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Are Business Neon Signs Expensive To Run? 

Entrepreneurs looking to invest in a business neon sign often question if business neon signs are expensive to run. Here is the answer to that.

LED business neon signs are not expensive to run because the signs use low-energy LED bulbs that consume less energy than the average light bulb. Also, business neon signs have zero maintenance costs, and the signs last long so zero repair costs as well. On average, it costs less than 20 cents daily to run a business neon sign

This post reveals all you need to know about running a business neon sign including expert tips to get the best out of your LED neon sign. Let’s dive in.

How Much Does It Cost To Run a Business Neon Sign?

On average, it costs less than 20 cents to run a business neon sign daily. The main reason for the low running cost is that LED neon signs use low-energy LED bulbs that consume 6 times less energy than your average light bulbs.  Also, LED neon signs don’t need any special permit or maintenance cost so the neon sign will not spike your electric bill.

Average running cost of a business neon sign:

  • Daily running cost: $0.20
  • Weekly running cost: $1.4
  • Monthly running cost: $5.6
  • Yearly running cost: $67.2

You should remember that the figures above are estimates. Read more to learn how to calculate the running cost of your business neon sign. 

How To Calculate The Running Cost of Your Business Neon Sign

Here is how to calculate the potential running cost of a business neon sign:

You’ll need the following figures to calculate the running cost of a business neon:

  • The business neon sign wattage.
  • The number of running hours (daily).

For this guide, we would use a 150-watt Led business neon sign that runs for 12 hours daily. 

Step 1: Convert The Watts To Kilowatts

To get the kilowatts, divide the power of the neon sign in watts by 1000. 

A 150-watt LED neon sign: 150 ➗1000 = 0.15 kWh.

Step 2: Multiply The Kilowatts By The Number of Running Hours

The 0.15 KWh LED neon sign is run for 12 hours daily. 

0.15 X 12 hours (Daily) = 1.8 kWh.

The LED neon sign consumes 1.8 Kilowatts of energy daily. This means 12.6 kWh per week, 50.4 KWh per month, and 604.8 kWh annually. 

Step 3: Multiply The KWh By The Cost of Electricity Per kWh

How much does electricity cost per kilowatt hour in your state? Multiply the cost per kWh by the number of kWh your business neon sign uses. 

The LED neon sign uses 604.8 KWh yearly. At the time of writing this post, the average cost per kWh for businesses in the United States is 0.128 dollars per kWh. 

604.8 kWh X $0.128 = $77.40 

So, the 150-watt business LED neon sign costs $77.40 yearly. 

Why Are Neon Signs Cheap To Run?

Here are reasons business neon signs are cheap to run:

1. You Don’t Pay For Installation 

Business neon signs by Echo are delivered with a complete installation kit including chains, wires, and hangers. The acrylic backboard of the business neon sign is often pre-drilled with holes for easy installation. So, you don’t need to pay anyone for installation and can hang the sign by yourself.

2. No Need For Special Permits 

Business LED neon signs are eco-friendly and made from recyclable materials so you don’t need to pay for special permits to hang your neon sign. Other advertising methods like billboards will require some payment for approval. The only thing you pay for is the upfront cost of your business neon sign. 

3. Low Energy LED Bulbs

Unlike glass neon signs that use neon and argon gas to glow, LED business neon signs use low-energy bulbs. On average, a glass neon sign with neon gas consumes over 600 watts of energy while a LED neon sign consumes about 100 watts. LED neon signs can be left on for several hours because they are energy-efficient and won’t raise your power bills. 

4. Low Maintenance Needs

Business neon signs also have low maintenance needs. All you need to do is wipe the neon sign every few weeks to remove dust. You don’t need to pay for repairs and all the features are remote-controlled for your convenience. Low maintenance means low running costs. 

5. Business Neon Signs Are Eco-Friendly

LED business neon signs don’t generate heat or make noise. Also, there is no neon gas so the signs are eco-friendly. 

Tips To Run Business Neon Signs

Here are expert tips for running business neon signs:

1. Leave Them On

LED neon signs should be left on as much as possible. Since the signs consume low energy, there is no reason to turn them off. Also, business neon signs don’t generate heat or make noise so there is no risk of burnout or damage if you leave the LED sign on. Turning the sign on and off frequently can damage the transformer.

2. Don’t unplug 

You should only unplug your business neon sign when you want to clean or reposition the sign. You can control the power switch and other features of the sign using the remote control so there is no need to unplug it. 

3. Only Use Water-Resistant Signs Outdoors 

If you want to use the neon sign outdoors, you should ensure it is splash or water-resistant. This way, the sign isn’t at risk of rain damage. Only a handful of neon websites offer splash-resistant neon signs. 

4. Clean The Sign Every Few Weeks 

You should wipe and clean your neon sign regularly to remove dust and grime. 

Final Words

In summary, business neon signs aren’t an expensive investment. Aside from the initial cost of buying the neon sign, there isn’t much else to pay for. Echo neon even gives you up to 20% discount on your first order and you enjoy free shipping. So, purchase a business neon sign today and take your brand to the next level. 

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