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Artivatic: Integrating Technology to build Intelligent Applications and Solutions

Artivatic is an end-to-end AI infrastructure platform built on deep-tech, machine learning technologies with an in-depth analogy of genomic science, psychology and neuroscience. This helps large enterprises, start-ups and developers to build and integrate intelligent products and solutions without any development effort. It focuses on Banking, Finance, Insurance, Lending, Wealth Management, Capital Market, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Robotics sectors. In short, Artivatic’s platform’s agnostic nature enables enterprises to have ‘Smart AI Brain’ like humans to automate all processes and make decisions by themselves in real-time.
Artivatic has 25+ in-house built products, which have been currently utilized to build 10+ industry solutions at a large scale. Most of the products are built in-house without any third party library. One patent has already been filed in India & the USA, with more than five other patents in the pipeline.
An ‘Alternative IBM Watson’
Artivatic was started as an infrastructure level platform in the beginning—which can be called as an ‘Alternative IBM Watson’. The focus was to build a platform that helps enterprises, developers and SME businesses to build innovative and intelligent solutions. Initially, the company focused only on large enterprises, which require on-premise solutions in their datacenter, however then it became more like a service model and scalability was the main challenge.
The company was continuously getting requests from other start-ups, SME and some large clients as well to use cloud-based applications.  Coupled with this, the company also found it great to scale without worrying about computation power, GPU and data processing in real-time. This inspired Artivatic to launch all its technologies, products and solutions to put on cloud and serve as a SaaS platform as well other than the on-premise model. This helped it to scale globally too without even focusing more on travel, delivery and customization.
Leader Holding the Reins
Mr. Layak Singh, Founder of Artivatic, is a renowned serial-entrepreneur who graduated from IIT, Kharagpur. His passion led him to start a slew of ventures that had their own flaws and from the ashes of these start-ups, has risen up his current and most visionary project, Artivatic Data Labs.
Layak’s ability to look at a problem for what it is, and not only find the best solution, but also his foresight and ability to learn the most from any experience has helped keep his ideas afloat in times when most people would have given up on their dreams. Above all, it is his spirit that drives the team and the motivation behind the company, providing the oil for every cog in the system to work perfectly.
Unique Services
Artivatic makes end-to-end solutions that work across industries. Its products are built on the principles of genomics and neuroscience—two governing aspects of its services. Genomic is the ability to form holistic, comprehensive models or views of people, products, events and situations, while neuroscience uses this holistic understanding to think and automatically make decisions in the same way that a human does.
These products and services are multipurpose in that they can be used to verify identities, flag fraudulent documents or transactions, make suggestions and recommendations based on personal preferences and can even make decisions for a person, based on their previous choices.
Artivatic’s tools require minimum maintenance and effort—they can be installed on a company’s server and do not require an entire tech team to keep it running. There are more than 12 core tech products, 30+ tools and 10+ industry solutions. Some of the tools and products are, AVDATAQUARTZ, AVACROSS, AVPREDICT, AVDECISION, AVNLP, AVSILOSOL/AVSaaS and AVDEVSPACE.
Helping Companies Grow
“Clients who invest in Artivatic technology stand to gain the most from data-driven insights, integrate AI-driven technology to smooth out workflows, speed up mundane processes by automating and digitising manual tasks and use the insights gleaned from the data to protect themselves and their customers from fraud,” says Layak.
In this day and age, data is abundant but many companies, especially banks and insurers, fail to make the most of this component. Studying user data and behaviour patterns allows a company to understand each individual’s preferences, thought process and intention behind particular choices. Implementing Artivatic technology allows tapping into these insights and providing better services. Ultimately, this increases a company’s performance, bottom line and helps keep their customers happy and loyal.
Scope and Challenges
The scope of AI, IoT and automation-driven technology is immense. Today, the amount of processing power available is more than ever been in the past and has paved the way for a better future. Integration of new technology can really change the way many industries operate, especially in a country like India. AI and IoT are set to revolutionise healthcare, agriculture, insurance, banking, retail and many more sectors that have remained non-digitised.
“While we have so much to look forward to, I still think the biggest challenge in the field is that people remain sceptical and suspicious of emerging technology. We are not afraid to put up pictures of our most intimate and important moments online, but we are incredibly defensive when companies use this information to their benefit. We live in a time when Facebook and Google already own all the information on us and everyone from Spotify to Netflix use personal data to improve their recommendation section, so people must get used to the idea that their information is now out there for companies to use. After all, who doesn’t want the convenience of your groceries being delivered as soon as you get back from work—without having to lift a finger to order them?,” asserts Layak.
The Best is Yet to Come
Artivatic’s focus is to revolutionise banking, insurance and financial services in India. The company is developing genomic science based health insurance products, agriculture-farmer focused lending & insurance products, real-time automated decision making system to approve loans, policies, credit and much more. It is also gearing to launch its own insurance and lending platforms in partnership with existing financial institutions. The plan is to apply for financial licenses as well from regulatory firms to launch some unique products. The focus will be to serve the global market in next one year in the entire BFSI & Healthcare domain. Artivatic aims to bring in more in-depth innovation and research for critical areas in the industry in the upcoming years.
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