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Anil Bandari: Delivering Groundbreaking Analytics Solutions

It is exquisitely stated by a famous author and a speaker, Robin Sharma, that “Basically, to lead without a title is to derive your power within the organization not from your position but from your competence, effectiveness, relationships, excellence, innovation and ethics.” This quote applies very appropriately to the Founder and CEO of MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION, Anil Bandari. Not only has his title as a leader, but also his perseverance, competence and innovation set a noteworthy instance of Leadership.
Transforming Data into Expert Decisions 
MATRiX was incepted from Anil’s inspiration, who has extensively worked with data, particularly in the Financial Services Industry. His goal was to leverage the data across various domains.
The data science team at MATRiX has always been inspired and driven by transaction data, inclusive of its volume, frequency, signals, noise and outliers generated across industries. The company has been building analytics solutions into various domains to simplify the day-to-day process of making decisions by using data.
It was this inspiration that led the company to build proprietary algorithms to transform data into machine form. It also facilitated the development of genetic algorithm, machine learning, deep learning and goal programming based models, which are exceptionally dominant, robust and efficient for large volume and high dimensional data.
A Pioneering Leadership 
Anil Bandari founded MATRiX with the sole purpose of using advanced analytics and AI to democratize financial systems and make it simple for common person to have access to the financial services with the best possible pricing with respect to his/her risk given to the financial institution. Anil acquired a few big clients on-board in earlier stage of the company. From there on, the company provided custom analytics solutions to client, which far exceeded their expectation. With an extensive experience of more than 25 years in various leadership roles in the financial industry, Anil is leading the organization on the way to excellence. Prior to founding MATRiX, he headed global modeling and risk analytics in Citi for 7 major markets/countries including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. He was the Director of Global Credit & Fraud Risk Management based in New York.
Along with this, Anil also holds a distinctive portfolio of being an innovator in the field of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Transaction Analytics, Genetic Algorithms, Signal processing, Credit & Fraud Risk Modeling, and Strategy Optimization & Analytics.
Empowering Businesses 
MATRiX works with the Financial Services, Retail and Healthcare Industries to empower them with sophisticated analytics and data science solutions. The company enables them to mitigate risk, reduce losses, increase profitability and provide better customer experience. Delivering robust and high-performing models is the topmost priority of the company. This incorporates all the diagnostics needed for defense of model in internal audit and regulatory exams. The methodologies used are time tested and validated. MATRiX works closely with its clients in development, deployment and post deployment processes in every modeling and analytics solution they deliver.
MATRiX’s solutions are based on the use of Statistical, Operations research, Machine & Deep Learning, proprietary, best industry known algorithms and state-of-art analytics business processes. Its solutions leverage all possible data sources, which are, on-us bank data, off-us credit bureau, and other available alternate data sources.
Discovering the Light after a Walk through the Darkness 
In the initial years of MATRiX, the only challenge for the company was grabbing a chance from the big banks to having them on-board as clients. However, the company eventually converted couple of big clients and started working with them. The most effective strategy of identifying right talent and people made it easy for the company to tackle initial struggles. With the dedication, professionalism and hard work of team to deliver the best to clients, the organization was able to provide analytics solutions to clients which far exceeded their expectations every time.
MATRiX has been and is growing day after day. The company boasts a group of satisfied customers. The company is working on building new analytics solutions for the client’s priority objectives these days and at the same time pursuing acquisition of new clients. The company has earned the trust of its clientele and converted initial engagements into long-term partnerships.
The company’s first project rollout was with one of the largest banks in the country. Being a startup, it was competing with some pretty big names in the industry and the bank chose MATRiX. The company exceeded the expectation of the bank in the first project itself and it became a hit within the bank. Banks’ internal team had multiple road shows demonstrating the value of Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence across various departments within the bank. In review meeting of final presentation to the bank, the company told that the results and performance of its analytics solutions spoke for itself. The first project transformed into a long-term partnership with the bank and today MATRiX is working on multiple projects with the bank on an ongoing basis.
MATRiX was first to build inventory optimization solution in construction industry and the optimization solution that led the retail company have 30% gain in their cash flow in first year itself. The company has filed for a patent for the algorithm, which digitizes very irregular structures with random space allocation in 2- dimensional surface. The application will be available for architects in the retail space.
Enlightening Aspiring Leaders 
Anil believes that the most important characteristics which every leader should possess in these days and age are Ethics and Innovation.
Anil’s advice to the young and ambitious leaders is to give their best to whatever industry, kind of work they have chosen and funnel attention on the bigger picture. Sometimes, it may need for the leaders to be patient to reap its benefits.
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