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APAC SMA – Achieving Excellence in Sales and Services

In this modern age of technological advancements and stiff competition, providing the best-quality solutions and personalized services to the clients should be of prime concern for every organization. The times have changed and one has to perform not just innovatively but also quality oriented to survive and excel among the competitors to bring the business to the next level.
Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy (APAC SMA) came into existence when Zeenath Kuraisha, the Founder of APAC SMA, observed a big gap in quality and holistically offered sales training or accredited certifications locally in Singapore as well as throughout the APAC region. She saw that the big players in the industry were trying to evangelize their own internal methodology and often made complex, but there was no holistic education or professional standards in sales, inside sales and channel sales. Every players were trying to make quick money with digital marketing trainings with a lack of proper standards or framework.
In one big part, APAC SMA came from Zeenath’s desire to professionalize the industry and create more customer centric sales and marketing professionals as individuals. The idea was not just to help companies achieve their targets, but also to help everyone involved in the process with an excellent experience, throughout, helping consumers go through sales and marketing interactions with less frustration, often caused by lack of professionalism. Zeenath wants more people to see Sales as a professional career option as it is not an easy function and often misunderstood one as well. Sales is equally on par to a very specialized skills requirement equivalent to a doctor, scientist or engineer. The human to human management in a sophisticated environment is definitely something that needs lots of talent, attitude among many others skills and competencies needed.
Promoting a Creative, Innovative and Healthy Work Environment
The company believes that clear communication lies in the core of every healthy working environment. It makes sure that each team member, regardless of the position, has a voice and can contribute ideas or express concerns. The company challenged its approach and encouraged team members to take on tasks that interest them, take on bigger roles and encouraged them through learning from their application. Besides this, it encourages continuous professional and personal development, enabling the team members to excel in their work.
The Proactive Leader of APAC SMA
As the Founder Zeenath took the Head of Corporate Solutions and Sales Excellence role, leading APAC SMA by example, proving that ‘impossible’ as a word can be discarded. An award winner, a keynote speaker and a highly sought-after industry expert with 20+ years of experience, she is the main driving force behind APAC SMA’s growth and project delivery where she primarily manages her business with key involvement in building sales academic standards, global partnerships, business development and client experience.
Zeenath had held speaking engagements on some of the biggest and most influential events regionally and globally, the most recent being the Sales Hacker event in London. Apart from that, she is also the President of AAISP Global Inside Sales Professional, Singapore Chapter.
She has forged trusting and significant partnership to bring holistic sales and marketing
professional standards to the world of sales while collaborating through notable certifications and accreditations with AA-ISP Global Inside Sales Association US where APAC SMA is the only Authorized Delivery and Assessment Partner, The First Authorized and Recognized Partner Association for Professional Sales UK, Global Partner for Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland and Channel Sales Expert TBK Consult in APAC and the Appointed Program Partner for Singapore Agency, The Employment and Employability in Singapore to transform and develop Inside and Digital Sales folks. She is always striving to develop quality holistic programmes which are simple yet impactful sales education where people can understand easily.
Awards and Achievements
APAC SMA has made a major impact throughout its illustrious journey and also gathered certain noteworthy achievements. It has recently received many awards including: Best Sales Training Provide – HR Online, VOTY Awards, November 2017; Best Corporate Leadership Programme – HRM Awards, September 2017; Best Asia Leadership Consultant – HRM Awards, September 2017; 2016 Top 50 Asia’s Women Leaders of The Year Award by CMO Asia; and Best Sales Development Programme – 5th World Training and Development Congress, June 2017 to name a few.
Professionalizing Sales
The company is kept busy by some long-term, short term and standalone projects including: sales audit, sales coaching and training assignments for its clients across APAC, Middle East and other parts of the world.
It includes online programmes in its offerings from partner channels, as well as built by APAC SMA for specific regional or localized needs. APAC SMA is implementing new tools & systems and has embarked on big government projects
APAC SMA is now in the process to professionalizing the sales industry with Ethical Salesmanship certification which registration and recognition to professional salesmanship, invest further in developing sales standards, Diploma and Masters in Sales education.
Providing a Personalized Experience 
APAC SMA delivers highly personalized projects regardless of the client size or project duration. That kind of personalized experience is something that sets it apart from any of its competitors, and beyond. Her client projects are very sophisticated and complex in requirements and she sincerely strives to support her clients in every best possible way. Zeenath aims at building friends believing in long term relationships and not just short term transactions. The company always strives to be the best, and has often found itself paving way for new industry best practices.
Proceeding Towards a Bright Future
APAC SMA has invested a lot of time and effort into building out new pathways in 2017, as a preparation for the growth it expects to achieve in 2018. It continues to build new partnerships and strengthen old ones, to ensure that it provides excellent service to its clients. It is set to write another chapter of its illustrious journey where it looks forward to introducing the highest professional standards to the industry with its global Diploma and Degree programmes.

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