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Ansar Group of Companies

Ansar Group of Companies: Shifting Paradigms in the Retail Space

The retail sector in the Middle East is rapidly evolving as consumer preferences change and new technologies are being introduced. Global brands are expanding their presence in the region, and local players are innovating to keep up.

This growing competition is creating opportunities for shoppers, who can benefit from increased choice and enhanced services. However, it also presents challenges for retailers, who must keep pace with changing trends while adapting to a complex and diverse regional landscape. One company that is changing the paradigms of the retail industry is Ansar Group of Companies, a leading retail company with expertise in delivering a hassle-free shopping experience.

Based in Doha, Qatar, the company endeavors for excellence in a variety of products and services, including fashion, furniture, electronics, perfumes, cosmetics, household items, home furnishing products, and many others.

From Inception to Expansion

For Ansar Group of Companies, the adventure began in 1980 with the opening of the New World Company – a single retail store. The Group was officially created a few years later, in 1987, with the opening of the New World Centre – an appealing new shopping center. The Group has been creating outstanding values since its initial endeavor in Doha, the New World Company. Its trajectory took it to nearly 20 branches across the GCC. The Group always strives to provide good quality, fair pricing, and a never-ending search for better methods to serve its customers. It has developed a diverse range of malls and retail locations that provide shoppers with high-quality lifestyle items and services.

The Group has progressed from its inception to expansion with large malls and galleries that have been attracting a continually increasing number of tourists throughout the years. Its retail presence has grown to include four GCC nations and millions of pleased customers.

Strong Foundation


Ansar group family works tirelessly around the clock to meet the expectation and demands of the customers. The Group strives to bring the best to its customers. It provides the latest trends and traditions to fetch the best onboard.


Ansar Group is walking towards its vision to be the most trusted provider of the best worldwide products that ensure the satisfaction of its customers and deliver happiness and a great experience to clients, employees, and all the visitors.

Core Values

Passion is at the heart of Ansar Group. It is continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving. Each employee represents the company, and his commitment to the customers is the most valued asset.

Redefining Benchmarks

Today, the Ansar Group has more than 20 famous operating centers around the GCC, each of which is specialized to fit the unique demands and objectives of each market. The group holds a comprehensive assortment of products from a wide range of areas across the world, all of which are designed to meet the highest standards. This diverse selection of items appeals to a wide spectrum of customers, from the budget shopper to the elite buyer.

All of the malls and galleries in the Ansar Group are conveniently located, have enough of parking, and provide a variety of discounts. Its enticing prize drawings, enormous discounts, and well-targeted promotional activities help to draw in a significant number of customers.

Ansar Group is committed to providing a diverse choice of high-quality items at the most competitive pricing, as well as a pleasant shopping and leisure experience. Its malls have become a life center for communities around the GCC, providing exceptional products, services, and the environment.

A&H: A Brand within A Brand

Ansar Group has launched a new concept apparel store named A&H. Through this; the Group has expanded to include fashion and clothes, health and beauty items, and interior and exterior products for the home and office.

Garments, footwear, bags, cosmetics, perfumes, electronics, kitchenware, beddings, carpet, furniture, lights, tiles and floorings, bathroom accessories, and much more are among the luxurious products offered by the A&H brand to its community.

A consumer-driven strategy of supplying reasonable cost, high-quality items by sourcing them directly from factories in over twenty countries, including France, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, and India, is at the heart of the Group.

Future Perspectives

Ansar Group is currently striving to expand its boundaries of success beyond other markets in the area, backed by ambitious growth plans, an extensive media promotion and marketing strategy, and a 4000+ professional team.

The Group is looking forward to expanding its business to new horizons. In its journey forward, the Group is committed to introducing the exceptional retail mix of attractive prices, quality, and range to its ever-growing centers across the region.