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AUGMENTes: Changing the Way We Shop

With the advent of the World Wide Web, our beloved planet Earth is changing at a rapid pace. The retail industry is not been left untouched by these changes. Thus, companies need to stand out from the competition, engage better, and create experiences their customers love. To help companies achieve this and with the mission to increase its customers’ revenue and decrease their costs by providing customized digital shopping solutions with a complete managed service, AUGMENTes was born.
The organization provides cutting edge digital consumer experiences that help retailers and brands to increase their online and in-store sales using Augmented Reality, mobile applications and Omni-Channel Shopping platforms. AUGMENTes’ solutions attract and engage consumers across digital and physical environments utilizing cutting edge features including AR viewing and try on, 3D viewing, interactive digital catalogs, product customization, beacons, geo-fencing, push notifications, and more to entice purchases.
When the Focus is on Experiential Shopping 
AUGMENTes has developed solutions that allow consumers to shop for and then try the product on themselves or in their own environment. Decorating entire rooms with virtual furniture and home décor items, recording their AR experience on video, sharing it with others and seamlessly placing orders, are just a few examples of what AUGMENTes’ AR solutions can do in the retail industry.
Experiential shopping has become one of the new focus points of the retail industry and the capabilities that AUGMENTes provides to its retail customers enables them to attract and engage consumers like never before.
The Veteran Leader 
As the CEO and Founder of the organization Mr. Sundar Moorthi has influenced it more than anyone else. Being a technologist, Mr. Moorthi has always kept track of new technologies and developments and evolutions in existing tech, ensuring the company’s offerings always remain cutting edge.
Mr. Moorthi uses his knowledge of technology and what is possible to come up with functionalities that would make the end users’ life easier by providing a convenient and seamless experience. As he says, “Make sure you understand the problem you are solving and how your technology is valuable to your customer.” 
Inception Story 
While developing and implementing advanced business solutions for various major players across different industries, Mr Moorthi saw how the retail industry was lagging behind in terms of technology. After witnessing how unprepared retailers are to meet the consumer demands and expectations, he decided to apply his experience and try to help retailers to offer consumers the experience they deserve.
One of the key approaches that AUGMENTes uses when advancing its AR solutions is to think like the end user. As an organization, AUGMENTes always thinks, what functionality would a customer want to make their shopping experience more pleasant and convenient? This approach is then used as a guideline while designing and developing new features.
When Tough Gets Going 
According to AUGMENTes, developing and creating commercial AR has multiple challenges, one of which is creation of 3D assets. The majority of retailers do not have 3D models of their products. So, a major concern when discussing an AR solution is how they are going to get the necessary 3D models.
A common question encountered by the organization revolves around the 3D model creation process. Without any previous knowledge, most people assume that some sort of scanner is required to scan the actual product in order to generate a 3D model. This causes further concern with retailers that offer larger products, such as furniture. Fortunately, AUGMENTes has ways to generate 3D models from as little as images of the product (one from each side), relevant dimensions and digital material samples.
Standing Tall Amongst the Crowd 
In order to overcome the competition in the market, AUGMENTes prefers to focus on what sets it apart and tries to craft its message to best highlight that. While the organization offers feature rich solutions that provide the best possible customer experience, it strives to be a longterm partner with its clients in order to become an extension of their team, making them feel comfortable and surprising them with unmatched performance.
Additionally, AUGMENTes tries to stay ahead by keeping track of market conditions, trends and future technologies. This allows the company to formulate a roadmap for product innovation that utilize the latest technological breakthroughs and aligns well with future customer needs. The organization’s growth plan includes expanding its customer base from the jewelry and furniture verticals into many other B2B and B2C verticals as the AR technology becomes more in demand and adoption quickly increases. Additionally, AUGMENTes hopes to expand into new geographic markets as its solutions would be beneficial to companies across the world. In the mean while AUGMENTes continues to push the envelope on what is technologically possible to improve consumer’s digital experiences and help make lives easier.
Client’s Feedback 
“The product works! The Support is fantastic! The prices are reasonable for the product we received. It’s just comfortable working with these guys!” – Mark Morgan, Marketing Director of Riddle’s Jewelry. “It was so easy to work with them! The team went above and beyond to exceed all of our expectations! We are really excited about our future with AUGMENTes!”– Frances Gadbois, President & CEO of Gadbois Jewelry.