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Apperian: Leveraging a Full Control Over Every Step in the Mobile Application Lifecycle

There are lots of rapid changes in the mobile app industry, never seen before. New trends in the industry are expected to replace wallets, monitor our health, control our cars and home and support several functions of our lives that were not possible with older technology. Rapid innovation in sensors, wearables, bluetooth, mobile payments and IoT has allowed mobile apps to become more advanced, impacting the lives and thoughts of consumers, small businesses, enterprises and government.

Mobile apps have emerged as a prominent business driver and are used across many businesses and industries. Using the apps in BYOD environments is on the rise. In today’s business environment, there is no escaping from the BYOD trend, which holds huge potential. When fueled by mobile apps it can transform business, enable agility and encourage innovative ways of interacting with customers and business partners.

What organizations need is an overall solution for the management of BYOD and that solution is Apperian, the leading enterprise-class mobile application management and security platform for the delivery of critical apps to 100% of users across an organization.

Apperian provides fine-grained security and dynamic policy controls at the individual app level for deployments where mobile device management approaches are not possible or desired, such as BYOD, contract workers and other unmanaged devices.

Being on the ‘Winning Line’ of the Competition

Most organizations today are seeking greater business efficiency through mobile BYOD programs. On the other hand, BYOD has created challenges in balancing security and enabling workers with mobile information, whether in the office or on the go. The Apperian Mobile Application Management and Security platform solves this through helping companies secure, manage and deploy mobile applications to 100% of employees, including BYOD and extended enterprise users (partners, contractors, dealer networks).

Unlike traditional EMM and MDM platforms, Apperian takes an app-level (versus device-level) approach to security and management. End users are not required to enroll devices in a device management platform, which means the organization only secures and manages what matters most – the apps and data – and does not have control or visibility into users’ personal information or device. Apperian is the only enterprise mobility vendor that offers this and is the reason both Fortune 500 and SMB organizations turn to Apperian to fuel their mobile and BYOD strategies, making them stand on the winning line of the competition.

Apperian’s platform offers significantly reduced time and app management costs, while also, increasing mobile app security,quality higher levels of app adoption and ROI for customers achieved through the industry’s #1 private enterprise app stores, dynamic app policy engine, automated app signing server and universal app distribution capabilities.

‘All in all’ Mobile Products

Apperian offers full control over every step in the Mobile Application Lifecycle, helping companies seamlessly and quickly take an app from development to production while ensuring quality and security.

Apperian also offers a private, branded consumer-like Enterprise App Store that greatly increases mobile app adoption and a comprehensive app management back-end for administrators to easily protect and manage their business apps and data. Apperian has helped IT and line of business professionals secure and deliver more than 2 million enterprise apps to private and public sector organizations across the globe.

Solutions For All

Apperian’s solutions feature a branded, private enterprise app store, app lifecycle management tools, easy app onboarding and distribution, dynamic and flexible management policies, app signing, app analytics and enterprise authentication, all with a seamless user experience.

With a motto, ‘Mobilize The Enterprise’, Apperian is providing benefits to the organizations with better access to enterprise apps and data through mobile management solutions. The solution provided by Apperian helps in productivity gains, process efficiencies, and happier employees. Apperian offers Enterprise Mobile Solutions for, Dealer Networks, Contracted Workers, Unmanaged Devices, Public Sector, Higher Education, Sales & Marketing, Field Service, Retail & Kiosks, and Human Resources.

‘Recent Launch’

Apperian recently launched the extended Apperian API Platform, which enables systems, including traditional MDM or EMM systems, corporate portals, custom-built mobile app stores and mobile app ISVs, to extend their own functionality by leveraging Apperian’s best-in-class Mobile Application Management and Security capabilities.
By opening Apperian’s platform functionality via APIs, existing systems and enterprise workflows can leverage the unique features to securely deploy and manage mobile apps in the enterprise and extended enterprise settings. This extension will provide both security and functionality in a market with significant challenges when it comes to managing and securing proprietary information. Existing security processes are cumbersome and limited in their ability to securely reach each targeted user, Apperian’s extended API platform will maximize openness so organizations can truly reach the potential that mobility can deliver in work settings.

