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Augmented Reality options to witnessed in Google Maps; Eventually

Earlier today Google Maps announced a new redesign for the app on Android and iPhone. New updates will begin rolling out now. It also feature a new logo for the app itself. Users will get new upgrades for public transit and augmented reality in March as per various reports.
Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said that Maps in particular has been a fertile testing ground for the “AI-first” approach. To coincide with the 15th Anniversary of Google Maps, update will see a global release. Update will add contributions, saved and updates tab into the main page of Maps in addition to commute and explore buttons. Google Maps will get additional new features that expand on what’s already available in later updates.
According to various reports, Google will expands its “Live View” augmented reality feature, which overlays digital guides, like showing you big arrows showing you on which path to walk on. The Maps redesign is intended to showcase the company’s more ambitious map functions, and, according to Dane Glasgow, VP of Product at Google Maps, it comes in response to the evolving needs of Maps users.
Many in app features will improve upon their previous version while allowing you to explore places and get information of certain outlets while giving you option to chat, rather than call them. Initially when Maps was launched it was mostly a representation of an atlas, which later rapidly evolve with the help of GPS-enabled smartphones, Street View technology, and user-generated data. The latest design focus on simplifying things and make it more user-friendly.