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Auxenta: An Unparalleled Expertise Driving Innovation

On the path of conquering the challenges entailing the opportunities to rapidly adapt to and evolve technologies such as machine learning and AI, is Auxenta Inc. The company invests into unique frameworks, so that it can directly contribute to the accelerated go-tomarket while reducing Total Cost of Ownership.
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, Auxenta is an innovative software engineering services and technology product consulting company. It works with enterprises, independent software vendors (ISVs), startups and nonprofit organizations. The ethos of the company is to enable digital transformation by leveraging a focused set of service offerings.
The company’s global clients are distributed into multiple industry verticals including Telco, Financial Services, Logistics, Security, Capital Markets, Apparel and Manufacturing. It believes in a core set of values which is an intrinsic part of each of their team members.
The Technopreneur 
Prasath Nanayakkara is the Chairman and CEO at Auxenta. He has extensive experience in delivering and managing global organizational transformations through technology. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at MIT, Prasath did his MBA at INSEAD, France. He started his career in the USA, where he worked as a Senior Consultant at Cambridge Technology Partners and Kenan Systems.
Prior to founding the Silicon Valley startup, he was the former Head of Project Delivery at Virtusa, Sri Lanka. He founded Auxenta with Shahani Markus, a global technology executive and entrepreneur, back in 2013. Subsequently, two other co-founders, Chandana Ranasinghe and Nuwan Dehigaspitiya, joined Auxenta. With Prasath’s consulting and management experience of over 20 years, he, along with the rest of the leadership team, successfully propelled Auxenta into a sought-after technology partner for many large global corporations.
Accelerating Strategic Processes 
The conventional methods of managing workforces have ceased to function. The companies are reinventing ways and means of improving engagement across these groups. In other words, the IT services have become highly commoditized and the companies in this space must constantly innovate and reinvent their key differentiators. Even the access to talent is becoming harder with the increase in demand of skilled and qualified talent. In addition, it is imperative to broaden a company’s spectrum of technologies to arrive at creative client solutions.
In sequence to overcome the situation, Auxenta invented frameworks, reusable assets and accelerators to constantly gain a strategic edge over its competition. It also uses its widespread geographic coverage as part of a radiation strategy covering all key countries globally with targeted sales presence. The company achieves this with the help of a strong leadership team which has many years of experience in delivery, client services, and sales formerly representing large established product and services companies. Client solutions are further enhanced by the influential C-level advisory panel representing companies such as Google and Shutterfly. Auxenta also provides rigorous internal training and development through established certifications within all key technology areas. Auxenta’s healthy internal competition and gamification encourages their employees to voluntarily reach their fullest potential.
A Glorious Voyage 
During the first few years of its journey, Auxenta has been focusing on creating a platform of successful client references across multiple industry verticals and technology areas while building reusable IP. At this point in time, the company has been recognized through numerous awards which include the Best Startup of the Year in 2016 by the Computer Society of Sri Lanka.
Auxenta has also received key client accolades such as the Innovation Award at the Fleet Transport Awards in Dublin, Ireland. The company has also formed partnerships in the areas of Cloud, CRM and testing that can propel the company more and enable it to gain an upper hand in acquiring large enterprise clients for the future.
Auxenta recently hosted Professor Soumitra Dutta, the author of the Global Innovation Index. His visit was centered around an inaugural Innovation Conference organized in partnership with the Sri Lanka Association of Software Services Companies (SLASSCOM).
The company offers state-of-the-art software engineering, cloud services, cross platform mobile app development and digital transformation expertise to its clients, while maintaining a pristine focus on cutting edge QA services. Auxenta’s services enable their clients to focus on their creative insights and business goals while the company manages their innovation initiatives with a high degree of creativity.
Envisioning the Future 
Auxenta’s goal is to come up with cutting edge innovative products and services to the market by incubating them within Auxenta Innovation Labs. A good example of a rapidly growing disruptively innovative product is MillionSpaces, an output of Auxenta Innovation Labs. Based on the success of its launch in Sri Lanka, Auxenta plans to take the product global starting with Singapore. They also plan to become a key contributor to academia by influencing curriculum in trending technology areas.
Moreover, the company is nurturing and proving internal talent through best-in-class customer solutions and significantly investing into its training and development. It is also generating innovative IP in the areas of Cloud, CRM, machine learning and testing.
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