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Approaches That Will Help You Deal More Calmly with Stressful Situations During Your Studies

Do you drive yourself crazy with every little thing and almost freak out when it gets stressful? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Many people forget their real strength when things get tight or things don’t go as planned. But that doesn’t matter. Because serenity can be learned, these tips will help you.

Get To Know Your Fear

Most of the time, we get into stressful situations when we are afraid of something. It doesn’t matter that these fears are often unfounded and irrational. We’re just scared.

The first step to getting better and feeling calmer is to figure out what’s bothering you. With this, you take away the horror of your fear and can no longer be surprised by it. Once you know your enemy, you know what might come your way and are mentally prepared just in case. And remember that you can find a solution to every stressful situation. Have an important essay to write but are afraid to fail? Luckily for you, there are a lot of options online, and you can find an essay writing service for yourself.

Think Of a Worst-Case Scenario

What looks like a big contradiction at first glance is a great help against stress and oppressive feelings: Focus on your fear and think about the worst that can happen. Or: Define your personal nightmare.

Be completely pessimistic and paint a dark worst-case scenario. After that, you will almost automatically switch to thinking about solutions and thinking of simple worst-case steps you can take.

In the end, you will see that your situation is not that bad – even though you are assuming the worst case. In this article, I have described this procedure in more detail for you.

Think Of a Best-Case Scenario

However, you must not let negative thoughts get you down. You’re just wasting your time and energy. A different approach: Think about the best-case scenario and what it would be like if everything went exactly according to plan or even better. Imagine a best-case scenario and think how happy and content you will be when you get everything done. Not to sit back and relax, but to motivate yourself. Ask yourself: Why shouldn’t things go well for once?

Classify Your Situation Correctly

In stressful situations, many students overreact and fail to objectively assess the current situation. Unfortunately, this behavior is what causes you to make wrong decisions and feel bad about yourself.

Therefore, try to classify your situation correctly and let emotions mislead you as little as possible. Take a step back and remember similar moments you’ve been through. What also helps: Think about what you would advise a good friend who is in your situation. What tips would you give then?

Talk To Yourself

Approaches That Will Help You Deal More Calmly with Stressful Situations During Your Studies

In many stressful situations, all we really need is someone who talks us into words and gives us courage. If nobody is around you: Be that person yourself!

Small talks to yourself can calm you down and give you new strength. But: Be careful how you talk to yourself! Instead of badmouthing yourself or venting one complaint after another, stay positive. Tell yourself why you’re going to make it and what a smart dude you are.

Don’t Read Too Much into Your Situation

Once negative thought patterns take their course, they are often unstoppable. The most improbable and absurd future prospects emerge. Therefore: Stop interpreting your situation too much into it. Be factual and don’t attach too much importance to small things. Train yourself to be ignorant of negative thoughts that keep trying to push you onto your path to success.

Compare Yourself to Successful Idiots

When was the last time you thought, “There are so many idiots out there! And these idiots are also successful!!!” Instead of dealing with these people and complaining about the injustice in the world, you can also ask yourself: If so, many idiots succeed, why shouldn’t I, as a non-idiot, succeed?

When you think about your current stressful situation, have less intelligent people tried the same thing before you and had success? Then what speaks against you?

Remember Your Achievements

Remind yourself of what you have already achieved and what difficult moments you have already mastered in your life. It is immensely reassuring when you visualize your successes and the rocky road to get there.

Look at your current situation and ask yourself, “How have I fared in similar situations so far? Why should things go badly now?”


Everyone is faced with new challenges during their studies and feels overwhelmed from time to time. However, those who manage to keep a cool head and remain calm in these stressful situations have a great advantage and will achieve their personal goals faster than the rest. And as of today, you’re one of them.