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Artha Infotama: Harnessing the Power of Azure to Deliver World-Class Business Solutions and ROI

The power of the cloud is knocking on the door of every business. Cloud is transforming the way businesses are operated, strategies are conceptualized and vision of the future is laid out. Artha Infotama is leading the revolutionary change with world-class business solutions and top-of-the-line ROI.
The firm is based in Jakarta and harnesses the power of Azure to create business enterprise solutions including but not limited to ERP, Vendor Portal Management, Customer Portal Management, Human Capital Management, e-KPI, e-Travel, e-Support, e-Operation, etc.
The company helps its clients achieve several business objectives every day including increasing productivity, understanding operation patterns using competitive business analytics, designing a workflow, securing network operations, etc.
An Innovative Journey
ARTHA IT has invested in creating dynamic and robust solutions which serve all business objectives. An iconic example of this journey is Artha IT’s Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. The solution helps business fulfil various requirements starting from mid-market to the need of enterprise business solution. The software can be applied to manage and integrate finances, supply chain, field service, manufacturing, preventive maintenance, project accounting, customer relationships, and human resources. ARTHA IT has customized the solution to meet various requirements of different industries.
For example, the solution integrates a user-friendly interface which is similar to Microsoft Office Outlook and is intuitive to use. Additionally, the company has added rich features to the software which enables it to seamlessly collaborate with Microsoft Office and several other Microsoft technologies. According to the CEO of the company, Stephen Hendry, “The product is designed for users to find all the information and tools required in one place to streamline processes, improve customer service quality, and easily fulfill everyday business objectives”
A Noteworthy Recognition
Artha Infotama prides itself on many business solutions and its competency to deliver them year after year. However, its competency is best represented by its glorious achievements and contributions to the industry as observes by others. The company has won several prestigious awards including the ‘2016 Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club’. The company was presented this award as recognition for its dedication to the pursuit of technological excellence backed by the commitment to high levels of customer satisfaction.  ARTHA IT was recognized as the leading group of Microsoft partners which are among the top 5% companies providing premier business solutions.
The imminent recognition of the company is the result of its service of several top-notch solutions including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365, Retail Management System, Office 365 and Cloud Platform technology. The company has put in over 15 years in delivering developing these products to meet the requirement of end customers and its implementation has not gone unnoticed. The company has also been recognized by Microsoft who has deemed it worthy of Microsoft Gold Partner status Gold Enterprise Resource Planning & Gold Cloud Platform Competency and Cloud Solution Provider 1-tier. The company continues to drive excellence to new heights by finding new ways to implement Microsoft Dynamics ERP technology across diverse industries.
A Larger Vision Worth Remembering 
Artha IT has taken big steps which unfolds the story of its vision with concrete action and efforts worth remembering. One such step is expanding new markets and building new products which are tailor-made to meet the requirements of MNCs. Currently, the company has set up shop in various Asian countries including Indonesia, Malaysia and in future, the company plans on expanding in Australia, Japan, and Singapore. The company has also developed a unique 360-degree solution designed to meet various challenges faced by multinational companies. The feature-laden advanced solution is Dynamics 365, which is an ERP software.
The product is designed to standardize, stabilize and grow the operations of companies who operate in the unfamiliar regulatory environment. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 aids organizations in reducing risks and liabilities that can hamper corporate governance in several ways. Additionally, it assists them with regulatory compliance and customer initiatives in uncertain territories of different countries. The solution has a direct impact on business growth as well as it helps companies develop their supply chain management and meet evolving demands head-on by adapting new processes competitively.
Additionally, the software also delivers visibility in business operations to multinational corporations. Many companies rely solely on employees and appointed management to manage the day to day affairs of the company. Hence, this solution is essential to bring standardization and visibility which keeps a company competitive as well as brings solidarity in its operations all across the globe.
The vision of the company in the large company is absolutely clear and straightforward. The leadership lives to build the best products and deliver best ROI returns for its clients. Apart from its world-class existing portfolio of business solutions, in future the company would deliver portal management (Vendor, Customer, Human Capital), E-Mobile and solutions for the education industry. It would also continue to improve its existing products and enhance them in its commitment to deliver the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.
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