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Aptiv’s Autonomous Vehicles have Passed 100,000 Rides in Las Vegas Via Lyft-app

Headquartered in Dublin, Aptiv, a Jersey-domiciled auto parts company along with Lyft, the San Francisco-based ride-sharing platform has announced that its autonomous vehicles have completed a milestone of 100,000 paid rides through the Lyft app in Las Vegas.
Karl Iagnemma, the Autonomous Mobility President at Aptiv stated in a recent interview, “to our knowledge, this is the largest open-to-the-public commercial pilot, and to me this partnership is a great example of the next-generation ecosystem at work.”
Aptiv had launched its vehicle in Las Vegas and made it available for the public in the beginning of May 2018 on an opt-in basis. Since then, together with Lyft app, Aptiv’s vehicles hit 5,000 rides in just four months i.e. in August 2018. While reaching to December 2018, the rides achieved a count of about 25,000 which became 50,000 by May 2019 with Aptiv’s BMW 5 series self-driving vehicle equipped with cameras, radars, and lidar sensors.
According to Aptiv, the vehicles have completed 100,000 driverless rides in February 2020 among which 98% of customers have given five-star ratings for their rides. The company has also confirmed that its vehicles are currently serving above 3,400 destinations across Las Vegas including hotels, restaurants and such other entertainment venues along with McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas Convention Center and various other high-traffic locations.
In a blog post Lyft stated, “In the early days of Lyft, riders taught us important things, like how hospitality plays a role in their decision to ride again or that there’s a ‘sweet spot’ of the amount of time people want to wait for their ride. In the same way, this first generation of self-driving riders [is] teaching us about how they view this technology — and what we can do to continue to improve their experiences. Transportation serves all of us, and we are all invested in the next step of its evolution. We’re all on this journey together, and we can’t wait to hear what riders think about the next 100,000 rides.
Aptiv has also mentioned in a press release, “This milestone is meaningful for Aptiv and the entire mobility industry as we deliver on our mission of enabling cities to be safer, greener, and more connected and the feedback from our passengers has been a strong indicator that the public is becoming more comfortable with self-driving mobility.