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AuditComply: A Comprehensive Risk and Performance Management Platform

Risk is one of the fatal flaws, organizations often witness. Unmanaged risks can become the greatest source of waste in a business as well as the economy as a whole. Identifying risks and analyzing them in a planned and organized manner has become a requisite for the successfully completion of projects for every organization nowadays. Thus, a discipline or a strategy of interpreting and managing risks must be undertaken by businesses in order to avoid the adverse affection of risks and compliances in the operations or processes of the organization. Taking this scenario of the market into consideration, a risk and performance management platform, AuditComply, is developing comprehensive solutions for managing risk, quality, compliance and Environment Health & Safety (EHS), all in one centralized Risk & Performance platform.
A Centralized Platform 
The company, which has grown rapidly since it was set up in 2014, provides software and services to organizations operating within highly regulated industries such as aviation, automotive, finance, healthcare and manufacturing. A list of large customers include Autoliv, Coca-Cola, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, Sysco and Bushmills. Recently AuditComply was awarded a place on the G-cloud government framework and was shortlisted for Risk Management Software of the year at the CIR Risk Management awards.
The fast growth of AuditComply in the last 4 years comes from its ability to deploy its solution into an organization’s processes within minutes. AuditComply counts in hours and minutes, instead of months and years. It has a single solution designed for multi-site global deployment with local management. Its comprehensive & configurable enterprise workflow and desktop/mobile app are the perfect match for providing greater flexibility and visibility, instant reporting and real-time insights. Through this, the company gives organizations the ability to embrace change every day without software vendor intervention.
Servings Shaping the Future of Risk Management 
AuditComply is a data-driven and SaaS-based solution to monitor risk and controls, spot hazards/issues, mobilize action and measure performance. The company’s powerful, scalable, and advanced analytics engine is trusted worldwide by organizations, as it helps them in uncovering data insights to drive better business decisions. Its dataintensive and high-level management software is suitable for manufacturing, government bodies, food, aviation, automotive and healthcare industries.
“Our world class development team gives AuditComply a competitive edge within the market. Their continuous high level of innovation has acted as the catalyst for an extremely successful year for the company” said Richard Wilson, Marketing Manager at AuditComply.
Organizations operating in regulated industries face an ever growing and increasing challenge to demonstrate compliance, manage and mitigate risk, whilst maintaining and exceeding quality levels. To this end, AuditComply is driven by this opportunity and challenge and one that it truly has an innovative solution to. The company is shaping the future of risk management, adding value from day one for their clients and ultimately building a platform that allows for digital transformation whilst enabling business process optimization. It meets the demand for the need to detect, report and manage processes in an intelligent system approach.
A Tech Enthusiast 
A Techno geek, Kevin DonaghyCEO, founded AuditComply with an aim of shaping the future of enterprise risk management.
Kevin has led teams and companies from the earliest stages of development through commercialization and hypergrowth phases. He started his career with WPDS in San Diego as a software engineer focused on Equipment Configuration Management systems for air forces across the globe. He quickly progressed to run multiple teams for Spirent Communications both in Ireland and the US. Kevin then founded Swan Labs which specialized in WAN optimization and was acquired by F5 Networks in 2005. In 2007, he founded Replify which focused on mobility optimization and virtualization. Through his own consultancy, Kevin has worked for web security firm Blue Coat Systems on mobile optimization strategy and on multiple projects from mobility, security and virtualization to online GRCl platforms. Kevin holds a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics from Queen’s University Belfast. Kevin holds a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering, an MSc in Computational Science and a BSc in Mathematics from Queen’s University Belfast.
Moving towards the Vision 
AuditComply has a great vision of what a risk and performance management platform can have for their customers. It can truly transform and manage risk in real-time for large organizations, adding to their bottom line through improved supplier due diligence and ongoing assessment, better internal quality control and ultimately better custom service.
AuditComply’s future goal is to become the leading platform in the risk and performance management, with the ability to consolidate document management and governance risk/compliance demands and requirements into the one platform. This will transform how they manage risk through fully connected drivers of policies, to the assessment and management of the evidence seamlessly.
Customers Expressing their Satisfaction 
“AuditComply’s solution has greatly improved our productivity for both internal audits and production checklists. We found the assistance in moving existing audits to their solution excellent and seamless. Their approach and services simply work” – Michael Caughey, IT Support Specialist, Bushmills
“AuditComply is playing a crucial role in changing the risk, quality & compliance culture. A worldclass system, a game changer in our industry. We required a solution that was mobile, automated our data and could be accessed in real time to ensure we are meeting quality standards across the supply chain.” – Johnny Elgin, Technical Manager, Sysco
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