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Apple could change app store policies due to Epic games

The ultimate legal fight between Apple and Epic Games has fallen into full gear on Monday with decisions that will influence the future of app stores in the US and how the world’s largest technology platforms make money from developers.
US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers would be deciding whether to force Apple to let battle royale video game Fortnite back into the App Store with Epic’s in-house payment option. She would also be incharge for the rule if Apple can block third-party apps using Epic’s Unreal Engine development software. Most legal experts expect the judge to extend her temporary injunction for Unreal Engine, but not reinstate Fortnite in the Apple App Store.
These decisions would have far-reaching consequences especially as authorities across the globe examine whether tech giants including Apple and Alphabet Google have broken antitrust rules. On Monday, the judge will consider if Epic is likely to succeed on the merits of its antitrust claims and whether the company will suffer irreparable harm if she doesn’t issue an injunction. (Source :