more.

Jaroslaw said, “We offer tools such as video conferencing systems, digital signage, desk and room reservation systems to support the increase of work effectiveness and satisfaction amongst client’s employees in the hybrid work era.”

Extending Assorted Audiovisual Solutions

A+V offers a wide range of audiovisual services, starting from in-depth needs analysis for the client and multidisciplinary guidance for all involved contractors, through design projects, implementation, and project management, finishing on maintenance support program (SLA), and servicing.

This means that the client is looked after every step of the way and receives complete support. A+V makes a new office project smoother for the clients to manage, helps them avoid pitfalls in the building or space design, as well as electrical or network installations.

Video conferencing improves communication, but the team is also focusing on effective staff engagement, facilities management to support senior leaders in their strategic decisions. Having the core knowledge of technologies, team A+V supports its clients in developing their teams and growing their business revenues.

Creativity in the workplace is especially important for HR professionals; Townhall meetings are great internal communication tools, so A+V offers creative AV designs to make a space an exciting venue for both personnel and management.

Through the knowledge of contactless and AI solutions, the team A+V supports organizations in providing safety for their personnel and protecting the planet by implementing sustainable solutions. Desk reservation systems and virtual reception are very useful tools for resources and visitor management.

A+V is an AV integrator, not only from the technical perspective. But it also integrates various specialized areas within IT, AV, communication, and interior design. Those elements are now interconnecting and merging to create one solution for the clients and their teams.

By reviewing the organizations’ corporate standards and providing consultations regarding existing AV solutions and equipment inventory in the workplace, the team is able to improve the effectiveness of the system and look for savings in the everyday operation of the company – which is the client’s desired achievement.

Assimilation of IT and AV

Unified communication technologies had existed in the market before the pandemic, but the global lockdowns and restrictions demonstrated how important and necessary these modern technologies are. Pandemic has accelerated the adoption of modern technologies and remote/hybrid collaboration as the new model of working. A very quick transformation is happening not only in the audiovisual industry but across all global economies.

Two worlds have come together – IT and AV are now inseparable. SaaS, subscriptions, and cloud solutions created a new common environment, and A+V adjusted to these new trends. Experienced programmers, IT, and AV engineers are one team – this offers A+V’s clients more advanced expertise and wider support on a higher level.

Being Adaptable in Unprecedented Times

A+V faced many challenges during the pandemic. Initially, its clients put some of the projects on hold – spending money could be seen as reckless in uncertain times. However, team A+V has made the most of lockdowns by achieving the highest number of technical and professional certifications than they have ever done in A+V operations.

They focused on evolution and gaining qualifications relevant to the new trends – all in a safe environment, remote, and hybrid work mode.

The team then started to educate their clients about those new technologies, tools, and solutions so that they could carry out their full operations successfully and safely. The account managers started educational activities such as workshops and webinars across all market sectors (public, corporation) to help clients learn how to embrace hybrid as new normal.

Clients then started opening their minds to existing unified communications technologies that could help them get back to work, improve internal and external communication, and enable full business recovery. A+V came out of the pandemic with a high-educated and skilled group of clients ready to implement everything that they have learned so far.

Scaling Through Partnerships

Flexibility is one of the main features of the A+V team. Hence, the company is agile in the changing market and the requirements of its clients. A+V team is constantly growing through building effective business partnerships externally and adding new team members internally increasing the qualifications of its loyal experts within the existing team is a must.

Jaroslaw said, “We create new offering as a response to the need within the market, i.e., package solutions to modernize AV infrastructure in schools and universities, tailored to hybrid learning and remote education. We created our own standard which we can scale according to the changing demands and market conditions.”

About the Leaders

Jaroslaw Kolcun, Founder and CEO – Jaroslaw Kolcun is a cybernetics engineer who has worked in automation and as an AV technician – working his way up from a designer assistant, through the project manager, to sales, finishing with Business Unit Director. He then felt that he was ready to embark on his own journey as he wanted to have his own business.

Jaroslaw chose a low-paid job first – he rejected a better-paid job in a large telecommunications company as an engineer, as he knew he would learn more in a smaller company where he needed to take on more responsibilities – he would be a small person locked in a frame of corporate structure.

Together with a couple of passionate and experienced AV professionals, they decided to create A+V, and they invited the best experts to join the team. Their first priority was to become a leader in the Polish market, which would be achieved by thought leadership, innovation, and being one step ahead of the crowd.

Jaroslaw said, “We feel we have achieved that in Poland, so two years ago we entered the European market with a new objective – to become a Top European AV Integrator. Through a large number of successful projects and AV system integrations in various European locations, as well as building partnerships with large global industry leaders, we have grown our presence in the European market.”

Jaroslaw shares his success mantra, “First, be close to the client to know their needs and second, only employ people that will make the team stronger.”

Marta Woronowicz – Head of Business Development and Marketing, A+V Europe – Marta has over 15 years of experience in managing global client accounts in a variety of sectors such as finance, IT, hospitality, education, healthcare, retail, associations, and the public sector. Marta chose a multicultural business environment and has developed her account management experience in the United Kingdom where she looked after international clients in various locations in Europe but also in the US and APAC.

Marta joined Jaroslaw at A+V to grow the company’s Europe division and develop business partnerships and global client relationships. As an experienced consultant, Marta is the first point of contact for clients to discuss their new office fit-out, or modernization of the existing office environment to tailor it for a hybrid working model.

Marta advices clients on solutions responding to challenges in the digital workplace, adoption of new corporate AV standards and systems, internal communication, staff engagement, facilities management, as well as staff efficiency and satisfaction.

Janusz Kalaczynski, Managing Director, A+V Europe – Janusz Kalaczynski is a 25-year veteran of the information technology industry. He serves as Managing Director for Business Unit “A+V Europe” as part of A+V, and he is responsible for day-to-day sales, technical, and service operations. Prior to joining A+V in 2016, Janusz spent 20 years in Canada, where he built his career from the ground up to Management. Extremely well versed in the audio/visual (AV) and the unified communications and collaboration (UCC) industries, he was at the forefront of all major technological breakthroughs in recent decades.

In 2017, Janusz applied his unique experience in order to create a new business unit named “A+V Europe”. As a result, A+V was able to expand its area of activity to encompass Europe. Thanks to Janusz, A+V was successful in implementing tens of projects for large international clients and corporations.

Proactive leadership, operational experience, project direction, and unwavering focus on results enabled Janusz to build and grow the success of A+V Europe. His unique approach is to consider each problem from the client’s perspective. “How would you yourself like to have it received?” is his main prerogative and driving force. This desire to fulfill the user’s needs and satisfaction is what sets A+V apart.

Janusz is a graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, AB, Canada. He is a licensed Crestron Certified Master Programmer and holder of many other leading certificates in the AV industry, including Prince2 and Agile Project Management.