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Arviem: Optimizing Logistics Solutions Globally

It is needless to state the significance of logistics management in the business world today. It has become an integral instrument for enterprises. This in turn has enabled cut throat competition among logistics solution providers. Arviem is one such provider, which appears to be surpassing its competition.
Founded in 2008, Arviem is a real-time end-to-end cargo monitoring and supply chain visibility service provider. It provides carrier independent tracking & monitoring service with exceptionally accurate location and quality condition monitoring of cargo throughout the global supply chain. Arviem offers a full service, which includes the setup of IoT enabled cargo tracking devices as well as their reverse logistics after completed shipments and provides the cloud-based software and required business rules. It then monitors, analyses and reports on all aspects of the cargo shipments and supplies the real-time data in tailored management reports or notifications. Also, with the help of real-time updates on delays and disruptions, clients can discover and mitigate supply chain problems before they affect business operations or customer satisfaction. Arviem also offers additional services such as Supply Chain Financing or Carbon Footprint Monitoring.
Delivering a Myriad of Solutions 
Arviem’s IoT enabled supply chain visibility service helps clients to optimize their physical and financial supply chains by monitoring the flow of goods in-transit in real-time. The vast amount of data and management reports generated by the company enable enterprises to optimize their supply chains, improve their working capital management, reduce transport insurance premiums, administrative costs, as well as to ensure product safety, and product quality during transit.
While its IoT based services help clients to digitalize parts of their supply chain without the need for investing into new technologies, hardware or staff, the scalable, pay-per use service offers a possibility of a quick ROI by reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. Arviem’s service works alongside legacy systems, the data can be accessed through a cloud-based platform or it can be integrated with clients’ systems via an API.
A Torchbearer’s Masterpiece 
Arviem’s CEO and Founder, Stefan Reidy is a supply chain enthusiast who is always willing to share his expertise with his employees. Prior to starting the company, Stefan was instrumental in the conceptualization and development of cargo and container tracking solutions at IBM from 2003–2007. Passion and industry expertise has been important for Arviem’s development ever since. Stefan often shares his knowledge with university students and industry professionals periodically at various events.
Assuring Quality with Technology 
Arviem uncovers blind spots in the logistics chain. Real-time cargo tracking and monitoring connects intermodal shipping containers, cargo, vessels and trailers with enterprise IT systems via the use of sensors, GPS, mobile networks and a cloud based platform. The sensors capture and transmit signals and data to provide a closer picture of the condition, geographical location and environment of goods in transit. This empowers supply chain leaders to take corrective actions and make fast and smart decisions when it comes to the unplanned, distracting events and delays in the supply chain. Additionally, with the help of the intelligent reports, supply chain professionals can make strategic decisions with the aim of optimizing their supply and logistics chain.
The One-Stop-Shop Approach 
As mentioned above, Arviem is offering a full, carefree service to customers that allow them to track all their global shipments, regardless of the transportation mode or the logistics service provider, on one single platform. The company’s services provide a holistic view on all shipments; the information is displayed on an appealing user interface and can be accessed through various channels. The service ecosystem that Arviem offers on top of the cargo monitoring data definitely sets it apart from the competition.
Exhibiting a Decade of Experience 
Arviem has completed 10 years in the logistics and supply chain industry and believes that the industry is ripe for a dramatic change and innovation. While the development of the market has been slow initially, there is an accelerating pace of innovation driven by startups and a growing interest from shippers. The interest of shippers is the driving force of Arviem’s operations and innovation activities.
With its experience in IoT business, Arviem has learned the importance of good quality data. For this, 100% reliable sensor devices are necessary. So the company switched from unreliable third party suppliers to in-house developed devices. This enables it to create an independent cargo tracking and monitoring service that is not dependent on third party data or integration with other providers and is 100% reliable while fulfilling monitoring missions in the field.
In these years of conducting business, Arviem’s efforts have been recognized by not only its clients, exporters, importers and manufacturers, but also by various industry awards. These awards are a remarkable milestone for the company’s service offering.
Leveraging Technology 
Arviem’s goal is to leverage the data collected by its sensor devices riding alongside cargo shipments worldwide and offer IoT-enabled services such as real-time cargo condition and location monitoring, shipment performance reports, shipment risk profiling and trade financing and working capital management solutions. Its team works to help supply chain and logistics professionals to improve their supply chain with advanced, predictive and prescriptive analytics to support decision making.
A Reflection of Quality Services 
“We have eliminated waste, reduced demurrage costs and achieved timely product availability and freshness.” – Nestlé “Monitoring the location and environmental conditions of our shipments is a very important component of our stewardship efforts. Arviem provides us this capability.” – Dow Chemicals
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