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Aussie Pet Mobile Inc.

Aussie Pet Mobile® Inc.: Committed to Provide Quality Grooms and Loving Attention to Cats and Dogs

People adopting pets at home are increasing,figures provided by,  and so is the space for specialized services. People’s attitude towards pets has changed greatly. While being more accepting to the pet animals, they are also becoming sensitive to their needs. As a pet parent, people today offer pets a new and healthy lifestyle.
People no longer see pet as their pet. They consider them as their children and treat them with the same care. From food to grooming, the pet lovers want the best for their furry babies. So, if you are one of these dog parents, then you must already be familiar with what is to be done to take utmost care of the pets. Whether you are a new or experienced dog parent, or debating if you should get a pet or not, there are a few things you should know.

Be it the basic grooming care procedures or dog training, these are some of the essentials in the dog’s character development. Providing proper training will help prevent any unnecessary dog attacks to other human beings or animals. As dog attacks can cause serious injuries and may result in heavy damages, you may check out These legal experts will be able to assist you for your entitled compensation.

Grooming, more than just making your pets look cute, makes your pets feel more comfortable. When their fur is trimmed and their skin is cleaned, they feel fresh. They no longer feel itchy and one can see a positive change in their demeanor.
Pets have a natural instinct of cleaning themselves. Of course, the pets definition of clean may differ from our definition of clean. Sometimes our in-house care towards pets can be a little feisty which can make the bath time for pets less than pleasant. A lot of owners find it difficult to bathe and groom their pets. Also, if one takes the pet for an occasional trim with clippers, things can get a little dangerous for a non-cooperative animal.
Grooming is really important to both the pet and the owner. For instance, some pets have high chances of shedding a lot of hair, whereby owners can get onto a risk of allergies. But, if the pets are brushed or shaved, the owner can contain the allergies, the messy house, and the disorders related to skin and hair as well. Thus to help the owners take care of their pets in best possible way, the professional mobile pet groomer Aussie Pet Mobile Inc. is the answer to all the worries.
Established in the year 1999, the Aliso Viejo, CA headquartered company has grown to become the number one brand in mobile pet grooming worldwide. Its commendable service such as quality care, convenience, and attention has enabled it to expand rapidly across the United States. In the US, it has over 300 units which serve millions of dog and cat owners.

“Aussie Pet Mobile is a quality pet grooming service that offers an exceptional full service grooming experience”

A Leader in Mobile Pet Grooming
Aussie Pet Mobile grooming salons offer a state-of-art mobile grooming services. The grooming vans run entirely off of lithium battery systems and without any use of fuel or fuel driven power generator. This makes its franchisees the greenest, and most planet friendly mobile grooming service.
Each mobile pet grooming unit is custom designed with air conditioning, heat, electricity, and water. The spacious vans and their interior helps pets maneuver easily and enhance the groomer’s ability.
Aussie Pet Mobile considers pets as a part of the family. This is the reason why it never uses cages, kennel dryers or harsh chemicals during the grooming process. It makes use of the products that are environment friendly and brings a highly organized and professional approach to animal grooming.
The company maintains a limited but effective management team. Its only objective is to focus on the needs of the franchisees. It’s certified and trained groomers pamper the pets with personal, 100% cage free, one-on-one attention in the comfort of their own driveway.
Franchisee Strength
Aussie Pet Mobile Inc. franchisees are provided with the most environment friendly grooming platform so they can provide amazing grooming services right at the home of pet owners.
The franchisees have helped shape the journey of Aussie Pet Mobile. Several years ago, the company had implemented a series of annual, regional meetings where all franchisees were invited to participate in open discussions to empower the system.
The initiative has worked amazingly, as new and veteran franchisees meet face to face to discuss and implement best practices. Everyone, including participants and the management team leaves each of the meetings with actionable steps to implement that have an instant and positive impact.
The Industry Scenario
According to the understanding of Aussie Pet Mobile Inc., the pet industry in the USA has shown strong and steady growth every year and there is no sign the progress might slow down. It believes, pets are a key part of most of the USA families and their demand for quality and caring services for those pets continues to rise.
Analyzing the ongoing and future trends, Aussie Pet Mobile’s objective is to provide its franchisees with tools they need to surpass the rest of the industry. It feels that the continued growth by its existing franchisees is crucial for its development in the future. It envisions improving its equipment and procedures so that the franchisees can continue their exceptional growth.
The Cornerstones
Advising the emerging entrepreneurs the team says, “run your business lean, monitor and control your expenses, set and track your goals and if you are a franchisor, like we are, put your franchisees first”.
On the relationship-building journey, which is lined with credibility and expertise, testimonials from loyal customers are a critical part of the presence of any business. The company is pleased to provide with some insightful comments contained herein. This shows its complimentary assessment of its presence:
From Tony Carilo, Franchisee – In today’s rapidly moving business environment, it is a good feeling to have Aussie’s people behind me to run all types of scenarios with and get great advice, help, encouragement and support.
From Jeff Lichterman, Franchisee
Very responsive, despite being on the West Coast Always addresses concerns, even if it’s not the answer you want to hear Fosters a great sense of community among the franchisees.
From Mark Shaffer, Franchisee
My decision to become a Franchise Owner with Aussie Pet Mobile was first and foremost contingent on how I believed the Leadership of Company would provide support when needed.  I have been very happy with how that has played out in my first year.
Of course my business is my responsibility.  However, when there have been questions, feedback, urgent matters and even differences of opinion, Aussie’s leadership always listens and when they are needed, don’t hesitate to help. It is very much a ‘partnership relationship’ and that makes my first venture into entrepreneurialism a lot more reassuring.
From Ana Allison, Franchisee –
How APM Corp supports me as a franchisee:
When I first started:
Provide all the tools I needed to get started – manuals, in person training. Answered my questions as I opened my business, and provided examples to help guide me. Allowed me to bring ideas to them and really listened and provided good feedback
As an established franchisee:
Establishes business relationships with vendors that can help my business grow or make things less expensive for me. Open to ideas that could better the franchise as a whole. It provides a network of quality owners that can share ideas, provide support, and help resolve problems. Strives to maintain the integrity of the brand always
Looks to the future to ensure that I can continue to grow my business
From Alexis Heydt, Franchisee –
As an Aussie Franchise owner I always know that help, if needed, is never more than a phone call away. No matter what the issue is they always work with me until a solution is found.
From Darlene Jacobson, Franchisee –
How does APM support us as franchisees? Monthly webinar to keep up to date on trends, CRM updates, and marketing support.
Provide guidance and counsel on running a business, recruiting and retention of employees, pricing, and growth, etc. Access to a library of documents, process guidelines, best practices, vendors, part and product listings. Discounts on products and services with approved vendors. Detailed guidance on maintaining and repairing the equipment used in the business.
From Mary Brimhall, Franchisee –
Aussie Corp has always without hesitation assisted me with any obstacles that may arise being a first-time franchisee owner.  Especially my first year in operation, they never hesitated to assist me with any challenge big or small.  I respect and appreciate their years of experience and enormous knowledge.
From John Comerford, Franchisee –
Operational support within an hour or less, often with the right solutions immediately.  Recently negotiated Service support 24/7, for van topics, repair advice and warranty/vendor interface. Industry leading marketing support and system support, both with their quick response teams. Merging common vendors into a macro franchisor view, lowering impact fees. Monthly franchisee meetings, along with annual Regionals and an active FB Page, invites sharing of challenges, solutions and experiences.