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ARKEMA: A Designer of Materials and Innovative Solutions

3D Printing is a technology that helps to create 3D parts of varying complexity without using molds. Thanks to the technology, nowadays creating 3D parts has become cheaper and less time consuming. 3D printing is revolutionizing the way of production or manufacturing. With 3D printing, advanced materials and resins are used to produce objects using 3D printers, and Arkema is one of the leading suppliers of polymer solutions to the industry for every printing process, under its commercial platform named ‘3D Printing Solutions by Arkema’.
With more than 20,000 employees and a turnover of €8.8B ($10B), the organization is present in 50 countries around the world. Clarivate Analytics has listed Arkema as one of the top 100 innovative companies in the world for 7 years in a row.
Since 1988, Arkema has been providing its ground-breaking solutions to its customers whose markets range from automotive to aeronautics and from consumer goods to electronic industries. For the expansion of application fields for 3D Printing, Arkema has developed a full network of partners along the value chain.
Innovative Solutions 
Authorities believe at Arkema that the end users are technology and material agnostic – driven instead by performance and efficiency. This is why they offer a unique portfolio of polymer solutions to the industry for each and every major printing process, under a unique umbrella: ‘3D Printing Solutions by Arkema’. They offer three flagship material technologies, as well as a host of complementary chemistries.
Engineered resins and custom liquid resin systems have been marketed under the N3xtDimension® brand, which are being used for superior performance photocuring technologies. The Sartomer group of Arkema delivers a comprehensive range of products for optimum aesthetics including clarity, detailing and transparency. It also provides exceptional freedom of properties design as per market demand, such as dental and hearing aids. Newly developed N3xtDimension® engineered resins have achieved a specific targeted performance such as impact, flexibility, castability, and water solubility that enables advanced solutions for electronics, athletic shoes, and various other industrial uses.
High performance polyamide 11 polymers: Rilsan® polyamide 11 resins are derived from 100% renewable and sustainable castor oil. These resins often demonstrate better mechanical and impact properties than polyamide 12 polymers which are typically used for prototyping. Polyamide 11 is now available for powder bed fusion technologies. It also enables 3D printed applications in demanding markets such as consumer goods and automotive.
Ultra-High Performance PEKK polymers: Kepstan® PEKK (polyether ketone ketone) is one of the highest performing resins in the world which is available for powder bed fusion and filament technologies. This polymer family shows exceptionally good processability, and outstanding properties, when compared to other high performance polymers including PEEK. It pushes the limits for 3D printed parts in terms of strength, continuous use temperature (up to 260°C), dielectric properties, and durability.
An Experienced Leader 
With strong experience in R&D, business development, and business management across various polymers and materials in the chemical industry, Guillaume de Crevoisier was recently appointed as the Global Business Director of Arkema. He has completed his PhD from Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris with Chemistry and an Executive MBA from HEC, Paris in Business Education.
Under the leadership of Guillaume, the technologies being used in several Arkema businesses have been brought together under the “3D Printing Solutions by Arkema” commercial platform. He introduced a market message ‘Unlocking the next revolution’, and a simple complementary product and service offering across all major 3D printing processes. Instead of a product push approach, Guillaume has built Arkema’s message as an ‘a la carte’ market pull.
Maintaining the Market Culture 
Arkema takes speed and reactivity as the main challenges. Already with a spirit of innovation in its DNA, Arkema still has been obliged to learn to move more quickly with the demands of 3D Printing. For Arkema, the best way to keep up the speed parallel to the industry growth is to preserve close relations with customers and to embrace a culture of co-collaboration.
The organization is playing a crucial role in bringing innovative chemistry and materials to 3D printing industry as it is transforming from prototyping to industrial manufacturing rapidly.
Future Insights 
Arkema has a proven legacy in many of the world’s most demanding applications including deep-sea oil production, lightweight vehicle production, and world record setting sports shoes. It has a legitimate credibility with its end users and a proven track record of problem solving. With 3D Printing, Arkema plans to marry this legacy with the exciting future of new materials innovation and speed of collaborative development. The company strongly believe in the future of 3D Printing as a manufacturing technology and will continue to invest in our development excellence centers, and in new production capacity. Arkema is “Unlocking the Next Revolution” by marrying our proven legacy in many of the world’s most demanding applications, with the exciting future of new application needs, materials and collaborative development in 3D Printing.