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A few years ago, a budding entrepreneur started to think a lot about the way humans operate in lab, line and suite environments. So, with the vision of Angelo Stracquatanio of creating synergistic relationship between humans and technology in the workplace, came into existence in 2014. The founders envisioned using augmented reality and smart technology in order to improve enterprise organizations and effectively strengthen their workforces.
Apprentice is the organization that creates a synergistic relationship between man and technology, in which meaningful research, lifesaving product development and manufacturing are all executed with greater control, safety, productivity, stability and reliability.
Currently, Apprentice is the leading enterprise augmented reality (AR) provider for all lab, line and suite environments, with extensive specialization in pharma and biotech industries. The company developed and globally deployed the first conversational, industry compliant augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) platform.
Apprentice aims to develop a world in which its solutions are used to empower scientists, engineers and manufacturers who operate in various complex, compliance-driven environments, ushering in the next wave of human potential. Apprentice is headquartered in New Jersey, with global product deployments at Fortune 100 pharma, biotech, cosmetic, consumer goods and chemical companies across the U.S., Asia, Europe and South America.
Cutting Edge Platform
Apprentice offers an intelligent workflow platform that provides smart solutions for batch records, tech transfer and R&D workflows as well as training procedures, troubleshooting and support. The organization’s platform incorporates cost-effective augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology in order to improve complex research and manufacturing processes. Operators can complete workflows more efficiently, reliably and safely with the smart technology that it has incorporated into its platform. Users can connect with remote experts across the globe to collaborate, repair machinery in real-time or perform tasks hands-free while following standard operating procedures.
Pioneer of the Industry
Angelo Stracquatanio is Co-founder and CEO of Apprentice. He is a pioneer of AR and AI for human empowerment, and has positioned Apprentice as the world-wide frontrunner of innovative technology. He imagines a world in which a synergistic relationship generated between man and technology exists so that the meaningful research and lifesaving product development are executed with greater control, safety, productivity, stability and reliability. Before co-founding Apprentice Angelo served as Enterprise Software Engineer at Evercore, Enterprise Mobile Application Developer in InteractWith | Safer mobile communications for schools and he also worked in various mobile application projects.
When Tough Gets Going
Apprentice recognized early on the benefits of conversational AR in enterprise and built the first platform designed specifically for pharma and biotech industries. Users in these environments require a way to access information and record data while actively performing a task with both hands. According to the organization, people weren’t as familiar with AR and AI back in 2014, when the company was founded. Apprentice had to first educate and demonstrate the benefits AR technology can provide. Prior to AR becoming more mainstream, people were hesitant to trust and integrate advanced software in a real way. Fortunately, more consumer-driven applications have helped bolster wide-spread understanding and acceptance of AR tech, which has in turn led to enterprise-level adoption of platforms like Apprentice.
Understanding Pain Points Better than Anyone
Due to Apprentice’s strong focus and specialization on pharma, biotech and life science industries, the company understand the growing industry demands and pain points better than any other organization of the market. In addition to the best AR tech specialists, Apprentice also has pharma industry experts on its team who understand how these complex environments work, and how new technology can be utilized in order to improve processes. The organization’s Fortune 500 pharma customers agree and continue to deploy the platform at their facilities across the globe.
Apprentice also understands that users have varying levels of tech experience and therefore they expect device flexibility. Hence, it has leveraged ARKit and ARCore to ensure that its platform can be utilized not only on traditional smart glasses, but on mobile devices and tablets.
When it comes to the future, the organization envisions a future in which all enterprise organizations use Apprentice technology and AR-driven platforms to perform tasks. The organization is expanding its team in their New Jersey headquarters in order to maintain the close partnerships with the State’s significant number of pharma and biotech organizations. In addition, Apprentice has already increased its number of global product deployments with customers. The organization is committed to these complex industries and will continue to focus on their workflow needs.