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Aussie Pet Mobile®, Inc.

Aussie Pet Mobile®, Inc: Where your Growth and Success are a Priority

To thrive in a franchise business model, it takes more than just the comprehension of the related market. It takes commitment towards the franchise’s values, operational guidelines, quality parameters, and all those aspects that make the franchise successful. Varying from brand to brand, there are certain obligations that every franchisee is required to fulfil in order to maintain the brand’s reputation, revenue generation, and goodwill.
On the flipside, there are also companies that ascertain strong emphasis on helping their franchisees adopt to their business model and operations, and eventually attain great success. One prime example of such a company is Aussie Pet Mobile®, Inc., a provider of quality pet grooming services offering an exceptional full-service grooming experience.
Since its foundation in 1996, APM Inc. has grown to become the number one brand in mobile pet grooming globally. Cut to the present, Aussie Pet Mobile® Inc. and its franchisees are ideally positioned to optimize the incredible opportunities of an exploding pet market which is poised to exceed $100 Billion in 2021.
APM Inc. offers a simple business model with an easy-to-follow map to success as demonstrated by its diverse group of franchisees succeeding from coast to coast. The entire franchising procedure starts with the company’s 7-Step process to award an Aussie Pet Mobile® franchise to an eligible prospect.
“APM Inc. succeeds or fails, not on our ability to sell new franchises, but rather, on the success of the franchises we open,” say the management team of the company. It limits the number of new franchises it awards every year. Instead, the company focuses on the organic growth of its existing franchisees.
Once APM awards a new franchise, its entire focus shifts to helping that franchisee succeed. It starts with the all-encompassing training program. From there it moves to an amazing and industry unique, Zero-Idle mobile grooming salon, the Aussie Pet Mobile® itself.
For over two decades, hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of experience have been poured into the evolution of the very best mobile grooming platform in the world. And moreover, APM’s franchise support never ends, and the company demonstrates that every day.
APM Inc’s explicit focus on the growth and success of its franchisee family is evidently exhibited in the testimonials below:
Tony Carilo (Palm Springs, CA):
Aussie Pet Mobile has been a life changer, I love what I do, I love the dogs, I Love the people, I love my free time, and I love the money too! One of the best decisions I have made in the last 59 years!
Darlene Jacobson (Cleveland, OH):
The staff at Aussie Pet Mobile Inc. has been a wonderful resource through my business growth, from the initial training, through growth plans, updating the Pet Mobile vehicles to increase energy capacity, website updates, CRM system enhancements, assisting with growth financing and let’s face it, sometimes a shoulder to cry on.
They were instrumental in establishing a touch free interface with human customers to allow both employees and human clients to stay safe during the COVID crisis. Our growth curve is phenomenal. We more than doubled our first-year revenue in year two and since have had continued growth in excess of 30% year over year. And the very best part is we get to interact with pet owners all day long and provide a much needed quiet, no chaos, one on one experience for pets that is very much appreciated by both pets and their humans.
James and Frank Boswell (River Oaks, TX):
We are thrilled to have launched our first business through Aussie Pet Mobile. Aussie Pet Mobile is indeed a resilient and formidable franchise. Since our interview phase, the President and CEO have been active in ensuring our franchise’s growth and development in Houston, Texas.
Aussie Pet Mobile regularly provides mentorship, marketing support, and frequent business updates to ensure franchisees are the mobile grooming leader. Aussie Pet Mobile was the pioneer in the “Contact-Free” service option. This business methodology, along with communication and marketing strategies, has not only helped the franchise endure the COVID-19 pandemic effects, but it has also helped our business grow!
We highly recommend Aussie Pet Mobile to folks who enjoy working and caring for pets and managing a business. Choosing the Aussie Pet Mobile franchise has been the best life decision we have made.
Lora and Sam Gandy (Weatherford, TX):
We just celebrated 1 year of operating last week and it’s been a blur! We are so glad we chose to join Aussie Pet Mobile – it’s a great, flexible business model in a great industry! They provide us with invaluable guidance, support and relationships with marketing and commerce resources but also allow us to run our business without a ton of interference.
With such support and freedom, we’ve nearly doubled our initial 24-month plan already with 4 vans and hope to double again this year! Working with animals all day and helping pet parents while building a strong business, we’ve really enjoyed the ride so far and can’t wait to see what the future holds!
The aforementioned franchisees opened in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019, respectively. They operate 18 outlets (pet mobiles) between them and are expected to add at least two to five more outlets in Q1 2021.
In 2020 these franchisees together cared for nearly 22,000 pets and generated over $2.3 Million in grooming revenue at an average price of over $106 per pet which exceeded APM’s national average.
“Each one of these franchisees demonstrates the very best attributes desired in a successful franchisee. Each of them is always willing to work with and guide their fellow franchisees. They lead by example and validate APM’s success every day,” says the management team at APM.
Overcoming challenges
In the earliest days of the pandemic, APM, Inc. realized that without a concrete plan to guide its franchisees, the company and franchisees could be facing a disaster. APM immediately reviewed its operational practices and quickly recognized that it had the basis for a No Contact service that would allow franchisees to safely care for all the pets that count on the company.
“We reviewed each state’s ‘shelter at home’ plans and developed the No Contact grooming service protocols to adhere to the requirements the plans listed. We created a custom video that would demonstrate our process and added it to all our national and local websites and social media. Because of our quick and decisive action, our franchisees who followed the program, were able to operate throughout 2020 and significantly grow their business,” says the management team at APM.
Nationally APM added more than 68,000 new pets in 2020 at an average groom price of $105.37 or over $7,165,160 in new pet revenue during a world-wide pandemic.
Evolving with time
When it comes to adapting to the changing customer needs and trends, APM Inc. is constantly evolving its three main support elements. First, its Pet Mobiles have undergone two decades of updates with a constant eye to improve performance, reduce the impact on the environment, improve the ability for franchisees to maintain their pet mobiles and keep them operating and take advantage of emerging technologies like lithium batteries, touch screens and high-performance operating software.
Next, its proprietary customer management system is constantly updated to utilize the latest technology such as its upcoming customized consumer application. And finally, the company’s online marketing and social media strategy is designed to be always advancing as it works to drive down the cost per lead, allowing franchisees to reach more clients while spending less money.
Aussie Pet Mobile®, Inc. will continue its laser-like focus on the growth and success of its franchisees. The company will continue to improve its pet mobiles, its marketing, and its customer management systems to maximize every opportunity. “We have a very solid, organically growing program, and it works! That is the only way we will approach scaling our business in 2021 and every year to come,” concludes the management team.
Quote: “Since 1996, we—Aussie Pet Mobile®, Inc.—have grown to become the number one brand in mobile pet grooming globally.”