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ARIIX: Unlocking Unlimited Potential Since Inception

Ariix was founded eight years ago on the U.S. Independence Day for a host of reasons — most notably was the fact that ARIIX represented independence from the direct selling companies of yesterday. The company didn’t grab a flashy product to launch with a sexy story paired with an MLM blueprint of what’s been done before. Instead, ARIIX sought to do things differently, to bring about true change in an industry overburdened with negative press, but one that also holds unlimited potential for the individual business owner.
ARIIX was launched both in the U.S. and in Asia at the same time, and that was a winning combination. The company has seen progressive growth of $15–40 million USD per year over the past seven years. And it hasn’t had a down year yet! The best part is ARIIX may not be the fastest growing, but it is the most consistent. What grows fast can burn fast, but ARIIX is here for the long haul. The company is helping its Representatives to create a legacy business that they can pass down to their heirs! That’s unheard of in this industry! ARIIX has been consistently ranked in the DSN top 100 and has gone up every year. Each year, DSN, the leading publication for the direct selling industry, recognizes the top 100 revenue-generating direct selling companies around the world to assist entrepreneurs seeking opportunities within this lucrative industry.
Employing a “House of Brands” Strategy 
ARIIX isn’t known as the “juice” company or the “wellness” company. Rather than being a branded house, it employs a “House of Brands ” philosophy that allows the company to provide a diversified product offering with brands that stand on their own and also work together, allowing its Representatives to build a business based on products that align with their  needs and interests. ARIIX’s products are based on viability, advocacy and efficacy. People consume the products based on the value of what the product does for them — they don’t just stockpile products in their garage and attempt to make money in their business.
When the Target is to Create a Fair Playing Field
Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO of ARIIX, already knew that if the organization wanted to be a truly disruptive force in this industry, it first needed to get rid of all the “junk” in compensation plans. According to Fred, every network marketing company claims its compensation plan is the best plan that pays the most. But the reality is there’s not much differentiation between them . And they use deceptive marketing practices to assert that their plan pays out a lot, when it really doesn’t. Compensation plans can be so tricky that it’s hard to see when the balance of power is unequal to the individual business owner.
Fred’s goal is to create a playing field that is completely fair. As an example, one company may have a compensation plan that pays a million dollars to one person and another may have a plan that pays $1 to a million people. Obviously the company that pays a million to one is going to be screaming about how much you can earn. They never tell you that only one person achieves that kind of success. The way ARIIX’s compensation plan is built, everyone has the same potential to make money.
ARIIX is also disrupting the network marketing landscape by offering a compensation plan that works the way its Representative does. Whether a Representative new to ARIIX was previously forced to follow a unilevel, binary or matrix compensation plan with their former company, ARIIX provides a multi-line structure that allows the Representative to build their business in ways they are most comfortable with. Plus, the company truthfully does offer the highest-paying compensation plan the industry has ever seen. ARIIX’s compensation plan, AC TIV8™, was voted the No. 1 compensation plan in the industry by and is changing the way entrepreneurs experience success.
The Revolutionary and Disruptive Contract in Action
When it comes to staying ahead of the competition, the company believes the ARIIX Representative Bill of Rights is a clear winner. No one else in the industry offers this, and Representatives throughout the industry are left without a choice when the company they work for decides to implement change — it’s always mandatory compliance. But not with ARIIX. The company works in collaboration with its Representatives, not in dictatorship against. Here’s an example of this revolutionary and disruptive contract in action. If the organization updates or changes a policy , which is part of its Representative policies and procedures, new Representatives to the business must adhere to the new policies . However , existing Representatives get to decide if the updated policy works for them. If they don’t like the new changes, they can keep their existing contract.
The CEO adds, “We aren’t dictators, we are disruptors, and we believe in empowering our hard – working Representatives with control of their destiny.”
Also, everyone must follow the same rules . ARIIX doesn’t allow Representatives to steal other Representatives, regardless of how big they are. If a top Representative that consistently brings in a lot of money for both themselves and the company performs a terminable offense, ARIIX doesn’t look the other way because they are big money-makers. They are held to the same standards as everyone else.
Valuing Collaboration and Shaping the Journey 
When ARIIX opened its door for business, the company had to outsource a third-party data housing system, which eventually meant zero control over its data, as well as data limitations. However, currently the organization has a fully functional and award-winning in-house IT department. This allows the company to respond to issues in real-time and ensures data is securely held.
ARIIX’s continued focus is on its Representatives. They work hard for the company, and the company works hard for them. Both the Representatives and the company celebrate achievements together, because ARIIX is a company that values collaboration. Together, ARIIX and its Representatives have garnered more than 38 growth, innovation and visionary-related awards since 2012.
As THE Opportunity Company®, ARIIX is helping families around the world transform their finances, transform their health, and live lives they never thought possible. From a few extra dollars to help pay the bills, to incredible lifestyles for the dedicated full-time business builder, ARIIX is helping people achieve their dreams every day!
So what happens when a company forms with the disruptive concept of working for its Representatives to create a truly collaborative and unique business model? It works. ARIIX has successfully disrupted a 100-year-old industry, and it isn’t the end. To stay ahead in this industry, ARIIX has to be extraordinary all day, every day. And the company does this because it believes in the transformative power this industry provides. ARIIX doesn’t mind shaking things up and consistently disrupting the status quo one bit.
Disrupting the Direct-Selling Industry on a Global Scale 
Since its launch, ARIIX is now open in 21 markets across the globe. Japan and Europe are the two fastest-growing markets currently, and both of these markets include a large millennial demographic. Recently, both markets experienced incredible growth, leading the way for an ARIIX record-breaking sales week of $6 million USD.
While ARIIX offers a global opportunity, the company isn’t in a hurry to open markets just for the sake of numbers. ARIIX applies strategic direction in all open markets to ensure a solid and sustainable opportunity for its Representatives. The company is slowly disrupting the direct-selling industry on a global scale, one market at a time.
Client Feedback
“I have never met a company like ARIIX that can’t be compared in terms of products, compensation plan and environment.” —Toshiya Waki, Japan
“We are here because we belong to a company that allows us to transform our lives in every possible way you can imagine.” —Debbie and Ken Schneider, Canada
“If you are willing to work, then you can be successful. You need to push yourself and realize how lucky you are to have ARIIX in your life. Being successful isn’t luck, but hard work and willingness. Everyone can do it!” —Julie Darbon, France