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Armida Kaloti | Senior Marketing Specialist | Apparound

Armida Kaloti: Encouraging Work Environment

We can’t deny the fact that we are constantly surrounded by technology. The advancement in this particular area has proven to be so disruptive that it has an impact on every industry. One such industry is marketing. Long gone the days when traditional methods of marketing were only the way to increase sales productivity. The introduction of digital marketing has transformed the entire landscape to improving sales productivity. Through digital marketing, the marketing specialist can analyze the aftermath of the strategies that they have elected. Digital marketing, also, gives the consumer control in terms of information accessibility. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the majority of the companies are modeling their focus on the digital market in line with immensely successful campaigns.
Armida Kaloti, the Senior Marketing Specialist at Apparound, plays a vital role in digital marketing. A genuine leader who throughout her career has worked hard to develop successful strategies to transform marketing hurdles into opportunities.
Journey of Discovering Herself
 Armida loves to remember where she comes from because of the imprinting she has got in her home country. Back in the day as a kid she used to aid people. For example, if she had finished with her homework, she would have gone and would have helped her friends who hadn’t yet so that they could all play together. At school, if someone had good marks, they would have to support those in need. It might sound too much for a child, but she didn’t think, therefore. That imprinting is something that she nevertheless maintains with her and she sticks to it. She has persistently tried getting the best that she can help others also. This is something that Armida endeavors at her job too. She has learned a lot from her home country, never giving up and always aiming to be the best version of herself.  This is something that she had tried to bring on her job. She had the opportunity to work on a start-up company on which, she perceived it from being born with its name until it grew. This introduced her to work in various fields as working on a start-up allowed her to perform on all areas of marketing and much more. It has been an enriching path for her, and which is continuing to grow.
Technological Impact in Digital Marketing
When it comes to the impact of technology in the market, it has provided everyone involved, from the marketers to consumers. Earlier there was no specific way to identify what customers’ need. That has changed promptly due to technology; people currently have ways to connect. Armida seeks the possibility to be closer to her customers which assists her company to fabricate according to the needs. Technology is empowering people’s needs and making life easier. She believes that at the end of everyone is customer one way or another and technology carries out a key role to establish the voices of consumers to reach the manufacturer. Listening to its customers and working on the feedback they provide is much important in today’s time.

Words for Fellow Leaders
Armida asserts “Passion, Confidence, and Humility. Cherish what you do, be confident in your skills but remember you can always do better, there’s always room for improvement. Always set new standards for yourself.”
Shaping the Journey
Working on a start-up environment allowed Armida to experience all fields of marketing and more. This helped her to possess a more proper understanding of managing her time and numerous more things. The startup environment is magic from one side, but it’s also challenging as one has to really learn how to orchestrate everything. In her own words, “Never give up and trust your guts! If you get stuck on a crazy busy day and don’t know where to start from, sick for help. Our worst enemy it’s us many times, so also remember to be nice to yourself.”