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Atom AMPD: Leading Provider of Networking Security & VoIP Phone Services

Millions of cyber security threats are being recorded each day. Some of them are securely fixed, but many of them damage the systems to a certain extent. From federal and state government agencies, large corporations, small businesses to individuals, all are under threat. Even with the regulatory process and security solutions, the number of security breaches keeps growing. Securing personal and business assets is paramount with electronic transferring of data which now includes digitized voice traffic (VoIP). As there is a need to bring on-line security to the next level, Atom AMPD came into existence.
Atom AMPD, was formed in 2010. They are headquartered at Volo, Illinois with offices located in Miami, FL; and Danville, CA. It is an enterprise-level communications provider of scalable networking, security, wireless and telephony solutions for any size business ranging from small scale businesses to Fortune 100 companies.
Atom AMPD provides their clients with cutting edge technology that evolves quickly as the threats change and they provide this without expensive hardware upgrades or requiring new “boxes.”
Team Leaders responsible for the Company’s Success
Tim Williams and Daniel Field, are the Co-founders of Atom AMPD. Tim has more than 35 years of experience building high-growth, high technology companies. Combining his experience in Silicon Valley startup companies with a strong educational base, Tim brings significant experience in both technology and business leadership required to create successful high-growth companies. He is a registered patent agent and is named inventor on 26 issued U.S. Patents in the areas of Wireless communications, telephony and digital signal processing.
Whereas, Daniel, is internationally recognized for his leadership, highly diversified background and vision in the technology sector. With more than 30 years of experience building and managing high-growth, high-technology companies, he is recognized for formulating and deploying strategic initiatives that focus on the development of integrated and disruptive technologies. Recognizing that high-growth technology firms thrive when they combine superior management with creative and dedicated teams and individuals, Daniel has identified opportunities and developed new tools, processes, and applications that reshape businesses with innovative technological solutions.
Foundation of Company
Early in their careers, Tim and Daniel recognized that disruptive innovations have served as the basis for success of technology companies which add value and create new opportunities. This is most prevalent with invading and replacing older, more staid approaches in areas historically dominated by a few large corporations. And they knew the solutions in the field of Networks and Security had to be more flexible, easy to administer and cost effective. With all this in mind they created a platform—Atom AMPD—which provides the exact solutions, today’s customer needs. Since that time, they have relished a rapidly growing customer base.
Eminent Services Proffered
Atom AMPD provides end-to-end technology solutions with complete organizational voice and data communications, network, security and wireless access.
Their flagship solution, AtomOS® is a highly integrated multi-functional solution that can support all of the clients’ Network and Communications needs. It has the ability to grow with customer’s business efficiently with a Low Total Cost of Ownership. AtomOS allows for a comfortable and smooth transition from a business’ existing network and telephony systems, to a simple and easy to use all-in-one solution.
Atom AMPD’s delivery model, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), is the simplified method of running a client’s business’ communications, such as phones, voicemail, conferencing, and other Voice Services. The UCaaS model also allows the team of Atom AMPD to deploy their Networking and Security software that eliminates the need to deal with multiple service providers. Atom AMPD can reduce clients’ telephony and networking costs up to 70% by providing them VoIP telephony and the AtomOS features, all bundled into one low cost.
Their competitive price, scalability, ease of use and comprehensive feature list allows them to serve just about any market and any size business.
Captivating the Market
Tim and Daniel believe that Atom AMPD and the AtomOS is well positioned since it can deliver an end-to-end voice communications and networking technology, including infrastructure at a lower overall total cost of ownership. Businesses seeking similar solutions from other providers are often challenged with integrating and assimilating multiple suppliers and technologies and incur significantly higher costs. With their software model, they can adapt to their client’s ongoing needs without expensive hardware upgrades.
Expanding the Network
The AtomOS software is already in deployment with a 10 million user base in China. Once the next phase is complete, it will expand up to 10-60x. Deployments are also underway in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. Recognizable clients are the World Curling Federation, The US Curling Association, the US Biathlon Association and NFL’s Vernon Davis’ Jamba Juice Stores in Silicon Valley. Their U.S. clients range from police and fire departments, insurance companies, medical offices, educational channel (e.g. county offices), real estate offices, as well as franchises and municipalities.
The team of Atom AMPD continues to evolve their software to stay ahead of the ever changing security threats and expand their telephony offerings. Currently, they are working on enhancing their central management platform (RMS-II) which includes enhanced reporting and diagnostic features. Deployment of their IPSec VPN functionality along with Intrusion Detection (IDS) will be key deliverables for early 2017.