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Apps That Increase Employee Productivity & Engagement

Employee productivity and flexibility is the main concern of the enterprises nowadays. The use of ‘mobile collaboration apps’ is a new and innovative way to do it. According to a research, 80 percent of businesses in today’s marketplace use one or more mobile worker apps.

With the use of mobile collaboration tools to your employees’ smartphones and tablets, you can give your employees the tools they need to take advantage of flexible work practices without sacrificing team collaboration or productivity. Use of the perfect fit strategy, mobile apps can be a boon to employee productivity and engagement. This is the reason, today IT departments are deploying, managing and even creating mobile applications.

There are three basic types of apps which you can use:

Enterprise Social Media Apps

The use of social media sites is on its verge. Employees do spend a lot of their time on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. But to boost employee productivity levels, apps like Yammer and Jive can actually prove useful. According to a study, companies that use social media tools internally can cut down the amount of time that their employees spend searching for business information by up to 35 percent. The characteristic of social media apps to link content to context, will enable employees to easily and fast following of group conversations and the information will be safe in employee’s inbox.

Mobile Conferencing Apps

A recent study says, 80 to 90 percent of US workers would prefer to telecommute to some degree, while 20 to 25 percent of the workforce already does so. This showcases the need of employee access to mobile conferencing capabilities for any business. The mobile conferencing apps will enable employees to save travel time and costs, enable higher levels of employee productivity and make it easier to facilitate meetings between remote employees and clients.

Project Management Apps

While working on huge projects, tracking the work becomes the most necessary part of improving your team’s collaboration efforts. This time, a mobile project management app, can provide a real-time visibility to all of your team members and save time that you probably spend on holding status meetings and updating spreadsheets. This app is an all inclusive, with time tracking, task management and document storage, allowing your employees to boost their productivity. If your business has a remote workforce, a mobile project management app becomes crucial.

Enterprise social media apps, Mobile conferencing apps and Project management apps can really prove beneficial in employee productivity and engagement, while on the other side it will also boost the profits of the business. Some really great apps you can use to boost team work and shore up employee collaboration are as follows:


Most of the time you have to present the salient points of a project brief to your team, but you don’t have any knowledge if they understood it or not, the PingPong app is the best solution for this. With the use of this app, you can make relevant questions from team members and also assess their understanding of the subject matter. In the same session you can create questions, share them with team members and ask them to respond which can be checked in real time. On top of that, you can even share the necessary research or reference material with your team, so that they get a better understanding of what you are talking about.


There are many hurdles in an effective collaboration, like the Excel lists which have to be updated at the end of a work day, for the knowledge of the other team members. To simplify all these hurdles is an app called Workboard. This app helps users to collaborate on action items, track delegated work and get status reports in real time. It will also ensure all discussions and document sharing is aligned with project deliverables.


Allowing users to have better control of their tasks, an extensive task management app that helps identify what you need to work on, who you need to delegate a task to and control your workflow for the best results. The best thing about Huddle is that you can read, review and approve file tasks without going online. Bringing all your work at one place, there is no need to get out of the app to share project objectives, have and share discussions, keep track of work, get feedback or send reports.


For employee learning and improvement, Impraise is the best app. The need for face-to-face feedback is targeted by Impraise. This app provides frequent and anonymous feedback from co-workers. Once recorded, this feedback is used to detail what improvements have been made over time. Most of the employees use the app less as an assessment instrument than a coaching and development tool.


With the features like employee tracking features, facilitate team development, rewards employees for meeting goals, and monitors how well employees are meeting their own objectives, Engagedly is the most comprehensive tool available to drive employee engagement. Especially meant for employees, Engagedly focuses towards managers seeking to facilitate greater teamwork.


Providing employees with an instant feedback via an email pop up tab, Reflektive app seeks to provide more data points with which to evaluate performance and improve productivity.

SuccessFactors 360

Helping managers to develop and align goals for employees, SuccessFactors 360 incorporates peer reviews, self-ratings, and supervisor assessments for comprehensive feedback purposes. Also, enables employees to identify “hidden strengths” and “blind spots”, by providing performance appraisal review.

Beneficial not just for the employee productivity and engagement, but to the overall development of the organization.