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Augview: Helping Organizations to be Agile

Born due to the large shift in the IT market, Augview Limited is an augmented reality software development company specializing in the visualization of asset data. The leaders of the organization realized that there were a growing number of businesses who were looking for smart mobile solutions that can make their workforce more productive using the hardware and technology that they had already adopted. The organization provides utility and telecommunications companies with augmented reality capabilities – equipping field service personnel with cutting edge functionality which provides direct business benefits.
Delivering Ground Breaking AR solutions 
When it comes to solutions, Augview delivers two fundamental AR solutions. The dynamic 3D asset models created in Augview gives field staff in the utility and construction market the ability to view otherwise “invisible” networks. This enables them to locate the assets to be worked on quickly and then carry out installation and maintenance work while reducing collateral damage and rework.
The second solution is that of more efficient and effective asset data management. Field workers can use the data capture, editing and updating features to refresh the asset database with more accurate information in real time.
The Visionary Leader 
Mike Bundock, the Director and Founder of Augview is one of the leading experts in GIS. He has previous experience with multiple start-ups and GIS product development, including Smallworld Systems, which he initially helped to launch in the UK and Australia, before a successful Nasdaq IPO. Previously, he helped establish eMap and then its acquisition of Terralink from New Zealand government
Mike has been the visionary, driver and lead technologist of Augview throughout the life of the Company, accurately predicting the timing of the arrival of complementary technologies along the way, such as Apple AR glasses next year.
When the Motto is Helping Others 
Watching subcontractors in hard hats and hi-visibility jackets staring at maps and bits of paper, scratching their heads trying to work out where they were standing and where to dig was the source of inspiration for Mike. From his GIS background and fascination with AR, he knew he could put a solution together to solve the problem that field operatives were facing. This is how Augview was born.
Three approaches have been critical in order to increase Augview’s attractiveness to the market;

  • Augview is not aligned to just one brand of GIS database. It has been designed to access data from all the main proprietary GIS databases as well as any OGC compliant server.
  • Augview’s app operates on both iOS and Android devices.
  • The company leverages surface tracking technology which allows it to function with sufficient accuracy when the GPS signal is lost or unreliable.

Unhindered Operation is the Utmost Priority 
According to the company, the first challenge was the waiting game; mainly waiting for the hardware capability to catch up with the Augview software. Until recently, smartphones and tablets lacked reliable GPS to allow operating precisely. The addition of equipment like a Trimble antennae was necessary to provide sufficient accuracy. With the latest round of devices released by Apple and Samsung, this will be increasingly no longer the case and soon Augview can operate completely unhindered.
Now, the main challenge is moving prospective customers from the trial stage to regular on-going use. This is being addressed by a more professional sales and marketing approach. This involves closer hand-holding and follow-up with customers through the demonstration and trial stages.
Augview believes, this is still a fledging market and competitive products have started surfacing just recently Augview’s flexibility vis a vis database access and operating device is what currently gives the company its point of difference. Its first mover advantage is currently keeping it ahead of the competition.
What Lies Ahead 
According to Augview, the single biggest event which will encourage mass adoption of AR in the industry will be the launch of user-friendly augmented reality goggles. These devices will allow the users to experience applications like Augview with their hands free and it will eventually eliminate the need for smart phones and tablets. Augview technology has already been configured with these devices in mind and the company anticipates that appropriate devices will be available in the market by 2020.
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