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ATMECS: Delivering Solutions with Passion

There is a great amount of traction in the industry regarding Big Data. For example, organizations are not just putting more efforts to either adapting to big data stack or migrating/upgrading to newer technologies, but also looking at newer paradigms of Machine Learning, Data as a Service, Data Science, Prediction Models, IoT, Cognitive Computing, and Analytics. ATMECS has been actively investing in building competencies in core Big Data and newer paradigms to provide greater value to each of its customers, exemplified by a cloud lab with multiple Big Data tools and technologies as well as building frameworks to support the future growth.
ATMECS is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA, with a well-equipped, state-of-the-art R&D center in Hyderabad, India. The company encourages an open culture of organizing meetups and conferences in technical areas and has actively participated in building the community.
The Creator Behind Tremendous Success
A serial entrepreneur, Ravi Velagapudi, Founder and President of ATMECS, has served in several companies in the Silicon Valley for twenty-five years. Ravi has partnered with several Fortune 500 companies and helped them to build their flagship products. In the recent past, Ravi had founded Rofous Inc. with fourteen hundred employees, which went on to be acquired by a Goldman Sachs and Sequoia Company. Ravi’s current focus is on R&D services in next-generation product areas – Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud, Mobile, and Automation.
ATMECS would like to be recognized as an organization that encourages people towards innovation and enables them to achieve their goals in life with a business-centric approach for enterprises. This is best exemplified by Ravi’s view of tackling current problems related to the market:
Ravi proudly states, “I have taken pride in backing innovations throughout my career, having provided opportunities to various resources to explore their potential and achieve their goals. The same principles are behind the DNA of ATMECS, to identify, encourage, and promote “Passionate Minds”!!!!
Services Propounded
ATMECS identifies a huge opportunity in the area of test automation on Big Data implementation, defined a roadmap of enabling its robust testing automation framework on the Big Data platform, so as to ensure faster turnarounds and higher efficiencies in testing. The company offers the following service offerings on Big Data:

  • Enterprise data assessment to identify how the strategic data assets can be effectively utilized to gain business value.
  • Identify business objectives and accelerate them by defining Big Data Analytics roadmap.


  • Develop Big Data strategy for identifying, storing, integrating, managing, securing, governing, provisioning, and analyzing data.


  • Evaluate technologies and provide recommendations on the technology stack.
  • Architectural consulting and development of scalable, tailored Big Data Analytics solutions
  • Data exploration and visualization.


  • End-to-end testing of Big Data applications and performing automation where applicable.


  • Infrastructure management and CI/CD.

ATMECS has a well-defined Disaster Recovery charter to handle any exigencies. The same has been verified as part of the ISO – 27001/BS-7799 certification, which lays controls on Information Security. The DR centers have been established for both intracity and intercity. Apart from the innate DR implementation, ATMECS also integrates any specific DR needs of its customers and provides customized services as well.
Unique Success Attributes
The very DNA of ATMECS is in the name itself. The staff at ATMECS Aspire innovative solutions, provide Thought Leadership by Innovative Thinking, Manage the constraints and challenges, Engage in the Solution and customer stakeholders and Create Value to the customer. This holds the key towards their Success. ATMECS leadership invests in such resources, with “Passionate Minds,” which in itself is the unique differentiating factor.
Starting from hiring, ATMECS looks for talents having their core DNA characteristics, to fit the candidate in the key aspects of the company’s culture. Next, comes focusing on providing a complete environment that fosters individual growth. ATMECS actively invests in making sure the engineering team is kept abreast of the technology stack, with internal training, having the team be part of user groups, etc.
Customer Trust and Competence
ATMECS recognizes Big Data to be amongst the top growth areas apart from Cloud, Mobility, and IoT, so as to empower their client’s workforce and to be able to receive critical insights based on their business data on demand from anywhere around the world. Their focus on R&D and partnership with Big Data & BI software companies will continue to provide clients with the best in class solutions on various Big Data platforms and also at the best cost.
ATMECS has invested in state-of-the-art Cloud Lab. This provides an opportunity for the ATMECS engineers to perform multiple proofs of concept of most of the Big Data software. The lab also offers a platform for its customers to accelerate their project timelines, by providing an on-demand environment for various POC’s and create test environments. The lab has proved to be the initial incubator to commence offshore operations of enterprise customers, reducing the dependency on getting complex hardware and software.
Looking Towards the Future
Ravi says, “We are certainly poised for exciting times ahead. The rate of innovation has been very high, and newer technologies/paradigms are evolving to provide solutions to complex data, like Machine Learning, Data as a Service, Data Science, Prediction Models, IoT, Streaming Data Processing.”
“ATMECS foresees the emergence of cognitive computing and auto BOTS to address some of the challenges facing the Big Data space. Regarding technologies, we expect Spark to get much bigger traction, which in turn would aid in building better models using Machine Learning. We expect several sectors, such as Finance, Healthcare, etc. to take advantage of these advancements in technologies. ATMECS is very well positioned to address these challenges as well as embrace the future,” Ravi added.

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