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Appcito is Acquired by A10 Networks

Appcito, Inc. is acquired by A10 Networks, an application networking and security provider. Appcito, Inc. is a provider of a SaaS-based multi-cloud ADC solution utilized for micro services and has containers architecture too.
In 2015, Appcito was named as one of the “Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking” by Gartner. This acquisition has added A10 Networks’ existing momentum that meets several key demands around providing secure application service solutions including application analytics, visibility, and centralized control. Appcito fits into A10 Harmony solution architecture of A10 Networks. In early 2015, this architecture was introduced supports secure application service offerings that span traditional data centers, private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds.
A10 Networks CEO Lee Chen said, “This is a strategic acquisition for our customers. We are helping our customers become both ‘cloud-ready’ and ‘cloud-native.’ We are giving them capabilities to control secure application services delivery across their data centers and clouds, such as in the area of analytics and automation. We are very excited about how Appcito fits into our vision to become the most comprehensive secure application services company in the industry.”
With a vision to deliver cloud-native application services and help application teams to become more nimble, Appcito was founded ,while delivering application performance and security that their end users demand,” said Kamal Anand, CEO and Co-founder of Appcito. He also said, “Becoming part of A10 Networks and their customer-focused innovation culture will bring added benefits to application teams. The acquisition makes solid sense for customers wanting to collectively manage traditional on premise and cloud application needs.”