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ATTOM Data Solutions: Helping to Make Better Business Decisions

With the aim to arm businesses and consumers with the most current and accurate property data needed to make better business decisions ATTOM Data Solutions came into foray. The organization provides premium property data to power products that improve transparency, innovation, efficiency and disruption in a datadriven economy. ATTOM multisources property tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard, and neighborhood data for more than 155 million U.S. residential and commercial properties covering 99 percent of the nation’s population. A rigorous data management process involving more than 20 steps validates, standardizes and enhances the data collected by ATTOM, assigning each property record with a persistent, unique ID — the ATTOM ID. The 9TB ATTOM Data Warehouse fuels innovation in many industries including mortgage, real estate, insurance, marketing, government and more through flexible data delivery solutions.
Solutions that Make Life Easier 
ATTOM Data just became the first property data provider to offer Data-asa- Service (DaaS), a cloud-based property data platform that streamlines data management. The organization also offers;

  • Bulk data licensing
  • Property Data API’s
  • Match and Append
  • Market Trends
  • Marketing Lists

The company is slowly transforming the future of property data by offering a robust and comprehensive list of premium property data that fuel various industries.
Who Leads the Pack 
Rob Barber is the CEO of ATTOM Data Solutions. Under his leadership over the past year, the organization has completed multiple strategic initiatives including the addition of best-in-class neighborhood data through the acquisition of Onboard Informatics and launching multiple new products and solutions to bring more comprehensive real estate data to the marketplace. ATTOM List; a new marketing list creation tool, the introduction of a new lender-grade but cost-effective automated valuation model (AVM), as well as a new streamlined API that allowed it to consolidate its premium property neighborhood and boundary data into one self-service platform. Most recently however, under Barber’s leadership was the acquisition of ATTOM Data Solutions by Lovell Minnick Partners, a private equity firm specializing in financial and related business service companies. Since this acquisition ATTOM has unlocked the power of DaaS and continues to disrupt the marketplace with various datasets and solutions.
Barber has also been named a 2018 HousingWire Vanguard for his outstanding executive leadership contributions in the housing finance industry. He was also a recipient of the 2019 RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker and named a Futurist, for his ongoing curation of the nation’s premier real estate database and product innovation that leverages ATTOM’s data, data licensing and customer service. As well as being named a winner of a Gold Stevie award in the Tech Innovator of the Year category for the 17th Annual American Business Awards.
Bringing Innovation to the Table 
Employees of ATTOM Data Solutions are encouraged to broaden their minds with company paid courses and/or seminars to strengthen their skillset or learn new ones. ATTOM believes that you still must invest in your employees, because in order to grow as a company, you must start from within. ATTOM Data strives to make sure its employees take time away from work to recharge and relax.
A strong work-life balance has also been established through unlimited PTO, flexible schedules, various company sponsored events, team building activities, a casual work environment and comprehensive health benefits. Innovation is fueled through the collaborative environment that has been created with open work spaces, cross-departmental work flow and open conversations among the executive teams.
Tackling 21st Century Problems 
According to ATTOM Data Solutions, the volume of data companies need to deal with is huge, so working with a company like ATTOM to provide clean, consolidated, and integrated data eliminates the need to go to multiple sources. ATTOM believes, matching disparate data is complex and needs constant attention. Therefore, the organization has built algorithms to automate much of this and they are continually applying new thinking to this area.
The company also believes that adoption of new technology, such as APIs and Data-as-a-Service is always challenging, and ATTOM is leading the market in these areas in many ways, continuing to push the industry forward.
Client Feedback
“The entire sales process was a pleasure since we were treated like partners versus prospects.”-Arup Banarjee, CEO, Windfall Data
“With the ATTOM implementation, DIMONT has gone from 1.75 flood reviews per hour per employee to 5-plus per hour per employee…allowing us to save our customers time and money.” -Denis Brosnan, CEO, DIMONT
“The data is updated every day, and always arrives on time. Predictably good. ATTOM has done a good job of standardizing the data.” -Bryan Copley, CEO, CityBldr