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Automated Insights: Communicating Actionable Data Insights

Today, technological innovation is at the core of all kinds of businesses around the world and impacts our society greatly. We are currently in one of the most positively disruptive periods of tech evolution. A major shift in business thinking has placed artificial intelligence at the very heart of business strategies. Automated Insights is a natural language generation (NLG) company, a subset of artificial intelligence, which provides a real-time automated written analytics solution.
Transforming Data into Crystal-clear Narratives
Headquartered in Durham, N.C., Automated Insights is the creator of the world’s first self-service natural language generation platform, Wordsmith. In 2015, the company was acquired by Vista Equity Partners, a $30B+ private equity firm, making it the first NLG company acquired within the industry.
Considering the escalating number of technology-based solution providers, Automated Insights is creating more of an impact on its customers by going beyond the market standard of describing data, and taking it a step further by driving better data understanding and action around analytic insights.
With the mission to make the world’s data understandable, Automated Insights is empowering organizations across over 50 industries to transform their data into clear, human-sounding narratives using their powerful NLG platform, Wordsmith.
Wordsmith, a Disruptive NLG Platform 
Natural language generation is an emerging field of artificial intelligence focused on taking data, deriving what’s important, and communicating those insights using natural language. Wordsmith turns structured data into written analytics to drive faster and better decision making. It adds a contextual layer for every viewer of a dashboard by providing descriptive, diagnostic, and tailored prescriptive analytics based on who the viewer is, their level of data expertise, and what they need to know.
Wordsmith clearly describes key data points and tells a powerful story across all data visualizations and dashboards. It reveals underlying trends and describes why they’re happening, teaches users about how to understand data on their own, and delivers advice on what the data means with specific actions to take. Wordsmith solves data literacy issues by authoring personalized, prescriptive written analysis that is indistinguishable from reports written by a human analyst with deep understanding of the subject.
The most essential factor behind Automated Insights’ comprehensive excellence is its ability to automatically communicate actionable data insights clearly and empower an entire organization to make actionable, data-driven decisions instantly.
An Exemplary Leader 
As the CEO of the leading NLG company, Marc Zionts, is responsible for the strategic direction and execution of the company to accomplish short-term goals while constantly working towards long-term objectives necessary for driving the team to new heights.
Zionts is a technology executive and entrepreneur whose passion is working with emerging technology, introducing it to the market, and maximizing businesses commercially to drive value and encourage innovation. With the fundamental goal to uplift Automated Insights and help team members thrive in their roles, his leadership is an essential component to unlock exponential growth and deeper innovation for the company.
Current Challenges and Future Roadmap 
Automated Insights is a leader at the forefront of NLG technology, and seeing as it’s a new industry, there’s little historical market insight to use as a foundation for research and development. One of the biggest challenges of the industry is facing is a lack of knowledge around NLG due to the fact that NLG is an emerging field of artificial intelligence. A major part of Automated Insights’ job is to educate the market on what NLG is and why it is essential in their business intelligence strategy, in addition to tackling common misconceptions.
As a company, it is constantly evolving, progressing, and learning to find answers to the driving questions of who, what, why, and how. Automated Insights is always discovering new information on where it fits best into the market and how it can improve its services.
Automated Insights sees itself as an enduring lead provider of NLG whose goal is to make NLG essential in business intelligence and analytics through growing product development, fostering existing partnerships, and establishing new and enduring partnerships. Whether generating concise summaries of internal and operational business data, personalizing and publishing content at scale or the company’s key insights around competitive sales analysis, there are countless opportunities in which written analysis aids in understanding and decision-making across an enterprise that Automated Insights is tapping into.
Reflections of Excellence 
“When we look at the analytics, we see a huge spike in engagement after we run the [Wordsmith] narratives. We can say with confidence that narratives are very valuable to our end users and that they really appreciate the information. The numbers don’t lie.” – Chris Gutierrez, Director of Product Innovation, GreatCall
“Wordsmith is shifting behaviors and conversations from ‘I think’ to ‘I know.’ Instead of asking ’What is happening,’ we’ve evolved to “What are we going to do about it? The speed of Wordsmith is phenomenal, and the information is always right.” – Sasha Teska, Business Intelligence Manager, Arterra Wines Canada.
Source: The Next Generation Tech Disruptors