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AUDI announces partnership with EOS 3D printing company

German Based Audi AG, a leader in automobile manufacturing, has announced a new partnership agreement with fellow German 3D printer manufacturers, EOS e-Manufacturing Solutions. EOS is a leading global technology company known for its high-end metal and polymer additive manufacturing (AM) solutions and is known for their industrial-sized Direct Metal Laser Sintering machines.
Following the German Governments’ push for more advancing new digital technologies in the industry, the two industry-leading companies came to an agreement.
One of the industries where additive manufacturing is continually making advancements is the automotive field. With 3D printed cars developed by Local Motors and Divergent 3D, many automotive companies are making sure that additive manufacturing has a place on their production floor.
A leader in both AM and quality assurance processes, EOS recently completed the pilot testing for its successful EOS MeltPool solution. Through the application of its industrial 3D printing technology as well as assisting with the development of a 3D printing center in Ingolstadt, EOS’ consulting division, Additive Minds, will support Audi in fully implementing AM to its business.
Tool making and the casting technical center for planning will take the center stage in this new partnership. AUDI will apply the industrial 3D printing to equipment and prototype building. Though, it will continue its use with their motorsports division. AUDI plans to transform the tool manufacturing process, citing that when it comes to industrial 3D printing, the design determines the production.
The agreement will help AUDI to further themselves in faster more efficient and sustainable, flexible production processes of methods such as additive manufacturing. And with EOS providing, all the necessary elements for industrial 3D printing, including material, system, and process parameters, it is a possibility. Partnerships like these help contribute to the continued automation and digitization of manufacturing.
Audi’s vision for the future is to create smart, networked islands of automobile production. And they are working to come up with solutions by teaming up with the top creative minds.