Brian Day, President and CEO, Growth Facilitator of Apperian

Brian Day, President and CEO of Apperian, has a B.A. in Economics from the University of New Hampshire, and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in Boston. Brian brings more than 25 years of experience in leadership, operational and financial functions, with special strengths in customer, partner and investor relations, contract negotiations and general management activities.

Brian is focused on driving customer success and business strategy at Apperian. Prior to Apperian, Brian served in senior leadership roles at, Gomez, Inc. and Octave Communications, Inc. among others. Brian began his career with Fleet Financial Group where he was a Vice President in the Bank’s structured finance group.
While talking about the company’s vision and mission, Brian says, “We offer the best in class mobile application management platform and enterprise app store that balances the needs of line of business and IT professionals. We continuously update and improve our solutions to allow for flexible and secure deployment of mobile apps to any device without onerous coding or hardware requirements.”

Apperian is driven to make enterprise mobility secure and accessible for organizations across the globe. While, believing the endpoint that matters is the organization’s apps and content, Apperian focuses on their management and security policies on the app-level. This enables their platform to securely deploy apps where no other platform available today can reach.

Apperian ‘Helps Clients Achieve Their Goals’

When it comes to collaborating with clients and helping them ahceive their goals, Apperian is always on. With an agile development process and being in close communication with a client who is clear about his objectives and goals Apperian is able to deliver functionality that exceeds their expectations, and deliver it quickly.
Brian says in this matter, “When a customer feels like we are part of their team and we form a partnership focused on their goals everyone wins. We can innovate our solution in the right ways, and the customer can achieve their goals and transform their organization with mobile apps.”

‘Secret’ Which Helped Apperian Overcome all the Roadblocks

Apperian has always remained focused on helping its customers achieve their mobile app strategy goals, has never wavered from its commitment and passion for its mission of being the number one mobile application management and security provider in the industry, and maintains a team made up of the industry’s best and brightest mobility and security talent in the industry.

The secret lies in its three core values,

Focused on Customer Success

Apperian has always believed that mobile applications are the center of the enterprise mobility universe, rather than the device. For this reason they have been able to innovate in ways that help their customers achieve the highest levels of return from their mobility investments, and in some cases have transformed how an entire industry gets work done. Since the beginning of the company’s life, the most successful and award winning enterprise apps ever created have been managed, deployed and secured by the Apperian platform. The company has also had the benefit of deploying over two million apps through its platform. By learning from their customers and being a committed partner to their personal and business success they have in turn achieved their goals.

‘Passion for Mission’

Since the company started in 2009 a lot has changed within enterprise mobility. Because the company maintained its passion for that mission, they are recognized as the leading technology for organizations to deploy any app to 100% of users. The success of their customers and partners proves and reinforce that they made the right decisions.

‘Employing the Industry’s Best’

Apperian not only offers technology, it is the smartest enterprise mobility company that is easy and, well, fun to work with. The reputation has been received through employing the industry’s best. Brian elaborates, “For example, we’ve hired outstanding customers to join the company to lead customer success functions and leading industry analysts to head up product, marketing and strategy roles. Regardless of function at Apperian, we strive to be best in class and have fun while maintaining that position.”

Apperian’s Future Vision

Apperian is very excited to be working with a wide variety of organizations to find and develop the right tools and solutions for their mobility challenges and empower success across multiple platforms and devices. As the volume and importance of mobile apps being used in the enterprise increases, and the target audiences broaden, many IT systems and first generation enterprise mobility management platforms are struggling to securely deploy apps to 100% of users who need them. Apperian seeks to offer solutions that provide security and functionality across the complete mobile app lifecycle.

Speaking on the future vision of Apperian Brian says, “Mobile app budgets are increasing in 2016 and the number of apps that organizations seek to deploy to workers and the extended enterprise are rapidly increasing. Government agencies and enterprise businesses are making mobility for employees a top priority. The emerging millennial workforce will also boast the highest percentage of smartphone ownership, a trend that will change how and where we work for years to come.”

Brian’s Valuable Guidelines for Startups

Brian gives valuable guidelines for startups:

“Get out of the office and in front of customers. Getting close to and learning from customers, understanding their goals, and working with them to solve real challenges is hugely important for product development. Many technology startups today follow an agile methodology and having close customer collaboration can make the development process extremely impactful. Your customers, and their network, are also the best market research and marketing channels. This must be number one for every startup.”