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Aurity: Redefining IT Development Space

Information technology has grown to become a support system for many businesses. Enterprises of today’s generation rely on the same and hence require topnotch IT solutions for smooth running of business. Aurity is a cutting-edge team that redefines the way people work. It has taken the responsibility to fulfill such requirements of the industry.
Founded in 2015, Aurity builds and trains software development teams that develop 7 times faster. its remote and onsite teams are specialized in developing web and mobile apps with back- ends, creating tailored solutions and helping companies kick-start their projects quicker and more effectively.
Aurity’s vision is to redefine the way people work and build products. Inspire them to push the boundaries of innovation every day. Rooted in its unparalleled passion for technology and its drive to build extraordinary teams, the company strives to challenge, provoke and empower those around it through its creations.
Topnotch Technology 
Aurity uses a specific combination of the latest technology, agile methodology, and people to boost development. The primary technology it uses is React Native, React and GraphQL. With the bland of these three technologies, it develops cross-platform applications (Web, iOS, Android), allowing companies to release one app for multiple platforms at once. Its well-tested architecture enables itself to create code that can easily be adjusted to the requirements needed to support agile development.
The “Best in the Business” CTO 
Peter Kowalczyk is the Founder and CTO of Aurity. According to him, the first time he faced React Native technology he knew it could be a new revolution in app making. He saw its potential to supercharge development speed and efficiency. To prove the theory he started an R&D project in Aurity. After 3 years of research and £300k of investment, he along with his team finally made a framework that helped them to create cross-platform applications with the same code base with up to 95% of code reuse.
In the past Peter has also worked on large scale systems like Vehicle Management System for Nissan Automotive Dealers in Brazil integrated with a new factory, mostly on site across Japan, Europe and Brazil. Peter is a graduate of Master of Science in Computer Technology from Wroclaw University of Technology.
Assembling a Motivated Team 
Aurity believes that with time, it learned how important is to have a good combination of a technology, project management, training and great people that will take over the responsibility to get a development process that works. Also, it is really important to assemble a motivated team as it’s a key aspect that can affect business, if not balanced. That is why many investors and founders spend their time and money in building teams that are really passionate about work. The company asserts that it invests a lot of time in the hiring process to get the best developers, and trains them on its R&D projects and as the result; it has happy clients who are loyal and refer the company to their friends.
Talent Acquiring Adversities
According to Aurity, The most challenging parts are at the same time the most important for the company, and those are developers’ coding and communication skills and cultural fit. The company has gathered lots of data on what works well when it comes to hiring engineers. Peter states “I’ve personally focused a lot on spending time with clients, helping them to find their bottlenecks, reshape their architecture, finding engineers and of course get the most out of Aurity.”
The other part of the core team is focused on finding out methods of how to evaluate developers. Over time, Aurity has screened more than 1500 developers, and so it came up with a specific hiring process that helps the company evaluate candidates pretty accurate and find the one who is serious about joining the company.
Supporting Startups 
Aurity’s goal is to become an accelerator that will support Startups from the 0 points throughout the investment process. That would be the best step for the company, as it has a wide range of experience working with new projects. The company asserts that it is a startup itself. But it is growing steadily with a rate of around 300%.
Clientele Assessments
“Working with Aurity has saved us significant time in finding the right talent to create our first React Native app. We’re delighted with the result, and the cost was completely transparent all the way through” – Danny Hawkins – CO-FOUNDER & CTO OF QUIQUP
“Working with Aurity has allowed us to augment our UK product team and accelerate our development capacity. Their engineers stack and delivery principles align perfectly with ours -working with them has been an absolute pleasure every step of the way.” – Dan Greane – CTO OF NEZ
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