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Arash Asli: An Inventive and Avid Trailblazer

Becoming a strong leader is not an easy row to hoe, and it isn’t something that happens overnight, but it can be accomplished through discipline, and a commitment to do better every time. A strong leader isn’t born, as some people suggest; instead, one is shaped over time. He ought to be believable, proficient and visionary, with extraordinary relational abilities and lead the organization through the ebb and flow in the best path forward while leaning on the learnings articulated from experience. Being a maverick CEO and a resilient leader, Arash Asli is leading Yocale and its team to new heights while Yocale provides a great service all the time to the customers. Leading from the forefront of business growth, Arash has a unique blend of technology, business development, corporate, and finance experience.
A Rich Experience Helping Diminish the Obstacles
Before Yocale, Arash managed a half billion-dollar portfolio of big business and SMB business arrangements at Aptean as Executive Vice President of Business Solutions and Strategic Alliances. He likewise developed the firm’s biggest worldwide division to profitability and held roles including EVP Professional Services, Worldwide VP of CRM, and VP Sales Consulting. Perceived as a down to earth and transformational pioneer, his mastery spans numerous ventures including monetary administrations, assembling, social insurance, and land. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to travel over 600 thousand miles around the world which has given him a great global business acumen.
Arash studied engineering at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. He graduated with Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Executive Management from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC which has contributed greatly to his career today. Arash has also been featured in several publications. Especially in 2013, when he was profiled by Business in Vancouver as passionate and “completely different”. Arash is also a prominent member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council, as well as the Forbes Technology Council, and has also contributed to the Huffington Post, Inc, and Forbes among others.
The Beginning of The Rise
Having reached a senior administration position, Arash ended up wanting a different challenge for himself. Being an entrepreneur at the heart, his hunger to grow beyond where he was, proved impartial. He was halted at working towards a passion that he always had – to furnish little organizations with the tools and the advances accessible to the greater organizations, so they can also develop. After a skiing accident, Arash was frustrated with the difficulties of attempting to book a medical appointment. The need for a platform that could connect services to clients and make the whole process much easier was greatly needed and seemed rational. Thus, the idea of Yocale (Your + Locale), a commercial center for arrangement based administrations, was born. Once Yocale was established, there was never looking back.
Creating Meaningful Relationships
When it’s about local communities, a local business already knows how to create meaningful relationships and often knows their customers personally. By bringing social, mobile and local technology to local businesses, helping them connect with customers in new ways, Yocale takes it a big step further. Yocale’s vision has always been about empowering the small and medium appointment-based businesses to have access to business management and marketing tools that the bigger businesses have, but with an ease of use at an affordable price.
By incorporating social, local, and mobile technologies into company’s business management software and enjoining users of these software into a community based online marketplace – connecting the local consumers to local businesses, Yocale has achieved a lot over the period of course. It is all about leveraging the mobility of smartphones and local technologies, and equipping local business providers, which are mostly small businesses, with the tools that the rich people have, and Yocale has exactly followed it. Dedicated to help local businesses grow, Yocale has brought businesses and consumers together in one place while helping shape healthy, thriving communities.
Willingness to Learn and Seeking Feedback
The willingness to learn and seek feedback is what Arash believes a key to success. “I knew that with hard work and dedication, I could overcome any roadblock. Through my experience and with the help of my team, I found a way to always find solutions to what challenges I was facing. In addition, I found that working on my emotional intelligence allowed me to be a better leader and help overcome challenges,” Arash shares his views on values that helped company grow faster than ever.
Arash’s Advice for Young Entrepreneurs
Stay focused on your dreams and desires, and keep your chin up because it’s a tough road ahead, but something that is well worth it, and very attainable if you stay the course. Don’t take things personally and always be on the lookout to learn. Find your passion early, and do what it takes to get there. It’s ok to fail but learn quickly.
Continuing to Connect Local Consumers and Businesses Together
Coming time will see Yocale connecting more local consumers and local businesses together. Arash strongly feels that together the team can help many more people that are looking for an easier way to connect with these service-based businesses, and he looks forward to do this by being involved in local communities across Canada and the United States as well as other parts of the world. More businesses that Arash thinks they can bring on board in more areas, is an opportunity to also bring on board the people in those local communities. “I feel this snowball effect will be great for the businesses themselves, the consumers, and the community as a whole,” Arash encloses.

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