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Antonietta Roy, Owner, Construction Advocacy, Professionals, LLC (CAP)

Antonietta Roy: Offering Tailored Services on Your Construction Project

There are several challenging hurdles in the business world; however, these challenges tend to become fourfold when you are a woman in business. Seeking solutions to these problems, women leaders make their strong standpoint in their respective industries. Akin to such qualities is Antonietta Roy, the Founder of Construction Advocacy Professionals.

Struggle and hardships become part of life when one has different roots and is trying to settle in a foreign country. Having Italian roots and not speaking English until school age, Antonietta had to deal with bullying, which often led her to vent her feelings to her mother. Fortunately, these words from her mother shaped the path of her future, “Keep your head up and stay strong; when you get older, you will have everything you want because you’re so smart and you are so kind.” Antonietta’s parents were very business-driven and had a small 6 acre farm with a wholesale family-owned bakery out of their home. She would help her parents with every chance she had, and this is where she learned another important lesson of her life. She expresses, “I quickly learned you have lots of friends when you start and business, but when your successful, the vultures and devious come out, and then you learn to lean on your family for support.”

Antonietta attended college for fashion marketing and business, where she came across her would-be husband, Leonard. Though, she quickly realized that fashion wasn’t her career path, and she switched to work for a construction company as a receptionist. She was happy with her job, but as uncertain as life is, she struggled when the company shut down. Antonietta kept her heads up and found mentors who taught gave her valuable guidance about the construction industry, which assisted her to make her rise slowly and move up in the world.

Eventually, after working several jobs in various positions, Antonietta felt the need to provide the customer with top-notch services and honesty to give them a quality experience. It is why she founded her consulting firm. After struggling with demotivating comments throughout her career, Antonietta doubted herself a bit when she earned her first contract. She remembered the lessons she learned since her childhood and kept tackling all the issues at hand, while the competition tried to find flaws to shut her business down. With the strong ethics and support from her family, husband, and clients, she became who she is today!

Antonietta’s dedicated herself to delivering exceptional services to her clients by learning precious lessons at every turn of her life. Her accomplishments tell the story of her heads-up attitude, which led her to win the 2021 Bronze Stevie award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year.

The CAPTivating Commitment

Construction Advocacy Professionals works as an owners’ representatives with dedicated expertise. CAP provides clients with advice, ensuring their vision and needs are met, as well as the project is completed on time and within their budget. Antonietta has carved her firm intending to offer services with transparent communication to their owners so they are familiar with their project as a whole. Antonietta seems to have a super power to sense things other may overlook, this brings great balance to the team. She has also struggled to curate a team of experienced experts from different fields to assist the owner in understanding the conflicts, challenges, and delays, future costs, technology upgrades, and proper maintenance to their buildings. CAP’s current experts are ranged from licensed building officials, commercial property inspectors, retired facility directors, financial experts, and construction and design professionals.

Antonietta has engrained the culture to go beyond the design and construction of a structure to provide insights into what owners should expect when they take responsibility for the building. After everyone walks away the owner or facility director is forced to act on their own, without a full understanding of what they have available to them, She asserts, “When buying a new flat rubber roof it may seem to be self-explanatory. We take this beyond the install. Did the manufacturer inspect the work for the warranty? Does the owner understand what the warranty covers and for how long? How do you maintain the roof for future damage and leaks? How often should the roof drains be cleared?” Often Antonietta sees owners’ calling a contractor for fixing roof leaks when in reality, the damages are covered in the current warranty. We want to make sure the owner is spending allocated funding on preventative maintenance and not on repairs which may be at no cost to them on a new building.

Similarly, technological changes can often be challenging for projects that extend over a year or two, states Antonietta. She strives to look ahead and construct buildings that can quickly adapt to new changes and stay ahead of the curves by learning about innovative technologies.

Tailored Experiences for the Long Run

Antonietta knows that allocation and time go together. She strongly feels that owners do not quite realize the needs and wants of the future within their given space. Architects frequently re-create projects that they already have completed at a different place rather than tailoring them to clients. She asks, “How often have you seen a project which starts at a lower budget but ends much higher. Owners always walk away feeling they were taken advantage of. But why is that?” Antonietta notes that everyone starts with a skin and bones baseline budget and idea. Once you are involved, the needs, wants and unforeseen conditions, result in excess costs. It is very important to take a little extra time at the beginning of the project to understand the clients needs, and wants, ultimately all parties will know what to expect as a final outcome with a realistic budget.

In the long run, Antonietta envisions CAP being the desired owners’ representatives on their team due to its patience, services, guidance, and expertise. She strives to find team members with aligned goals in their minds to prepare for the upcoming upward motions of the revenue and job growth rates that are poised to continue growing in the future. Aiming to expand across the states, CAPs is growing and is currently servicing Rhode Island and Connecticut. It is newly licensed in New York and soon in Massachusetts.

Antonietta has learned a great deal in her professional career and personal life, from all ups and downs that shaped her into a woman with integrated values, “being a minority in the construction community can be difficult and we need to support each other, we all have strengths and weaknesses, but if we help each other, we can all be successful. The lack of female leadership in construction has always been a big issue. She advises upcoming female entrepreneurs in the construction industry to be strong. “We need to remember, we have a voice and we need to speak up, take away the imposter syndrome and push forward. It is a great feeling of accomplishment to drive by your completed project and see it in the active community.” Antonietta concludes.