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Approyo: Evolving with SAP Technology

The world of technology is in a state of constant flux; it is driven by innovation and leaves no room for stagnancy or complacency. For precisely these reasons, Approyo has proven itself a leading solution provider in the field of SAP and Big Data.
Its team of dedicated experts tailor technology solutions to help clients achieve their business goals. Approyo provides instant answers for companies looking to implement digital transformation. Through SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Leonardo and other solutions, it makes SAP solutions worry-free by handling its clients’ cloud environments, licensing, backup, support and ongoing services. Approyo customers enjoy the benefits of digital transformation without disruption while minimizing cost and risk.
These solutions allow accelerated implementation and increased flexibly for customers of all sizes and from every field.
Proven Leadership 
Christopher Carter, the CEO of Approyo, works with businesses across the globe to capitalize on their extraction, understanding and use of data through Hadoop (Cloudera and Hortonworks) and SAP HANA.
These firms are looking for knowledge to grow through current business process in an environment where an increase of even 1% translates into millions of dollars in business flow. Under Chris’s leadership, the company follows the idea of “work hard and play hard” and believes in hiring only the best and brightest in the industry.
Chris has more than 25 years of experience in “Big Data” and SAP. His contributions have been recognized by organizations like The American SAP Users Group, SAP, Hadoop World, Cloud Expo and many others.
Changing Technology creates opportunity 
Approyo recognizes the unprecedented pace at which technology is changing. It knows that customers are more aware of their options, thanks to the massive amount of information available online.
Just a few years ago, the industry was all about educating the customer of the benefits of the cloud; now, the cloud is a central part of everyday IT strategies. Instead of educating clients, Approyo focuses on showcasing how it has partnered and helped others with SAP cloud solutions.
When it comes to tackling the competition, Approyo wants to be the most customer-centric SAP HANA provider in the market place. To do that, the organization strives to stay upto- date with both technology and its clients’ needs.
Easy, Flexible, and Cost-Effective 
The introduction of SAP HANA is the spark that led Chris Carter to create Approyo. HANA is a big data platform that allows customers to manipulate and design data for specific business needs and also to gain better insights into their own functioning.
Approyo has developed custom-made versions of SAP HANA, which is an easy, flexible, and cost-effective onboarding solution for companies. One of its flagship products is Ignite, a platform which condenses HANA’s various components into one neat and easy package. It gives companies the freedom to use either the entire package or only the components that fit their specific requirements.
Chris and his team believe that the SAP ecosystem will continue to grow at a rapid pace. SAP Leonardo is already positioned as a leading solution for 2018 and the adoption of SAP HANA and S/4HANA continues as encouragingly as in recent years.
The team at Approyo brings with it years of SAP experience. That experience is the foundation on which they implement their characteristic innovative and exciting solutions. Companies which adopt a digital strategy powered by these solutions are taking the first steps to fully embracing the digital world.
Apart from its expertise, Approyo’s speed to market helps the company distinguish itself in the field. It can have a SAP HANA cloud solution up and running in a matter of days as opposed to weeks-long timelines offered by its  competitors. Approyo clients see benefits immediately, instead of struggling through a difficult set-up phase typical of hosted SAP solutions.
Envisioning the Future 
Approyo works to stay a step ahead of evolving technology by providing SAP solutions faster and more effectively than any of its competitors.
The company’s 2017 launch of SAP S/4HANA Ignite gives companies a true SAP S/4HANA sandbox ready to use in minutes. It revolutionizes the SAP world with a production grade sandbox at only $3,000 per month, a cost lower than any other solution on the market and one that is supported with a 100% secured network.
This is a game changer for SAP customers who want to try the latest version SAP S/4HANA while considering how they will migrate in the near-future.
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