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At The Upcoming Global Digital Services Conference, Jamaica Will Reveal A New Outsourcing Brand

Jamaica is set to host the ninth edition of the O2LAC summit, becoming the first English-speaking nation from the Latin America and Caribbean bloc to do so. The summit, created by the Inter-American Development Bank’s Integration and Trade Sector, aims to unlock the region’s potential in the global digital services sector. With a focus on emerging technologies such as AI, the event will provide business leaders with insights into strategic outsourcing opportunities and breakthroughs in areas like BPO, KPO, and ITO. This platform will also facilitate B2B and B2G matchmaking events, enabling participants to identify new business prospects.

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Senator the Honourable Aubyn Hill, highlights the significance of O2LAC in showcasing Jamaica’s revitalized global digital services sector offerings to a vast audience of potential buyers and suppliers in the region. Jamaica already boasts a mature outsourcing industry, housing major companies that serve Fortune 50 businesses. The country’s Outsourcing Sector is the largest in the Caribbean, generating close to US$1 billion in annual revenue and employing over 60,000 people. Additionally, Special Economic Zone incentives, robust telecoms, and electricity infrastructure make Jamaica an attractive outsourcing destination.

The new National Investment Policy, coupled with ongoing efforts to enhance training and create job opportunities within the Global Digital Services Sector, positions Jamaica to welcome Fortune 1000 companies. Through initiatives like the GDSS Project, Jamaica is bolstering its skills training programs and establishing the GDSS Talent Hub and Career Pathway Framework to connect talented individuals with sector-specific training. The launch of a new global campaign at O2LAC will communicate Jamaica’s unique value proposition, solidifying its brand as the superior choice for businesses seeking to upscale their outsourcing goals.

Expected to draw approximately 600 local, regional, and international attendees, O2LAC will feature prominent speakers and business leaders from Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Inter-American Development Bank. With the Global Digital Services Sector projected to reach US$1 trillion by 2025, and with Jamaica being recognized as the Best Caribbean Nation for Doing Business, the country aims to strengthen its position as the premier outsourcing destination in the Latin America and Caribbean region.