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Appster: The Best Software Development Process in the World For Technology Entrepreneurs and Challenger Brands

The Mobile app industry is all about differentiation and providing the proper value for customers. The solutions aren’t just about making a “great app” anymore. There is a myriad of other things that are important, Speed of implementation, Quality of the solution, and Measuring engagement, are some of the things apps need to focus on to be successful today.
Appster is the fastest growing App Development company with a vision for creating the most innovative app technology in the world. For getting this goal, Appster is working with the people, with incredible ideas that make them more valuable.
Appster has offices in 3 continents from Melbourne to San Francisco with the best software development process in the world for technology entrepreneurs and enterprise companies wanting to take new ideas to market. Appster helps both entrepreneurs and enterprise with the platforms; Ideation, Validation, Development & Marketing.
Creators of Appster
Josiah Humphrey and Mark McDonald are the Co-CEOs and Founders of the Appster. Both had started the company back in 2011 when they were 18 & 19 years old. In 5 years they have aggressively grown to over 400+ staff over three countries, with eventual plans to IPO. They are extremely passionate and obsessed with building a company culture that embodies Appster’s mission.
Secure Solutions for Success
Appster is not just an app developer but a team of Appster focuses on helping their clients be successful across the entire lifecycle of app development. They focus mostly on de-risking a project and asking themselves what needs to happen at a technical and commercial level in order for the project to be successful.
Appster has a unique set of offerings which are focused on making projects successful. In their Rapid Concept Workshop, they design product strategy and map out the right technical solutions. In Traction Labs, they help prototype and validate ideas at an early stage.
Benefits for clients
Appster has helped many clients go on to raise millions of dollars, have multi-million dollar valuations and in some cases get acquired. It provides separate solutions for startups and enterprises, by understanding the fact that both demand a different type of solutions for their businesses.
Appster works exclusively with high potential disruptive startups and every project is important. Instead of having countless departments and cross functional hierarchies, they build stable and high performing teams which work with each other regularly and with limited clients, so that they get clients’ vision and dream and can truly get onboard executing it. It’s HOW clients get the execution power of a global “big” development firm with the transparency and collaboration of having a technical co-founder.
Appster doesn’t think of themselves as a vendor, but a critical partner to help solve real business challenges. Team Appster’s belief is that, “you get the best outcome when we work ‘with’ you rather than ‘for you’. If you agree, we’ll get along well!”
Appster has launched dozens of Australia’s most successful tech startups over the last 5 years. Their deep experience working on the bleeding edge of emerging technologies and launching #1 apps means client’s project is developed using best-practice and is truly future proof.
Learning’s from Experience
Setting up an office in India: When both the founders of Appster were 20 years old and had no context of the culture, the way of doing business, etc. They took a huge risk to set up there and struggled early on, but with determination and grit, they managed to build one of the best app development facilities in the world now with 350 people.
Scaling: They had one time when they went from 150 to about 300 in the space of 3 months. Having so many new people joined at the time was almost like an acquisition of a new company and the culture was impacted for a period of time. They spent a lot more time focusing on the culture and working on improving leaders across the company which has had some lasting impact.
Setting up in the US: Both founders know that it is a very competitive market here and they underestimated the amount of effort and time it would take to get things as large as their Australian operations. But it has paid off now and have two offices in San Francisco and New York.
Customer Oriented Approach
“Getting noticed is the biggest challenge,” says Josiah about today’s competitive mobile app industry. “It is becomingly increasingly expensive to get installs with increased competition too. You need to focus on building an incredible product that people want to rave about. You also need to start thinking about virality and retention from day one. We have some epic Growth Hacking services that focus on all of these as well as launch strategy and execution,” Josiah added.
Achievements and Future Plans
Appster awards:
-2014 BRW’s 27th Most Innovative Company
-2015 Telstra Business Award
-EY Entrepreneur of the Year
As per future plans, Appster is fully focused on building a development hub for the greatest ideas and innovations in the world.
Website: Appster

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