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AT&T addresses major surge in WiFi.

AT&T an internet service provider, had seen an upsurge in internet usage. Almost all of the companies in the United States have asked their employees to work from home and majority of the schools have opted for online classes. This situation has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Randall Stephenson stated that mobile data volumes were up by 40% and the WIFI volumes are up by 100%. He also stated that the company networks are doing quite well, though there has been some stress as more people are working from home.
The company’s employees have been working from home themselves. The company houses almost 90,000 employees and are keen are working on newer investments and better technological advancements. This has forced every business to evaluate every business to understand and change the way the perform their business. This had been done to ensure connectivity during these times of isolation. Home bound people have to work and could use their internet service for various other entertainment purposes.
Many of the internet provider companies have been suspending their networks, but now have been asked to not do so. Even small residences and numerous other people require internet fo functioning.