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Angela Caputo, Senior Loan Officer, Delaware Financial Mortgage

Angela Caputo

In just under 5 years, Angela Caputo has become one of the top 20 most successful loan officers in the state of Delaware with an intense desire to continue her upward trajectory in the industry. She initially joined the wholesale channel in 2015 based on her love of community and her desire to find prospective homeowners the house of their dreams. She has accomplished that and then some, making her someone to watch as the wholesale channel continues to grow in market share across the country.  
What interested you in starting a career in the mortgage industry? 
I love finance and I wanted a career that helped people in my community since I have always been involved in community service and giving back.  
What’s a career highlight you’re most proud of? 
I am most proud that in the three short years I’ve been licensed, I’ve had the opportunity to help hundreds of people.  
What’s unique about your business? 
I make an effort to become friends and develop relationships with my borrowers. This is a relationship-driven business; I love hearing about my clients’ major life events, how well their kids are doing with virtual learning, and of course how much their pets love their new homes and yards. Building a relationship with my clients makes all of the late nights and stressful days worth it, plus it keeps me grounded and helps me not lose sight of my ultimate goal to help people in my community.  
How have you been able to make an impact so quickly in the mortgage industry? 
My boss has been in the business for 20 years and she’s the hardest working mortgage broker I know. I’ve made a point to surround myself with the best brokers across the country and strive to be as amazing as they are. Where I am today is a direct reflection of my peers, and especially the friendships I’ve developed because of AIME and the Brokers are Better Facebook group.  
What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve faced in your career? 
Work/life balance is a challenge for me. I would work 24 hours a day if I could – even on the weekends I am checking and responding to my emails every hour. Sometimes I need a reminder to step away from my desk or take a day off.  
What is your business philosophy? 
I believe in learning as much from your failures as you do from your success.  
What skills are the most important for new loan officers or broker owners in order to be successful? 
Organization is a huge factor in being successful, and building a database of potential clients and staying in front of them.  
How has technology played a role in your early success? 
When I first started processing in 2015, we were still using paper applications and files. In a few short years, technology has made me much more efficient and allowed me to focus on bringing in more business.  
How do you prioritize tasks throughout the day in order to ensure maximum production? 
I have one rule: I never go to bed with emails in my inbox. I start each day with a clean slate. Mentally, it feels great to open my email each morning and know I am only focusing on work that needs my attention that day and not constantly playing catch-up.  
What are the biggest challenges facing mortgage brokers & what’s your advice for overcoming them? 
The biggest challenge facing mortgage brokers is the lack of understanding of the value a mortgage broker provides to a consumer. Most people do not understand the difference between a retail or direct lender and a mortgage broker so they do not realize the value they’re missing by not using an independent mortgage broker. 
If you could go back to your first day in the industry, what advice would you give yourself? 
Don’t spend time processing for two years –start studying to become a loan officer as soon as possible.