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Aster Sanad Hospital

Aster Sanad Hospital: A Legacy of Quality Healthcare Built on Excellence and Expertise

Considering the ongoing battle against a global pandemic, healthcare has evidently transformed from being a basic human necessity to becoming the only means of survival. The need for quality healthcare has surmounted any other privilege, convenience, or preference, and this has compelled governing bodies to consistently emphasize on delivering healthcare quality and equity.

To achieve the efficient delivery of care and associated services, organizations across the world have acknowledged, adapted, and equipped themselves with the right technology and resources. One prominent name among these organizations is Aster Sanad Hospital.

Aster Sanad Hospital is a subsidiary of Aster DM Healthcare which is one of the leading healthcare groups spread across the Middle East, India, and the Philippines. With its corporate headquarters in Dubai, the group has been actively serving society for more than 33 years.

Aster DM Healthcare’s network comprises 25 hospitals, 115 clinics, and 231 retail pharmacies. The organization has 17,335 employees, including 2,860 full-time doctors. Today, the organization is amongst the largest and fastest growing conglomerates in the region, spread across 9 countries with over 395 operating facilities, and is on the path of progress to serve the community.

Aster Sanad Hospital is a symbol of distinction, driven by the commitment to build a healthier tomorrow—with its motto, ‘We Treat You Well’—for the society and to take healthcare to the next level of excellence for every individual.

With this commitment for the service to society, Aster Sanad Hospital has metamorphosed into one of the finest medical centers of excellence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – serving the wide section of the society. Currently, the hospital is poised to be emerging as a world-class hospital, offering a wide range of high-quality treatments to the wide section of people of KSA.

To adequately serve all sections of the society, Aster Sanad Hospital has rolled out different brands for specific healthcare needs. It also provides support through its charity foundations and CSR activities. The hospital’s patient-centered vision has allowed it to improve the level of the services provided through its highly professional and expert medical teams and supporting staff aided with the most advanced technology to diagnose and treat a myriad of diseases.

“We are determined to continue providing a world-class healthcare to the local community and beyond,” says Dr. Azad Moopen, the Chairman and Managing Director of Aster Sanad Hospital.

Setting Benchmarks of Excellence

Aster Sanad Hospital provides a wide range of coverage for the community under medical insurance plans. In collaboration with medical health service providers, the hospital serves almost all the sections of the society.

The hospital offers its expertise in not just providing medical services to the community but also to raise health awareness and health education to raise health and safety standards for the community to enable them to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. “We have a complete setup of Home Care Team to enable the reach of our services to the needy at their homes.”

“We are in the process to add new wings to our services like Cosmetology, Plastic Surgery, Rehabilitation, IVF, and Andrology to mention few – to serve the people of the Kingdom in a more comprehensive manner,” says the team at Aster Sanad Hospitals.

We asked the team about how they are driving the organization to sustain its competitive edge, to which the team stated that they focus on the following aspects:

  • Differentiation Advantage: Offering better services and value-based healthcare than those offered by competitors at competitive prices.
  • Developing integrated practicing units: Integrating primary and specialty care and blending the two into what is called integrated practice units (IPUs). Care is delivered by multidisciplinary teams of both primary and specialty groups have also proven to improve efficiencies and better health outcomes.
  • Patient Outcome and Cost: Tracking outcomes and costs reveal strengths and identifies areas of improvement. Making strategic changes to improve the value of care to gain a competitive edge in cost, differentiation, or both.

In every healthcare setup, Aster Sanad Hospital has a fully functional dedicated employee safety department that takes care of all the risks involved for the employees in providing efficient healthcare to the patients.

The Guiding Light

Dr. Azad Moopen is the Chairman and Managing Director of Aster Sanad Hospital since its incorporation. He is a gold medalist in Medicine and a postgraduate in General Medicine from University of Calicut, Kerala, India and a diploma holder in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases from Delhi University, India. He is responsible for the organization’s overall business operations and is additionally responsible for setting forth the group strategy and vision.

Dr. Moopen has been dedicatedly consistent in his mission of providing quality healthcare at affordable prices ever since he started the journey of ‘Caring Mission with a Global Vision’ four decades back. Having started with a single clinic in Dubai in 1987, Dr. Moopen has expanded his network in nine countries with 350 facilities, including 25 hospitals, 115 clinics, and 225 pharmacies.

He has also established the Dr. Moopen’s Foundation, a charitable organization aimed at extending healthcare benefits to the less privileged. He has been honored with the Padma Shri Award – The fourth highest civilian award by the Government of India, for distinguished service in his field. He was conferred the Best Doctor Award by the Government of Kerala in 2009. He has also received the Arab Health Award from the Arab Health Forum in 2010, the Arabian Business Achievement Award from the ITP Publishing Group in 2010, and the Healthcare CEO of the Year Award at the CEO Middle East Awards in 2015.

In his advice to the aspiring entrepreneurs who envision venturing into healthcare, Dr. Moopen says, “The healthcare industry is projected to be worth over $10 trillion by 2022. Obviously, this space is extremely lucrative, and the ever-increasing list of healthcare business ideas may interest a budding businessperson even without a medical background; there are still plenty of ways entrepreneurs can get in on the healthcare industry. Since the healthcare industry requires various other industries to function as it does, there are numerous opportunities for people with different academic qualifications and professional expertise.”

Commenting upon his strategy around scaling Aster Sanad Hospital’s operations and offerings in 2021, Dr. Moopen says, “Aster DM Healthcare will continue serving the society through its healthcare setups. Aster volunteers, charitable organizations, and social initiatives of the Aster DM group have already created a very positive impact on the lives of over a million people in varied and wonderful ways, and this is only the beginning. We are coming up with new projects in India and UAE to expand our reach to the society.”