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AtScale: Unifying Business Intelligence, Big Data and Hadoop, On Premise and in the Cloud

We live in a world progressively driven by data. Defining your organization’s data strategy and approach and making your Big Data easily accessible to business users can make a critical difference to your ability to compete in the marketplace. AtScale, whose founders are pioneers in the space of Big Data and Hadoop, is the first company to provide enterprises with a fast and secure self-service BI platform for Big Data.
AtScale was born after its founders realized something had to be done to deliver on the promise of Big Data and Hadoop. Traditional approaches require IT departments to move disparate data into one centralized data warehouse or data marts. This legacy approach costs enterprises time, agility and money. AtScale turns this approach on its head by bringing business users to the data rather than moving data into proprietary, purpose built silos. Its clientele comprise some of the world’s largest enterprises, including Bloomberg, Macy’s, Comcast, GlaxoSmithKline, Groupon, Home Depot and others. AtScale customers have benefited from its three unique visions: “Play the data where it lays. Choose to use any BI tool. Deliver a single semantic layer.”
The average age of any BI platform is 22 years old and doesn’t work well on today’s data stack and will certainly not be able to cope with the Big Data of tomorrow.
AtScale is the only industry solution provider of its kind to apply its semantic model across Big Data without data movement, whether it’s on-premise or in the Cloud. Its Modern BI Platform assists businesses to work seamlessly across all Big Data, providing support for data stored on Hadoop, Teradata, Google Dataproc, BigQuery, Microsoft Azure and HDInsight. It is offering a modern analytic platform that standardizes based on importance, giving an interactive business view of Big Data that any tool or application can access.
Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Dave Mariani, CEO & Co-Founder of AtScale has vast experience working with Hadoop at Yahoo! and Klout. After struggling to make the data in Hadoop accessible to the business users, he built what he could not buy. Dave, together with his co-founders, started off developing a solution that makes BI work on Hadoop. This initial innovation allowed AtScale to create a modern BI platform that can perform queries at interactive speed and scale for various types of data in Hadoop.
Currently AtScale is driving innovation by offering one data model across all BI tools. Furthermore, unlike legacy approaches, AtScale is bringing business users to the data rather than moving the data into proprietary, purpose-built silos.
One for the Future
The future phase of the Big Data Insight platform is to face a complete turnaround as customers are moving away from vertically integrated solutions. Customers are now more moving towards horizontal integrated solutions as business users are more inclined towards BI tools of their choice. Relying on the single data platform is not a practical approach these days as the integration of multiple platforms together with multiple BI tools is what horizontal integration is all about. AtScale focuses on the successful implementation of  horizontal integration.
AtScale is rapidly marching forward to become the standard for Business Intelligence on Big Data. It has also established itself as a thought leader in the field, with its benchmark reports and Big Data Maturity Survey widely read and highly regarded in the industry.

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