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Apex Protect GPS

Apex Protect GPS: The ‘all-in-one’ Solution for Dealer Inventory Management, Asset Protection and Retention Marketing

Apex Protect GPS is a comprehensive Dealer Vehicle Protection and Inventory Management System designed exclusively for new car franchise dealerships. The hardware and software enables dealers to protect assets, manage inventory, prevent loss due to stolen vehicles, mitigate risk, increase sales efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Dealers receive all these benefits plus the ability to build a strong, new profit center and greatly increase customer retention.
While most companies in this space view the end consumer as their customer, Apex Protect views the dealer as the customer, giving the dealer the tools and options necessary to succeed.  Apex Protect personnel have been preloading GPS programs into new car dealerships longer than anyone in the industry. As the pioneers of the pre-load model, Apex Protect personnel have unmatched experience and knowledge to customize a program that will be successful for every dealer. Because of their unique approach, Apex Protect enjoys the highest sales penetration rates as well as the lowest dealer turnover in the industry. Apex Protect has replaced many failed GPS programs across the nation with their product and processes, which are then successful and make dealers more money than ever imagined with their previous GPS providers. With proven processes that have been successful for many years, Apex Protect is a partner with the dealer not just a part provider. Apex Protect provides a turn-key program for every dealer, training every person in every department, from the front to the back of the store to create a coordinated process which drives increased revenue in every department.
Protecting a dealer’s entire inventory while giving them the opportunity to sell the same protection to the consumer is what makes Apex Protect a win-win for dealers across the country. Apex Protect provides dealers more options to sell through to the consumer; resulting in sell-through penetrations more than double the industry average. After the sale, the consumer is able to take advantage of all the benefits and protections that Apex Protect provides. Monitoring location, speed and boundary alerts, low battery alerts and maintenance reminders are just a few of the benefits customers enjoy. The dealer wins again after the sale by obtaining maintenance information for previous customers and being able to proactively market to those customers with a solid retention building tool.
Moving with the trends in technology, Apex Protect is equipped with the best, most forward thinking and experienced technical team in the GPS business. With the move to 4G devices and the corresponding bandwidths Apex Protect is working quickly to add even more key features that will help in the enhancement of the connected car functionality and keep the company at the forefront of the industry.
These successes have led Apex Protect to being vetted by some of the world’s largest dealer providers and white-labeling products for some of the largest, national F&I providers.
Versatility and Professionalism; Facets of an Effective Management Team
David Pollock, CEO of Apex Protect GPS is a proven leader. Since 1990s, David has been training and establishing proven best practices to elevate F&I performance. A 22+ year automotive industry veteran and auto executive, his career ranges in working in retail automotive sales, F&I Management and Sales Management. His experience also includes over 10 years managing a large F&I general agency and establishing and running a successful warranty administration company.
Thomas J. Embree, Vice President of Sales – TJ became the pioneer of GPS, in the franchised dealer space, by preloading the very first new car franchise store with GPS and giving the dealer the functionality of the device, while the vehicles were still in inventory. This type of forward thinking has made him one of the masterminds behind the development of Apex Protect’s proven franchise model. His dealer-centric focus has created a uniquely viable model that quickly changed the sales model for virtually every GPS company in the industry. It is his sales model that other companies are still attempting to duplicate today.  This model works so well that the first dealer that he preloaded almost a decade ago, continues to purchase products and service from him today.
Lee Burns, Vice President of Operations – Lee is the driving force behind Apex Protect’s proven franchise model.  He has produced processes that are virtually unrivaled in the industry. His programs have created a coordinated, seamless flow through the dealerships, which have helped dealers automate their inventory management, optimize dealer staff production and efficiency, provide added value and increased profitability. There is simply no other person in the industry better than Lee at implementing GPS preloads for new car franchise dealers, nor anyone who has overseen more successful franchised dealer preloads and ongoing programs.