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Audrey Sommerfeld, CEO and Co-Founder of Jump To Health Inc.

Audrey Sommerfeld: Committed to Helping People Live Healthier Lives.

It is believed that when passion meets purpose, great things occur. A perfect epitome of this belief is Audrey Sommerfeld. Combining her passion for making a difference in the world with the purpose to help people live healthier lives, Audrey has truly been an inspiring women in business. Audrey is the CEO and Co-Founder of Jump To Health Inc., a Health and Wellness company focused on providing education, products and programs to help people live better lives.
As CEO, Audrey helps focus her team in the company to strive for continued change and progress, to think of ways to do more, to give more, and to challenge more. She does all this to ensure that her company its goals of ending sugar addiction, fighting obesity, diabetes, gut health issues and the key health challenges that can be helped with good nutrition.
Audrey has been fortunate to have work for large companies and startups across nutrition, wellness, skin care, and OTC medications. Like every startup, she also faced similar challenges of how to communicate who your company is, or what your product does in a unique way that will resonate with the consumer.”
Shifting Paradigms of Consumer Approach
In the opinion of Audrey, the marketing industry is going through a radical change. The team at Jump To Health™ used to focus on getting the product on a retail shelf, and then creating advertising, PR, and promotions to drive sales. Today, it is more about word of mouth advertising, and influencing the consumers to choose the brand and recommend the brand. With on demand content and TV, and less in store shopping, the pandemic has shifted the world from one size fits all marketing, to really honing in on who is the real customer, and what are their unique needs.
Jump To Health Inc. has focused on helping people get Inner Fit with information and benefits in Health, Wealth, Living and Giving. The aim is creating a community, not just focusing on selling product.
Thanks to Believing in ‘Me’
Inspiration comes from a person who believes in you and for Audrey that person is her high school teacher. She evokes how her teacher showed the possibility of leaving a small rural town, and going to college. She also thanks her friend Myra who challenged her to dream bigger when she applied to graduate schools, challenging her to try for the top and Audrey got in to Kellogg Graduate School of Management.
Audrey’s favourite books that inspired her to strive for more are Pour Your Heart Into it by Howard Schulz and perseverance and finding your tribe, The Adventure of Leadership by Hap Klopp and how culture matters, and Big Blues The unmaking of IBM by Paul Carroll and how bureaucracy and culture can undue a company.
Growth Sustains in Healthy Work Environment
Audrey opines that culture is everything. A positive work environment and culture, where one allows thoughtful challenging of beliefs and methods of operating are the factors what lead to innovation, retention of employees, and customers. “I’ve had the fortune of working in both positive and not so good cultures. The positive culture and team – we worked harder, had more fun and got more done,” says Audrey. At Jump To Health Inc., everyone respects each other, agree to disagree, and that questioning and errors only bring better. It’s about honest communications, always.
An Appreciable Step- “Walk To Give”
Like its name, at Jump To Health Inc., the company has a “Walk To Give” program. The program takes into consideration the fact that most people do not get enough exercise, and many want to help others in need, but lack time or funds. In this program, its members can walk and accumulate steps for donations to Feeding America.
In terms of diversity and inclusion Jump To Health Inc. believes strongly that diversity in beliefs, backgrounds, and more are necessary to serve the community. It is about embracing humanity in all its shapes and forms, and focusing on helping each other. Audrie states, “At the end of the day- we all want to know that we were loved, and that we made a difference.”
To Lead Healthy Future
Audrey’s vision through Jump to Health™ is to reach more people and empower them to live Inner Fit. The company is aiming to create a community and culture that truly challenges the health and wellness industry, helping more people with health, wealth, living and giving. “We grew the company greatly during a pandemic! Our goal is to continue that growth and expand globally over time. And to know we made that difference,” says Audrey.
Leadership Grows Within
Audrey mentions that the best advice she received from her mentors is to remember the only competition is within oneself. In her advice to emerging entrepreneurs, she says “The promotions, job advancements and challenges are all there if you continue to learn, grow, and push yourself to be the best you can be. Strive to see each opportunity and challenge from many viewpoints, and as Ruth Bader Ginsberg said – Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you. How you lead teams, is equally important to results.”