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App Orchid: A Specialist in the Science of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing

App Orchid was established in 2013 by Krishna Kumar, an entrepreneur with an extensive experience in founding and establishing successful companies. Based in the Redwood City, App Orchid has grown exponentially with a widespread customer base in healthcare, insurance, and energy verticals. Within a short span of 24 months, the company has deployed its AI technology at multiple client locations, and grown to over 70 employees with an annual revenue growth rate of over 500% and with approximately 10M in annual revenues.
App Orchid’s product suite primarily deals with vast amounts of unstructured data (like Word documents, PowerPoints, emails etc.), structured data and IoT (Internet of Things) data. It takes on an “App based” approach allowing organizations to take smaller bites, while being able to test and try out advanced AI concepts without overwhelming their operational systems. Such a non-invasive approach allows enterprises to “test-drive” their business functions and check the viability of applying revolutionary digital technologies against their landscape.
App Orchid is the only company that delivers a rich template of prebuilt business procedures that support rapid test driving and deployment of AI applications. The insights delivered by the data make it easy for business leaders to determine ideas that are viable and those that don’t work. Using a unique approach based on a technology called the “semantic web;” which performs knowledge discovery, i.e. discovering relationships between the data points and knowledge acquisition, time to market and the cost of deploying the application in a production setting is dramatically reduced.
Rendering Wide Range of Solutions that are Proving their Supremacy in AI space
App Orchid provides a wide range of solutions from Energy Management, Insurance Risk Assessment, and Underwriting to Clinical trials for personalized medicine, and targeted therapies.
Energy and Natural Resource Management: App Orchid’s AI technology helps to integrate complex wind and solar energy profiles into an electric grid. Using high performance machine learning, the AI apps can identify sections of the electric grid that are prone to failure and fix these inconsistencies before they cripple the grid.
Actuarial Analysis (Risk Management) for Insurance:  App Orchid can help in combining unstructured documents like compliance, regulations, market rules, and regional mandates with risk analytics for superior risk profiling and evaluation.
Catastrophe Risk and Damage Analysis for Utilities and Insurance: Incorporate historical weather patterns, news, research reports, and social media, into calculations of risk from potential catastrophes to price coverage or determine prudent levels of reinsurance.
Targeted Risk Analysis: With the wealth of individual information available on people and organizations, App Orchid makes it possible to apply AI and cognitive computing principles to provide risk profiles targeted down to an individual. For example, a Facebook profile of a mountain climbing enthusiast would indicate a propensity for risk taking that might warrant a different profile than a golfer. By unifying unstructured data across historical claims, App Orchid makes it possible to establish ground rules (or quantitative metrics) across fuzzy baselines, which was previously not possible.
Targeted Therapies in Drug Discoveries: By combining complex genomic data with electronic medical records, unstructured diagnosis reports and toxicology reports, the App Orchid AI bots can predict drug efficacies, toxicity, and viability across several conditions. Such powerful tools can dramatically help Life Science companies formulate personalized therapies thereby increasing the predictability of a success in a drug pipeline.
Accomplishments in Recent Times
App Orchid has over 15 enterprise customers implementing over 25 use cases with application of technologies from SAP and IBM amongst others. For these groundbreaking projects, the company has won multiple accolades such as SAP HANA Innovation award, Gartner cool Vendor for 2016, Top 15 companies to watch, Silicon Reviews’ Top 50 companies to watch amongst others.
Leading Personality of App Orchid
Krishna Kumar is the CEO and Founder of App Orchid. He is an entrepreneur and an innovator with proven expertise in taking concept to a market-leading industry recognized commercial product. Under his leadership, App Orchid has emerged out of stealth mode with 3 products that are set to revolutionize Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning, and the “Internet of Everything” markets.
Future Endeavors
App Orchid has plans to extend its platform using next generation computer technologies like GPU to gain deeper insights in healthcare, insurance, and energy. For example, App Orchid is currently working on using AI to analyze medical images and mammograms that will help in cancer detection at a very early stage. Although this type of research is already underway across several institutions, the AI platform approach is unique as it combines large volumes of unstructured and other third party contextual data sources to influence its training algorithms.
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