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Associated Veterans: Expertise in Policy Development and Analysis, Legislative and more

Associated Veterans is a certified service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) that specializes in Program and Project Management, Requirements Development and Management, Studies and Analyses, Policy Development and Analysis, Performance Data Research and Analysis, Legislative and Policy Research and Analysis.
Fascinating Journey of Associated Veterans
Associated Veterans has always run by its motto; Fquality people equal quality solutions. The organization prides them on the work they pursue, including the recruitment process. The company works on very selective projects and only pursues opportunities they are confident in winning.  “This year we were very methodical on what we bid on and I am happy to say, we won over 50% of the contracts we pursued, whether as a prime or a sub, and this upcoming year will see the fruit of these wins, as we begin to ramp up and begin hiring in January”, says Antonio
Proud Moments of Associated Veterans
This year, Associated Veterans was ranked #64 in the nation by Inc. 5000 list of fastest rising privately owned small business in the country. Additionally, AV was ranked #7 in the state of Virginia and #7 in government contracts. AV also consistently receives excellent ratings by its government customers throughout the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Interior and the Department of Labor.
Forefront Leaders of Associated Veterans
As the owner, Antonio M. Moscatelli, President and CEO of AV, it is imperative that he can convey his vision to the team. Each quarter he holds a town hall meeting, where he reaffirms his commitment to his dedicated team and thanks them for their hard work. Antonio explains to them that at the heart of what they do, everything comes down to relationships. Whether it is the relationship the data analyst has with his team mate or the manager on the grounds’ relationship to the customer or the relationship with the CEO of a partner company. They all are responsible for maintaining solid relationships by treating people fairly and with respect.
Benefiting the Clients by AV’s Promising Services
One main contract that comes to mind immediately is the work they are doing for McKesson Pharmaceuticals. They have built for them a web based portal for compliance with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA). The portal allows the product managers of McKesson to monitor and track its suppliers’ products by validating the country of origin for products that are supplied to McKesson and subsequently the products that are sold to the government. My mitigating their risk with False Claims Act violations, they are saving them millions of dollars a year in potential fines.
Major Challenges faced by Associated Veterans
The biggest challenge that the organization faced is being able to grow at a rate that they can afford to grow at. As a CEO of a small company with a large company mentality, “I tend to put into motion new hires that I am anticipating we can afford, before we can afford them. I know what I want, but the budget doesn’t always support that. Therefore, being patient and hiring when I can afford to is my biggest challenge”, Antonio asserts
Prime Attributes to Keep on Moving the Organization
Associated Veterans specializes in helping government leadership turn their vision into a successful reality by providing them with highly qualified and experienced resources that possess the relevant skills, knowledge, and experience needed to develop and execute solutions in support of their business goals and needs.
Their primary customer is the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and as with every agency they work in, they want to hire only the best. The company looks for Veterans and folks who have Veterans in their families. They also find that those people see the work the organization does at the VA with a different lens. It means more to them because they are affected by the outcome, more so than someone who does not receive VA benefits.
Coming Strategies of Associated Veterans
Recently, Associated Veterans won a seat at the table on a $25 Billion Dollar IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity) contract. This IDIQ is a game changer and will provide their company the significant opportunity to grow by 100 people each year, reaching a goal they set for the company of growing from 50 people to 500 people in 5 years.
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