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Luc d’Urso | CEO | atempo

Atempo: Ensuring Secure Data for Everyone

Company data is the main driving force of the 21 century’s economy. Businesses derive value from the digital testimony of our actions and activities. The ability of an organization to both exploit and protect the data it produces or manages, is a guarantee of its sustainability and can provide genuine competitive advantages. Data is a strategic asset stored and processed in increasingly sophisticated, complex, and heterogeneous systems, applications and storage. Atempo, leader for conventional data protection, sees this constantly changing set of components as an ecosystem, a concept that seems more appropriate to us than the concept of environment, generally used in IT. Like natural ecosystems, the quality of a data ecosystem is measured by its ability to evolve over time, maintain its balance, resist aggression, and recover without delay.
MultiLayer Security
Inventor of the concept of “Time Navigation” and active on the market for 25 years, Atempo has gained market share in public and private organizations thanks to its reliable backup solutions for servers and workstations, best known for the reliability of data recovery. It has gained recognition on all five continents for its expertise in the protection and migration of very large volumes of data in petascale segments: Banking and Finance, Life Sciences, Industry (Aerospace, Automotive), Media & Entertainment.
Atempo today offers data protection, recovery and migration solutions that ensure the continuity of the operations of thousands of enterprises around the world. The company’s range of solutions are based on proven backup technology:
Tina (Time Navigator): Backup and preservation of applications and servers (physical and virtual)
Lina (Live Navigator): Continuous backup of endpoint machines and large fleets of VIP laptops
Backstone: Backup appliances for SMBs, corporate and multi-site organizations
To capitalize on this experience and to consolidate our position with our corporate client portfolio, we created a new platform, called Miria to protect millions or billions of unstructured data files and migrate and/or synchronize these files between different heterogeneous storages. Miria will be enriched in the coming months with advanced analytical capacities, automated functions, and decisionmaking tools.
“The opening of Nextino, an Artificial Intelligence Center dedicated to innovative data protection and R&D, is highlighting that Atempo has always been an innovative company as we are agile, and we have consistently demonstrated quality and insight when dealing with the technical issues faced by our customers. We integrate with every ecosystem where we do business, and this is something that is of utmost importance to us”
A Pacemaker in Security
A graduate from the ESCAE (Business School), Luc d’Urso started his career in Geneva, Switzerland, at the European headquarters of Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America). After this first experience in a multinational, Luc co-founded Futur Telecom in 1997, a few months before the opening of the French telecoms market to competition. Luc d’Urso retained the chairmanship of the subsidiary within the SFR Group for two years. In January 2010 he founded Wooxo, a data protection publisher for small and mediumsized businesses that rapidly emerged as the French leader in backup appliances in this market segment. In August 2017, in partnership with Cyprien Roy, he bought Atempo, the leading European data protection company specializing in the corporate market, from ASG.
A fervent defender of European sovereignty, convinced by the importance of a strong European Cybersecurity industry, the Atempo-Wooxo Group is a committed player with the various industry groups including among others Hexatrust, where Luc d’Urso serves as Vice-President, and the SCS Cluster. Recognized as a player, the Atempo-Wooxo  Group is identified in the Wavestone Cybersecurity Radar and the Global Cyber Security Observatory. Involved in the fight against cybercrime in the workplace, the group runs a field lecture program called “YOOnited Againt Cybercrime”, for business leaders alongside the MEDEF and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It also offers free cyber checkups to promote good practices and computer hygiene in the workplace. Luc is a regular speaker at specialized conferences and regularly publishes articles and columns on Cybersecurity.
Different than Others
“Preserving data ecosystems” the new Atempo motto defends this new concept and puts data at the heart of the ecosystem. It reveals the paradox of its customers ecosystems that are nourished by both infinite and fragile deposits. It highlights the vital issues related to their safekeeping, and the importance of free flowing of data that ensures that an organization can not only survive but thrive.
More than 25 years of proven technology and experience already mean that Atempo stands out from the other offerings. In addition to this, there are some points to highlight: –

  • Disruptive technology mindset of engineering teams
  • Open innovation ensuring that solutions perfectly fit customers’ needs
  • Sound engineering experience with an average of 14 years in the storage sector per developer
  • Strong technological and strategic partnerships within the company’s ecosystem (storage vendors, distributors)
  • Support teams dedicated to complete customer satisfaction

Technology First
Atempo is an engineering company, not a marketing one. It avoids blindly following the competition and avoids certain trends and hype which often turn out to be ephemeral. It always seeks out concrete benefits of actual technological revolutions that it knows the customers can benefit from. The company also concentrates on customer satisfaction by offering trust and loyalty. Availability, responsiveness and the provision of relevant information are primary goals for Atempo. Customer satisfaction rates are accordingly very high. The company believes in collective intelligence, working closely together within its ecosystem helps the organization make sense of each experience. Lastly, having a global presence means, Atempo is committed to sharing value created in all countries where it does business. It hires, works with suppliers, forms partnerships and alliances and pays taxes locally.
Complying Every Security Aspect
In terms of data protection and confidentiality, the European Union has the most stringent regulatory framework in the world, and it continues to gain strength. This is historical and the French software industry and data hosting companies are structured in compliance with various regulations (CNIL, GDPR etc). They set a gold standard in terms of security. All Atempo’s developers are fully aware of the credo “security and confidentiality by design”. In addition, Atempo is an active member of Hexatrust, the association that federates the French cybersecurity sector within which the company’s CEO assumes the Vice Presidency. The company has also partnered with the French Cyber Observatory platform to provide content and advice based on its proven technology, know-how and experience.
Atempo operates at the forefront of the fight against cyber threats and criminality. Faced with ever-growing and sophisticated cybercriminal attacks, the main challenges we must tackle are linked to IoT, Mobility and the Cloud. Today’s companies have to deal with a huge number of low-cost objects producing data which need to be instantly processed raising challenges in terms of total availability and risks of compromise. Mobility poses serious security issues for identification and communication. As for the Cloud, the chain of responsibility in case of data loss or data leakage is a crucial issue.
Leading a Secure Future
Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, Atempo will see data volumes rise from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 zettabytes in 2025 (Source IDC). That’s a 61% year-on-year increase. Just storing this amount of data will be a genuine industrial challenge. It is a challenge that Atempo is already meeting full on. Extracting value from unstructured data, machine learning and AI will be at the heart of many business drivers. Ensuring big data is available for analysis and value extraction whilst controlling spiraling storage costs, will be crucial for many. Handling data in the petabyte, exabyte and zettabyte era will require innovative hardware technology, from silicon chips to network layer and storage management. It will also come from software which enables the company to protect, move synchronize and copy billions of files and petabytes of data both locally and remotely. Including to tape which will continue to be a reasonably priced target for offline or nearline data. The cloud cannot handle all requirements alone.
“We have backed up our unstructured NAS data sets based on multi-OS sources while respecting ACLs. Thanks to Atempo, we have NFS and CIFS file systems working in perfect harmony with S3-type storage” -Michel Ruffieux – UNIL Data Storage and Backup Manager
“Atempo support is great, the products are great” -Andy G. – Barchester Healthcare IT Manager, Inverness, Scotland
“Tina enabled us to recover all our data following a Cryptolocker attack. It showed its strength with the time navigation module which allowed us to restore from just prior to the attack. We were able to limit our losses and rapidly restore millions of files for all our users” -Thierry Herrijgers, IT Infrastructure.