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Aria Systems: Powerful Notion of Cloud Billing

IoT has evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), micro-services and the internet. The convergence has helped tear down the siloed walls between Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT), allowing unstructured machine-generated data to be analyzed for insights that will drive improvements.
Aria Systems provides the only cloud-based platform that is both robust and scalable enough to help enterprises seize new market opportunities and meet customer demands by rapidly deploying monetization models and quickly delivering new plans and packages. Aria is purpose-built to deliver unlimited monetization opportunities, maximize returns from every customer event (or “revenue moment”) including billing, provisioning, and servicing of products, and increase customer satisfaction and retention.
Geared up to be a Unique Service Provider
In founding Aria, Brendan O’Brien and Edward Sullivan set out to find better ways for online companies to bill for their products and services. The idea for the company and technology was spawned from their frustration of integrating antiquated billing systems that were not agile enough to effectively manage usage or subscription-based services.
The rush to recurring billing was growing far beyond their telecommunications vantage point to every corner of the economy: media, software, consumer goods and services. Enter the expanded capabilities of next-generation Cloud technologies, providing an opportunity for a more affordable, agile and powerful billing system. From there, the founders invented cloud-based billing and Aria Systems was born. Today, Aria provides the most comprehensive, flexible, and efficient cloud-based billing and monetization platform available on the market.
Practicalities, As A Platform
Aria Systems’ cloud-based billing and monetization platform is the analysts’ consensus choice and is top ranked by leading research firms. The company’s software complements legacy billing systems that can’t meet the needs of businesses who need to modernize to leverage recurring revenue models that increase customer satisfaction and retention, accelerate growth, and grow competitive advantage. Global enterprises like Adobe, Philips, and Pitney Bowes depend on Aria to bring the widest variety of product offerings to market in the quickest time possible. With Aria they maximize customer value and grow recurring revenue through subscription and usage-based offerings. Aria helps businesses succeed by enabling:
Unlimited Monetization Models: Aria enables companies to quickly configure the widest variety of monetization models, changing the operations dynamic so billing operations help drive the growth of a business, versus impede it.
Orchestration of Revenue Moments: Aria lets organizations manage and automate responses from revenue moments ranging from the initial transaction to the final invoice. For instance,  customers can self-select to purchase additional products and services, making the most from each contact.
Innovation at Business Speed: With Aria, the line of business can bypass IT and quickly configure changes to pricing, packaging and even product offerings without time-consuming coding.
Mastermind Behind the Ideology
Brendan O’Brien is Chief Innovation Officer and Co-founder at Aria Systems. He introduced the world to cloud billing, and innovated database-driven, enterprise-grade web applications before the concept of “cloud” was on the horizon. O’Brien is the industry’s foremost thinker on recurring revenue: enabling new business models, improving business processes, providing multi-dimensional customer choice, and ultimately increasing revenue. The product architecture he designed for Aria was the culmination of that experience; it’s an infinitely flexible and scalable cloud-based billing and monetization solution that can be adapted to any industry or vertical. Aria’s recognized leadership confirms Brendan’s original vision.
Working with the Parameters
Aria’s customers are enterprise level corporations from a wide range of industries, countries and implementations. Aria Systems is unique in its capabilities. With its configurable product catalog clients can bring products to market in weeks, not months. With a flexible account hierarchy end customers’ billing can be infinitely customized without adding headcount or resources. Its enterprise grade architecture is robust and scalable to work in enterprise environments, in any currency, language, time zone or taxing body.
Key Benefits
Speed: With Aria’s platform, companies can roll out new products and services an order of magnitude faster, completing months-long processes in matter of few days.
Customer Lifetime Value: Aria’s capabilities, which provide a single record of truth for complete 360 degree view of customer account information, help to meet exacting customer needs, create initial sales, and upsell and cross-sell opportunities at every customer touchpoint.
Enterprise grade: Aria is purpose-built for enterprise implementations that demand the highest possible levels of reliability, security, and scalability. Among the first to gain EU-US Privacy Shield compliance, Aria also has HIPAA, PCI DSS, and TRUSTe certifications.
Vision Procured Through Experience
In order to fully cash in on the Internet of Things, companies need the agility to experiment with innovative monetization models that might not even exist today. Yet, legacy back-end billing systems aren’t prepared to manage the new IoT pricing schemes associated with increasingly popular pay-per-use models. Aria enables companies to quickly price, package and bundle digital offerings with the ability to then test and iterate based on customer preferences.
Biggest Challenges to IoT Solution Providers
Agility: Existing payment systems, frequently designed many years ago with a traditional two-year product development cycle in mind, will need to be updated or replaced or they will bottleneck organizations implementing IoT plans.
Connectivity: IoT providers will need to learn to share. Even automakers, who traditionally do not collaborate, but are seeing their industry transformed by IoT and related autonomous car technology, have recognized this.
Security: IoT security today has been described by Internet security experts like Bruce Schneier as a “market failure”, meaning that there is little to no incentive for manufacturers, who want the lowest costs, to build security into devices.
Future Proofing
In June, the report of IoT in the EU will be released. Recently, a new position, vice president of professional services and customer success was filled by a seasoned enterprise transformation expert, Arun Thakur. In his new role, Thakur will lead the global team to accelerate the success of Aria’s clients.

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