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Audrey Sommerfeld, Founder & CEO, Jump To Health Inc.

Audrey Sommerfeld: Helping People Radically Change their Health through Science of Sound Nutrition

The sound body is the product of the sound mind and sound nutrition. Having a healthy mind and healthy nutrition plays the most important role in the overall healthy development of people. It is believed that mental health and physical health are interrelated, and Healthy development of people means having physical fitness and mental toughness.
“All health challenges can be improved by good nutrition,” believes Audrey Sommerfeld, a healthcare leader. Having spent 3 decades in companies and startups across nutrition, wellness, skincare, and OTC medications, Audrey is committed to helping people live better lives. Currently, she is the Founder and CEO of Jump To Health, Inc., a company aiming to provide meal plans and education on eating healthy for different lifestyles and health concerns.
A Take on Today’s Healthcare
According to Audrey, healthcare today is about helping those already sick trying to get better or manage their illnesses. She hopes to begin to shift as a society to prevention – to more education on the role of nutrition. She expresses, “Today our physicians and health workers get very little education on nutrition – some sites say 8 hours or less in their career. We don’t teach this in school either. So consumers rely on the food industry to tell us what is healthy, and it is impacting our weight and our health. Sugar is cheap, it is addictive, and it is in all of our food, and it is making us sick.” It was this realization that led her to form Jump to Health Inc.
Jump To Health is focused on education and a health Journey – to help inspire people with information, recipes, tools a community of support, recognition, and rewards. It has a12 week Journey guarantee because once you start on the path to better health – you get inner fit. Your health improves from the inside out and Jump To Health does this with products based on sound nutrition science, not on hype.
Helping People Take Charge of Their Health
Audrey opines that today, we are bombarded with tv commercials and information that makes it confusing to know what is healthy, and our diets are loaded with sugar. 3 out of 4 adults are overweight, and almost 1 in 2 are obese. And our kids – are suffering as a result. Today 1 in 3 kids are obese setting them up for shorter lives. Diabetes is now becoming a childhood disease instead of adult-onset diabetes. Diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Gall stones, Fatty Liver Disease, Gout, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Stroke Sleep Apnea, Asthma, and other health issues are on the rise, and all are related to being overweight. ADHD is now a household name. 1 in 20 kids are already on medication for mood and attention issues. ADHD has grown over 500% since the 1980s. Heart disease is becoming a younger and younger issue – and experts predict that today’s kids will have heart attacks as young as age 30.
Audrey firmly believes that healthy nutrition can play a big part in helping fight these health issues and Jump To Health™ is here to help. It offers a Health Journey – and it starts with providing a healthy breakfast. It helps with a better breakfast, better tools to help people take back charge of their health.
Jump To Health’s big hairy goal is to end sugar addiction, obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and all health challenges that can be improved by good nutrition. It does this by providing education on nutrition, simple product solutions and kits, and meal plans, programs, and recipes for free to its members.
Providing Highest Quality Protein Rich Food
Audrey mentions that protein quality in the protein shakes make the difference and Jump To Health has a unique Tri-Sorb Protein Blend™ to better build lean muscle, boost immune health, and help one feel satisfied. It combines this with patented and clinically studied nutrients shown to boost more protein into one’s lean muscle +45% more with a special amino acid, and +25% more with a special botanical herb. All this helps to make it easy to digest for young and old alike and give athletes better performance too. And with a patented, clinically studied prebiotic fiber – shown to help boost gut health, mood and focus.
Moreover, Audrey also shares that today, 1 in 2 kids, and 2 out of 3 adults are not getting enough calcium for strong bones, teeth, muscles, and hormone regulation. The news show more kids are getting broken bones as a result. This is why Jump To Health’s ‘Shake That Tastes Like Cake™’ also includes nutrients to aid more calcium absorption up – up to 50% more. And its special proprietary sweetener system is clinically shown to help blood sugar, help athletes have better-sustained energy and performance, and has fat-burning properties too.
Practical Examples of Improvement in Health of People
Travis Black was overweight, not happy with himself, he was prediabetic (A1 C was 6.4), his triglycerides were high, and due to a work injury was not able to exercise. With Jump To Health not only did he lose 50 pounds and go from a 55” waist to 40”, but also his A1C is now 5.1 and he lowered his triglycerides 100 points.
Julie Snowbarger and her husband Mark have made significant strides in their health. Julie has lost 50 pounds and gained new energy, and Mark has lost weight to the point where his doctor removed his blood pressure medications.
Valuing Variety of Ideas and Inputs
Audrey says that teamwork, thoughtful challenging of beliefs, passion for change, and transparency in everything is important as a business leader. She believes that more brains are better than one because a good idea can come from anywhere or anyone.
People at Jump To Health try to listen, take constructive feedback, and create a team culture where they value ideas and input.
Taking Guidance from People Who Tells the Truth
In her advice to emerging entrepreneurs, she says “Your greatest competition is within yourself, and when you focus on the greater benefit for the consumer, you both win. During my career, I had many great mentors and I think it is important to find those people you can rely on to tell you the truth, to be a good sounding board, and who hold you accountable to be the best that you can be. Push yourself to learn, to listen, and never stop growing”
Helping Millions of People to Have a Healthy Living
In the next five years, Jump To Health hopes to take its mission global. Obesity and health issues are great around the world. In five years, it hopes to dramatically grow its company and its mission and to have millions of people share their journey back to healthy living with others. It offers great word-of-mouth incentives, and its goal is to help whole families, communities radically change their future health starting today.