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Animal Cruelty in Sports and Entertainment

Animal Cruelty in Sports and Entertainment

Unfortunately, animal business continues to flourish in the world. Of course, such large manifestations of brute captivity as zoos, dolphinariums, or contact zoos should be resolved at the state level. But then what to do with those trouble-entrepreneurs who walk the streets with small (and large) animals and offer passers-by to take pictures with them? What to do with those people who take brutes to beaches near the sea to entertain holidaymakers with fun photos with animals in warm fur coats from their own wool. 

  1. Entertainment and sports involving animals

“Photoshoot with birds of prey on chains”; “An exhausted donkey on which vacationers ride for days”; “Underground dog fights”; “On the beaches, they carry parrots, monkeys, geckos, snakes, and crocodiles to take pictures of holidaymakers with them for money,” 1000 and one headline of blatant irresponsibility regarding animal cruelty.
Each of us has definitely witnessed such a business. Some even participated in their sponsoring, taking a parrot or a monkey on the shoulder for the sake of a photo, or inviting a child to ride a pony. You can read more information in this argumentative essay on animal cruelty that will help you understand the topic more deeply. Cruelty to animals essay that exists on the Internet gives the opportunity to be more involved in this topic. It would seem interesting and fun for every member of the family, but should a person think only of himself and his pleasure? After all, the brute on which you ride for fun is doomed to death.

  1. Law enforcement

Each of us, as the owner, photographs his animal. Another thing is when a brute is used for photographing by half the population of the city for several hours – in this case, there is a threat to the life and health of the animal.
What would happen to you if you were kept on the street all day, especially in the heat, and forced to take pictures with people or ride them on yourself for fun? You would be at least tired. Essay cruelty to animals proves that brutes are even more complicated. Their biological features are absolutely not intended for daily long-term use for photographing (especially with flashes), riding, and crowd entertainment. And think about those animals that have fur, how do they feel when entertaining you in hot weather? It is not necessary to openly mock a jerky in order to provide him with suffering, because even simply entertaining people can be a threat to the life of a brute.
Do not forget about nocturnal species of brutes (for example, owls). Their physiological features categorically forbid them from bright light, and not only from the sun but also from the flash of cameras and your phones. Moreover, wild animals are called wild because they are not in contact with people and are not intended to be subordinate to humans. The brute’s life can be greatly reduced and the physical and psychological state can be severely damaged due to the fact that the poor thing is constantly touched, photographed, and not allowed to act on the basis of his instincts and needs. Entertaining people and children is not what animals are made for in the world.

  1. Educational activities

Unfortunately, we all know that people are given what they want themselves. Including entertainment with animals in zoos and just on the streets. Volunteers, zoologists, and public organizations are attracting more attention to the issue of violence against brutes by hold rallies, meetings, hand out leaflets, and booklets. But this is not always enough. It is important to constantly remind people that even five minutes riding a horse or donkey can be dangerous to the health of the animal because your five minutes are multiplied by the number of people who are in line. In addition, one should not forget about the dangers of recording photo devices not only on the eyesight of brutes but also on the psyche.
Also, do not forget that the individuals who trade with such a business have neither permission nor documents for their activities and animals. Because of this, they do not bear any responsibility for their wards of brutes and alas, in case of illness of the animals, an unpleasant outcome can await them.

  1. The solution to the problem

In fact, the law has already created a strong foundation in order to combat unlawful acts against brutes. According to the law, it is forbidden to commit any illegal actions in relation to animals, torture them, mutilate, and mock in any form. This means that the law has actually banned such entertainment as photographs with brutes of any kind (from wild birds to puppies), simply the authorities are inactive. Often the government does not pay attention to such “entertainment”. Their inaction is greatly affected by the lack of documents on wild animals, as well as permissions to use them for business, and this bodes a huge amount of paperwork and checks, which, alas, authorities often want to avoid.
What can be done to overcome such unscrupulous citizens who use animals for money? For example, an essay on cruelty to animals suggests organizing frequent unscheduled inspections of such businesses, which will check not only the conditions where the brutes live but also their physical condition. And if it is not satisfying, then remove the animals from their owners.
In order to help brutes and prevent their use in this cruel business, we need to take responsibility, and not just shift it to regulatory authorities. To do this, we do not need to hold a meeting at zoos, it is enough just not to take part in such entertainments and not only in large-scale manifestations. After all, brutes feel bad not only in circuses but also when they are constantly photographed, stroked by many people, squeezed, dressed in different funny costumes, or forced to compete among themselves in the form of distillations, fights and similar cruel animal sport.

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